What are some sweet Dunkin’ Donuts drinks?

What are some sweet Dunkin’ Donuts drinks?

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  1. The best thing about Dunkin’ is the customizability. You can turn any hot or iced coffee into a total sugar fest by adding any amount of sugar or sweetened swirls. As far as pre-sweetened drinks, there are a plethora of options.
    Hot Chocolate – Super simple, but really good. The mix contains a non-dairy creamer that makes the drink incredibly creamy and smooth. You get to choose from original, mint, salted caramel (my favorite), dunkaccino, which has a kick of “coffee flavor”, and usually a limited time offer, right now it’s Oreo.
    Vanilla Chai – A sophisticated sounding drink that’s ultimately the vanilla version of a hot chocolate. Definitively sweet, with a mix of “chai” spices.
    Apple Cider (seasonal) -Pretty standard cider, nice and sweet and plenty of apple cinnamon flavor. Also available as iced.
    Frozen coffee – Dunkin’ seriously nailed it on this one. Unflavored, it’s a drink suitable for any normal coffee drinker. But pop in a swirl, and it’s a satisfyingly sweet frozen beverage with a recognizable coffee taste. This is the only pre-sweetened drink that contains caffeine.
    Frozen Chocolate – Like a chocolate milkshake, but available in all the hot chocolate flavors.
    Frozen Vanilla Chai – Supppper sweet. Like really sweet. Tastes just like the hot version just somehow a lot sweeter.
    Coolattas – Available in strawberry, blue raspberry, and vanilla bean year round, usually with extra options during the summer months. The fruity flavors are satisfactory, just don’t be surprised by your artificially stained tongue for the rest of the day. The vanilla bean is quite good, I’d certainly recommend it over the frozen chai.
    But even if you’ve got a sweet tooth, don’t rule out coffee! There’s no shame in making your coffee a little sweeter and frankly, it’s a lot cheaper than any of the drinks I mentioned above.

  2. Sweet tea, tea sweetened to your liking. They had frozen sweet drinks but I believe there out of season. So I think you’ll have to wait for it to warm up. Unless of course I’m unaware of sweet frozen drinks. I personally don’t care for sweet drinks. I don’t use any sugar in my drinks of any kind.

  3. Vanilla chai, hot or frozen,
    Vanilla bean coolata,
    Frozen coffee, pretty much any coolata.
    Signature lattes. Caramel craze, cocoa mocha, and blueberry crisp.
    We can make any drink as sweet as you like

  4. I would absolutely recommend the vanilla bean flavor to either a hot or iced latte. The lattes generally taste sweeter than coffee because it’s mostly milk. Our vanilla bean flavor is by far the sweetest that we have! If you’re not a vanilla person, my second suggestion would be caramel in a latte with some sugar added to it. The caramel flavor we offer is quite creamy and sweet, and it is my personal favorite. Hopefully this helped!


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