What are the best coffee drinks you can order from a barista that few people know about?

What are the best coffee drinks you can order from a barista that few people know about?

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  1. You can try a Cold-brew black eye. (a variation of brewed coffee+espresso shot)
    You can try a Flat White with whipped cream instead of milk foam on top (a variation of a cappy)
    You can ask around for any single-origin espressos
    Try a Piccolo Latte (A ristretto shot served with around 3oz milk… 120ml finish (around 4oz)

  2. My co-worker used to work at Starbucks and she highly recommends a “Undertow”. It’s a secret espresso shot with cold milk. I’m sure you can look it up, but it was delicious when I tried it.

  3. I have gotten to the point where (outside of South Florida) I should know better than to ask for either a Cafe Cubano or “a colada”.
    Cuban coffee (a colada is a large preparation of it for sharing, as in the image) is an amazing take on coffee but it is not as widely know as one would imagine. I have asked many baristas if they can make it, and get either blank stares or false bravado (when they say they can, but the result is nothing like the real thing).
    When I am pleasantly surprised and someone can make a proper/good cubano? Heaven.

    What are the best coffee drinks you can order from a barista that few people know about?

    Cuban espresso – Wikipedia

  4. Single Origin Breve Macchiato
    I’ve long ordered this when possible.
    The Single Origin espressos are often brighter, and a bit acidic. The Breve’s (made with half-and-half) extra fat makes the drink more decadent, and delicious. But I think it’s essential that the drink is a macchiato, and not something with a heavier milk dose. Because of the ratio, you get a lovely combination of strong and bright flavors with a sweet and fatty texture.
    It’s been funny to me how many times baristas have reacted strongly to this drink order. They often say things like “That’s a barista drink” or sometimes even “ooh, good order!”.
    One small comment:
    Sometimes (well-meaning) baristas will try to put the drink in a cortado glass. I do not recommend this. The reason they do, is that a Single Origin shot is usually longer than a normal shot, so they are afraid that the ratio will be off if you try to squeeze this into a demitasse. But here’s the thing, it can be done! If the barista taps the cup, they can succeed at getting the bubbles to pop, leaving more room. But also, I’m ok with a light milk dose. Because we’re already using half-and-half, the milk is much more potent. This may seem really minor, and it is, but it’s a small preference I’ve developed over the years.
    I do recommend the same drink as a cortado, but it’s different.

  5. The first drink that comes to mind that few seem to be aware of is a black coffee.
    Judging by the many requests to baristas containing long stings of ingredients for their drink order, I’m continually surprised at the at the effort people make to mask the taste of coffee.
    Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s an art form to be able to recite the ingredients one wants in their complex liquid confection. Like a strand of DNA, it identifies that sequence of additives to the individual. Even more impressive is the barista who receives and processes such requests. And extra points for knowing remembering this laundry list of squirts and shots upon seeing the customer approach the bar.
    When it’s my turn, all I have to offer is my simple request. Small black coffee. I speak it with pride. Those around me shake their heads at my simple, uneducated palate. But the experienced barista knows he’s serving someone who appreciates the flavor of coffee. I have ordered the best and most under-served drink in the store.

  6. Cubano, or cafe cubano. At the shop I worked at (I don’t know how other shops make it), it’s a shot basically but with raw sugar at the bottom of the coffee grounds. Don’t hand the barista sweeteners to make this; it’s the real sugar molecules that do the trick!

  7. Apparently large, strong black coffee. Ordering that seems to confuse coffee purveyors because they ask dumb questions like “do you want milk with that” or “any syrup”.


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