What are the best coffee shops in Seattle to work in?

What are the best coffee shops in Seattle to work in?

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  1. Here’s my list of places with strengths and weaknesses

    Grand Central Bakery in Eastlake. The coffee is good, food is much better compared to other coffee places and it has tons of space + wifi. You can also sit outdoors in the summer I think. I love going here for brunch because they have killer bread pudding and also have great fresh sandwiches
    Zoka in the U district and Greenlake. I personally prefer the U district one because it has a bunch of students always working there – no noisy types. Its also on the Burke Gilman trail so you can bike there too, Food is also decent because they bake their own cakes and make their own sandwiches (excellent breakfast sandwiches). The coffee here is great and the rest rooms are also very clean (very important if you’re having lots of coffee)
    Zeitgeist in lower downtown. The coffee here is awesome, the food is also decent but the best part if the beautiful art deco setting and the huge windows and ample light
    Espresso Vivace on Yale Ave N. This place has a number of locations but I like this one because you can find parking easily. It also has great coffee and a nice ambience. The flagship REI store is in front in case you get bored
    Voxx – already mentioned by Russ Walker in the answers. They dont have a lot of food options but their coffee is great, wifi is good and space is great (couches etc)
    Miro Tea in Ballard – I know this isnt a coffee place, but it has 300+ teas, great food (fresh crepes, cakes, sandwiches) and a really nice space. The staff is really friendly and you can spend the whole day there without getting bugged. Plus the neighborhood is awesome. Its a bit out of the way if you dont live close by

  2. I liked Cherry Street Coffee House. I used to hang out at the one on 1st & Clay (it was two blocks from my place).
    Also the Starbucks in lower Queen Anne. Particularly nice folks working there.

  3. Seems like most coffee shops in Seattle (including many of the places listed above) limit their food options to pastries and baked goods. I’d love to see some more suggestions that meet the space/wifi/food criteria. Here are a few spots I’ve found:

    Oddfellows – Good food & coffee, lots of space to work, tons of outlets
    Volunteer Park Cafe – Haven’t worked here long enough to need an outlet, but the food & coffee are fantastic

  4. I like the Starbucks above Whole Foods in Westlake – coffee, wi-fi, plenty of power outlets and you can run downstairs to Whole Foods for a healthy snack. Note: it closes early at 7pm during the week.


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