What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting San Diego, CA?

What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting San Diego, CA?

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  1. Cabrillo National Monument. San Diego’s national park commemorates the place where explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovered San Diego in 1542. Since 2016 is the National Park Service’s centennial, this monument is offering, all year long, sunset yoga, moonlit walks, visits to the top of the (normally closed) lighthouse, special whale-watching events, and, every fourth Saturday, the chance to see inside the onsite WWII bunker. You can also go hiking here— Bayside Trail is a local favorite—and check out the nearby tide pools, which teem with fascinating sea life.
    It is very sobering driving through the military cemetery on your way to the lighthouse. Hundreds of white crosses and some of the best views in San Diego from the point.
    Also, you must go to Old Town for a carne asada burrito and a Giant Margarita. San Diego has the best Mexican food North of the border. Old Town has wonderful atmosphere, and there is always a lot going on. The Theater of Old Town is fun, and you should see if you can see a ghost at Whaley House.
    The Hotel Del Coronado should not be missed. Go have a drink and enjoy the photos of the day’s gone by of Presidents, royalty, and the filming of Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe, and the wonderful atmosphere and architecture. Near “The Del” are great places to eat, a wonderful dog beach, and fabulous houses to drive by, or bicycle by on any a bike from the bike rentals everywhere.
    If you like beer, go on a brewery tour of our many, many breweries here in San Diego.
    A neat place to have dinner is The Marine Room in La Jolla. The waves crash on the windows. The food is delicious, but fairly expensive. If dinner is too much, have a cocktail.

  2. I’ve lived in San Diego my whole life, practically speaking, and I’m not sure I know lesser-known sights really. But I’ll give it a try and I’ll try not to repeat what has already been shared:
    * Convoy street: Not very pretty, but has some of the best (asian) food in the city. If you’re a fan of freshly made ramen, go to a restaurant called Nishiki. Best ramen I’ve ever had.
    * North Park: This is becoming more and more known, but if you think of places to go to a bar Downtown and Pacific Beach are always the options that come to mind first. North Park is up and coming and has some awesome places, like The Office, which is modeled after Mad Men (and even has a drink called the Don Draper).
    * La Jolla’s beach is well-known, but if you walk past the touristy shoreline (just follow the shore) you’ll see some really cool stuff, including homes that come out to the shore and a lot of hidden gems that most people have never seen before. There’s also an area with seals in La Jolla, which is cool.
    * The mission: Everyone knows there’s a mission, no one goes to it. Help one of the oldest pieces of San Diego’s history out and go visit. It’s not in the same area (it’s about 10–15min. away), but there’s also the Presidio (military fort) which is very, very nice and an equally beautiful area of the city. ALSO, there’s a park next to the presidio. In it, you will find a (a) pentagram [sometimes with candles around it] and (b) a time capsule in the ground.
    * Alpine Brewery: it’s out in east county. It’s owned by Green Flash now, but they still serve their same original beers. They have great chicken wings and ribs.
    * If you want to visit a mall that isn’t Fashion Valley, the Otay Ranch mall in Chula V…

  3. Once the sun starts to go down and the night is pretty clear, take a short stroll around Coronado Tidelands Park. (2000 Mullinex Dr, Coronado, CA 92118) Why when the sun starts to go down? Because you’ll have a perfect view of downtown San Diego and all its buildings. Really cool.
    One of the best places to watch the sunset? Mt. Helix Park (4905 Mt Helix Dr, La Mesa, CA 91941) parking sucks unless you’re on a motorcycle…
    Cool and delicious pizza place with its history drawn on the walls? Napoleones pizza house (619 National City Blvd, National City, CA 91950) very cheesy pizza, you’ll need a knife… also the house made buffalo sauce wings are so good….
    Feel like ICE CREAM :)? Check out Niederfrank’s Ice Cream (726 A Ave, National City, CA 91950) it’s nothing fancy, just good honest people serving good honest old timey style ice cream, lots of flavors to choose from! Been around for ages, my personal favorite is the “Raspberry Champagne Sorbet”
    Feel like apple Pie? Nothing beats Julian Pie Company, (21976 CA-79, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070)
    Wanna sit down have a drink & eat good while watching the beach front through big bay windows that are open when it’s not so cold out? Visit Wonderland Ocean Pub, (5083 Santa Monica Ave, San Diego, CA 92107)
    I love all of these places so much! I’d like to know what you thought of any of them if anyone who reads this ever goes
    Check out these places on yelp for photos!

  4. If you’re into nightlife or bars its worth a venture to experience the tower bar, its a landmark and a perfect seedy dive.
    Theres a drive in theater as well and a small amusement park at mission beach called Belmont park

  5. I live in North County. So it is a bit away from the San D airport. So the ? Really is how far are y’all willing to go to do anything? SD is a spread out city w a plethora of Bars/Zoo/Beaches and Landscape to explore.
    If you do not rent a car (Which you really do not need to anymore) you shouldn’t be going any farther North than the Shores of La Jolla. They have some Bad A. tide pools located there; which is 0.0$ you can make a 4/6 hour exploratory
    If y’all wanna venture up to Escondido, then go to the Wild Animal Park! You can even take a Safari (no not Apple’s Internet) in an open vehicle and touch a giraffe or non lethal Beast, yet that is not condoned it advised, liability and such.
    If you wanna get your teeth cleaned or dental surgery to top things all off or even take a 2–3 days Mexican cruise they have that leaving to go to Catalina island stopping in Ensenada and then crusin back this way.
    Basically you are gonna run out of 2 things for sure…
    $ & Time,
    Get to planin and I’ll C ya around.

  6. I would most definitely have to say that both Mt Helix and Mt Soledad are places that don’t get the recognition they deserve, absoutly breathtakingly beautiful! Of course Mt Helix is a bit of a hike but trust me when I say that it’s so worth it. Both places offer a 360 degree view of San Diego that you don’t want to miss. I promise you will not be disappointed. Absolutely beautiful! In my opinion San Diego is paradise there’s not a better place to live!

  7. It’s off the map and on the list of the best “to do” thing in San Diego.
    Here’s my take on the top 3 things to do in San Diego that are unique to San Diego and “lesser known.”
    Sunrise Highway at dawn to Julian – Meander through the pine forest of the Cuyamaca’s in the crisp mountain air and then stop to watch the sun light up the desert floor with a warm glow as it rises.

    Best times are during the week in the fall, where you’ll get the benefit of some changing leaves and less traffic.


    Once you’re in Julian, grab some famous Julian Pie before heading back to town via Santa Ysabel for Dudley’s.
    Dudley’s Bakery – I’ve been eating bread from this bakery for forever. Great place for a pit-stop between Ramona and Julian to stretch the legs and enjoy the Santa Ysabel Valley.

    It’s quintessential look of golden fields and scrubs oaks giving way to mountains and blue skies.

    Palomar Mountain Observatory – Open Daily, the observatory rest on the top of Palomar Mountain.

    If you head north from Santa Ysabel to Lake Henshaw and turn left, you’re headed the right direction.

    Go slow on the way up though, because the road is twisty (motorcyclists love it!)

    While you’re there, check out the museum, the telescope and the views of San Diego’s back country

    Welcome to Palomar Observatory
    This makes for a great day trip if you have the time and don’t mind the drive (it’s a lot).
    I’ve done this multiple times on my motorcycle and enjoy the splendor of the roads, the views, and the fact that within an hour (or two), I can be at the beach for the sunset sipping a margarita.

  8. Check out San Onofre State Beach.
    It’s a beautiful beach surrounded by great scenery (with the exception of the deactivated power plant a few kilometers down). The temperature there is generally lower than other parts of San Diego, and it isn’t nearly as crowded as other beaches can get. There are no hotels or vacation rentals, so if you want to stay there overnight you have to camp or use an RV.

  9. La Jolla beach, The Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens in Encinitas (north San Diego — has great views of the ocean), Carlsbad beach, Oceanside pier.

  10. Eagle Mining tour in Julian – Walking tour of a gold mine including a trough where you can try your hand at panning for gold (they don’t let you keep the gold though.
    Old Mission Dam – minor historical sight, part of Mission Trails park so you could include it in your hikes around that area. They also have a couple picnic tables and even a small campground near there.
    Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial – a large cross atop a high hill overlooking La Jolla.
    Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary – A place to pay respect to service members amidst the beauty of Point Loma.
    Chicano Park – The heart of Mexican American community in San Diego, the center of a bourgeoning art movement. Covered with murals and art pieces and sculptures, is quite underrated and overlooked by many locals even.

  11. One thing you don’t hear about much but is totally unique in San Diego and I often try to show friends is the Mormon temple ( and no I’m not a Mormon). The architecture is bizarre and strangely beautiful. Otherwise another thing people might not mention that’s great is Horton Plaza. It’s a mall with really fascinating architecture.

  12. I’m sure some will say blacks beach or sunset cliffs, I was personally a big fan of Swami’s beach growing up which also happens to be near the Potato Shack. Brian’s 24 is another great place to eat in downtown and its open 24 hours a day. Little Italy is an obvious neighborhood that can be pretty to cool to hang out in especially on the days of farmers markets but I really like Golden Hills and South Park – both really nice places to live too. There is a really cool park under the Coronado bridge that has cleaned up a lot in recent years but there’s a pretty big homeless problem – by problem I mean a group of unfortunate souls that state likes to ignore, except maybe treating them like criminals. Thats not so cool and the only reason we don’t have shanty towns like in developing countries is because they aren’t allowed to settle and seem to be getting pushed in that direction. So a lesser known sight yes, almost hush hush really and not the same thing but eye opening all the same. Heading east into San Diego and its mostly an armpit but there’s some cool places like Cowel’s Mountain and Mt. Helix has this awesome amphitheater thing built on top of it, as well as a giant cross that can be pretty hard to get to but its definitely a beautiful vantage point. Mt. Soledad also has a giant cross which is much easier to find but not as easy to find if you drive the windy roads is the troll bridge or the houses built by the actors that played the parts of the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz. Finally I’d say Rose Canyon has some fun trails to ride bikes on and during the summer under some of the more forested areas you’ll find hillsides and glens of orange and yellow flowers taking refuge in the shade.


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  14. North Park and Hillcrest areas off University Ave have a lot of great restaurants and bars that locals prefer.
    Three sisters falls is great for hiking and sliding/jumping in a natural pool at the end
    Blacks Beach is an beautiful optionally nude (mostly private) beach that includes a decent hike that you have to make to get down to the beach. South end is typically a mixed crowd while the North end of the beach is almost exclusively men.

  15. How about the highest natural point in San Diego ? It’s a short hike, 1.6 miles to the top of the Cowless Mountain. Nice view up there.

  16. Boulevard is 70 miles from downtown San Diego, great well water! Lake Cuyamaca is in the Palomar Mountains area, also Palomar observatory.

  17. I’ve only been in San Diego a short time, however here are a few ideas of things to do well visiting this beautiful city. Old Town Trolley tours is one of the cool things to do. As well as Musuems. There is the San Diego Art Musum, trip to the Musuem of Contemparary Art & my favorite San Diego Musuem of Man. And if you haven’t already done so…you must go to Sea World or the Zoo.

  18. I suggest The Old Mission Dam. It’s kind of behind allied gardens. Also, a killer honey farm Called Trumper’s on the 67? Near Ramona. Yes, the name is coincidental. The honey however is phenomenal. Dos Picos park in Ramona is gorgeous with amazing giant stone pathways. (unless you are from Ramona, then you know this. Even Balboa Park has relatively little known attractions like the Timkin Museum that is always free. I’ll look up a few more too.

  19. Torrey Pines State Reserve – easy and beautiful “hike”
    City of Julian – 1 hour east of San Diego. Quaint and beautiful
    Kate Sessions Park in Point Loma
    Liberty Station in Point Loma
    Downtown’s East Village
    Balboa Park is popular however the architecture and Japanese Tea Garden make it all worthwhile

  20. Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma- watching the sunset there is like being in a painting. There’s nowhere like it! Truly one of San Diego’s most spectacular sites!

  21. Cliff where you can watch the hang gliders. They are very cool as you are at the gliders level on top of the cliff yet he is like 300′ above the beach. And that is Blacks beach if you didn’t know and clothing is optional.

  22. There is a lot of hikes to walk, and their beautiful. Even some with waterfalls. You would have to look up the details. Lake Poway to Mount Woodson, Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, Cedar Creek Falls to Devil’s Punchbowl, Mission Trails, Three Sisters Falls Trails and Pinnacle Peak park.
    Lots of good food restaurants, if your not from California you have to try a California burrito or Elote (which is corn with certain condiments)
    The Fashion Valley mall is really nice.
    You can visit Cornado, its gorgeous and has bike rentals and shops and also a ferry that leads from the shore to cornado and its not expensive.
    Point loma has a lighthouse looking over san diego and leading up to it is a huge cemetary for the soldiers.
    Down at shelter island they have fishing piers and places to rent boats an such. They have boats that send you out with a group of people and they give you poles and fish and you can fish off their boat for a good price. they have a lot of other things you can do.
    Down in mission bay they have camp land and they have fun activities for a family.
    the drive throw the woods to Julian and during the winter it snows. Its right outside san diego. Its a small town and is old timey lookin, and they have shops an restraunts like buffalo bills and a candy shop and on the way up is cuyamaca lake and you can rent cabins there and fish.
    Lego land, sea world, Belmont park, aqautica and knots berry farm.
    The beach down south are dirty and the water isn’t clear, there is a lot of homeless that have taken over. You can drive on the old high 101 up through la jolla and usually from there up, is the good, nice beaches. the water is clear.
    La jolla beach they have caves and snorkeling (which i recommend) and sea lions and a cliff you can climb down to a beach.
    Del mar has a lot of stuff to visit. Like the Horse races and concerts and the fair.
    venice beach is really nice and so is the Encinitas beach. the sands are white.
    Theres a train that travels on the sea-coast and its cool to just sit and drink wine an look out the window, up California.
    Tijuana is not far. By the border they have lots of shopping places and lots to see.

  23. Annie’s canyon is a little hidden gem located near the end trail of Solana beach trails. It’s a super short hike that begins with a large open sand canyon and begins to narrow to the point the you’re walking side ways between two sand canyon walls. The end of the trail takes you to a little peak that lets you enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean, lagoon and marshes. I recommend bringing some gloves and long sleeves to avoid getting scraped.

  24. Peterson’s donuts, they’ve been in business since the 40’s and have still been run by the same family, wonderfuly crafty old style donuts. Definitely worth the drive.

  25. We’ve visited San Diego for years with our kids and have always done the touristy stuff. The zoo, Balboa Park (there’s tons to see there), Sea World (not much to see there anymore), the beach, of course, Hotel Del Coronado. We’ve lived here for 4 years now and we’re still learning. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  26. Some of my favorites:
    Hiking – Mission Trails Regional Park
    Hiking – The ho chi minh trail
    Food – La Playa Taco Shop. Best food on this side of the world if you ask me
    Fun – Jump Around Now. A warehouse filled with trampolines
    Sleep – The Catamaran
    Food – Pancake House. Get there early, the line gets loooong

  27. I have lived in San Diego all of my life. We host people that come here from all around the world to learn English and we hear of all the tourist spots they go to. But they never go to my favorite place, Cabrillo Monument. It is the memorial sight of fallen vets. Then one you pass the gate to one side is cliffs and the ocean where you can walk down to tide pools. The most beautiful view of the ocean where I have seen dolphins many times. Up the hill even further is a historical lighthouse and old military type building to tour. But even more amazing than anything you see while at Cabrillo is the view of all of San Diego. Down town with all the buildings, the ocean the mountains, and all the way to Mexico.
    Another place I’d recommend is North Park. San Diego’s first down town. There is so much history with restaurants and bar that have been around longer than anything else in San Diego. North Park has grown and is a popular place to enjoy the night life and restaurants.

  28. Well honestly one of my favorites is Balboa Park, they have little food stands and sometimes people play music. They a beautiful green house, science museum, air & space museum and there is a zoo close by.

  29. I loved the “whaley house” tours in “old town san diego” when i was younger. I will definitely visit there when i take my family there.

  30. You can go to Hotel Del Coronado it’s located on an island across from San Diego it is full of old pictures of famous people who have stayed. The wood carvings on the banisters and walls were all hand carved I’m sorry I know there is more at the hotel but I don’t remember. It’s a 5 Star hotel
    In La Jolla there is a lot of unique shops , some have reninsauce (sp) fair items including clothing there is more but mind is not working right now.

  31. If you’re even just barely a baseball fan, if The Padres are in town made sure to check out a game. The ballpark is beautiful and many seats are a reasonable price. They struggle to put a competitive team on the field, so they make sure your ballpark experience is extra special. Great food and beer selection too. Yes, I’d trade it all for a championship caliber team, but at least it’s a great night out.
    I’d also recommend the Spruce Street Bridge. I’ve lived here all my life (so over 40 years) and had never been until recently. It’s very cool, and free!

  32. 1- The San Diego Zoo is world renown, but the Zoo Safari Park is a companion facility in northern San Diego. Much of the land is divided into African habitats where animals are free of cages, in herds. The optional “photo caravan” is the next best thing to an African safari!
    2- Mt. Palomar observatory is a long drive from the city, but technically located in San Diego County.
    3- Deer Park Winery and Auto Museum is also in northern San Diego. Very well displayed auto museum is worth the visit!

  33. Most of the sights are listed here, but I’d like to stress, as a member of the San Diego Zoological Society, that just walking the zoo is not enough. Do ask about the special events they have, such as the Orchid House, talks on various animals, etc, depending on when you’ll be in our fair city. The Safari Park is world-class. I took my grandchildren there at a special feeding time for the animals and took pics of the giraffes eating out of their hands!

  34. Well there is a beautiful view that oversees all downtown,geourgouse bridge that enters coranodo island huge cliffs. Asswell if you look behind you look straight out it’s veiws of mexico on top of a hill they made into a park in San Diego California downtown Spanish little town called Logan heights rough neighborhoods where most people would not know about neighborhood park with an exquisite view the reason not a lot of people know the view sry if it’s not helpful

  35. Lots of good answers. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is a nice new small hike that recently opened up, Annie’s Canyon. This is a small hike through a slot canyon, it starts off at the bottom and you work your way up to the top of a cliff climbing through a slot canyon which is only about a foot wide in some places.
    I took my Cub Scouts and families there and they all loved it.
    It is located on the south side of San Elijo Lagoon. Google Maps


  36. Ocean Beach affectionately known as OB is a beautiful place to go in San Diego county. If you love huge delicious cheese burgers then visit a local eatery called “Hodads” you won’t regret it. Buccaneer Park in Oceanside which is part of San Diego county as well, is an off the beaten path park that is 25 yards or less from the ocean. Beautiful homes and minutes from downtown Oceanside. I recommend cruising Coast Hwy all the way to the South O into Carlsbad. The Strand is also another suggestion in Oceanside. Hope this helps a bit. Google could probably tell you better. Enjoy San Diego!!!

  37. More of restaurant, not a location.
    A little gem of a place called “Nicos” on Morena Blvd right near UCSD.
    Awesome food, great prices and the family that runs it treats you like royalty.
    Try the Carne Asada fries or burrito.
    A little off the beaten path, but worth the drive.

  38. Probably all the nice and fun places are already listed on the previous answers, but I didn’t see the new Point Loma Library Station and market, especially on the first Friday of the month when all the art galleries are open until 8 pm, great beautiful art there.

  39. There is so much to do in San Diego, but here are some things I would probably put on your list:
    Extraordinary Desserts Finest Desserts, Wedding Cakes, Ice Creams, Coffees, Teas, Fine Wines, Craft Beers in San Diego, California
    San Diego Zoo
    Torrey Pines Trail ( https://torreypine.org/reserveinfo/trails/ )
    Cabrillo National Monument ( Point Loma )
    Puesto (Great Mexican Taco Restaurant)
    Petco Park (Padres Baseball Game)
    Hotel Del Coronado (Great Beach)

  40. Swing in La Jolla cliff.. Suspension bridge in South Park.. Cuatro Milpas in Barrio Logan.. Iron Fist Brewery in Barrio Logan.. Patriot Jet Boat.. Alta Brewery.. Sunset Cliffs..

  41. A beautiful place to visit is the Self Realization Fellowship Hermitage & Meditation Gardens in Encinitas. It is located at 215 K Street, Encinitas, CA 92024. It was founded in 1920 by Parmahansa Yogananda and is a lovely place to meditate or just to take in the beautiful gardens and ocean view of Swami beach. It is free to visit.

    Victor Allen’s

  42. Jonathan has some great ideas. Some additional ones:
    The Julian mine – Julian has great apple pie and some cool stores; the mine is I think $5 to go in and you can also pan for gold
    Point Loma/Cabrillo National Monument- visitor center; beautiful walk and ocean/bay view; you can go inside the lighthouse for free; entry fee is $5 per car
    community movie nights: lots of the communities have free Friday movie night at their parks San Carlos, Bonita, Mira Mesa, Del Mar, Coronado
    Balboa Parks’ Japanese Garden- not many know about the garden – beautiful and relaxing
    balboa ParkOrgan Pavillion Sunday concerts – ck balboa parks events for these free concerts
    Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista – free guided tours
    360 degree view top of the Hyatt; Park at Seaport Village, grab a snack at seaport village get your parking validated and your 1st 2 hrs are free; adult beverages served after 4 pm 21 & over only.
    Take the ferry from San Diego to Coronado island- not sure about the cost
    Rent a bike while you’re walking and ride/there’s lots of them all around SD
    old Town- lots of history there, tours and demonstrations and good Mexican food/ free parking- gets really packed on weekends
    university of San Diego- beautiful views; park in visitor parking
    antique row in North Park- great if you like antiquing
    summer pops- open air music presentations by SD symphony. Grass seating or table seating. Cost depends on your seating.
    Ride the trolley and see San Diego downtown, east county, San Diego State, Chula Vista, the border
    Take the train for a day trip to San Juan Capistrano Mission
    Visit local wineries in Escondido or make the trip to Temecula Wineries

  43. Torrey Pines Glider park. Next to Scripps (named after the Polio Vaccine inventor) Many famous pilots earn their wings there. Now parasailers, hang gliders and RC aircraft use the rising wind on the slope.
    Whale watching tours during grey whale migration.
    Potato chip rock. Unusual outcrop of rock that has become very popular for photo opportunity.
    The US/Mexico border wall
    The US Midway aircraft carrier museum

  44. There are several museums in Balboa park, along with a Beautiful Tropical orchid, ferns, Botanical Garden in the same area. Balboa park also hosts many fun, and interesting events, musical, theatrical, etc.. There is the Ruben H. Fleet Space theatre nearby, some beautiful missions, the embarcardero, seaport village, harbor, with dinner cruises, whale watching, historic ships to explore, shops, and yummy seafood restaurants on the water.. There is a cool ocean bus tour, that is actually a bus, that goes into the ocean, a fun, and great experience for kids as well.. There are nature, and native plant tours, a double decker bus tour of San Diego, water parks, concert venues, free weekly music venues, and kids movies, thursday nights, during the summer, at different parks around San Diego.. There is Old town, the famous Hotel Del Coronado, where Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis filmed the movie “Some like it Hot’, another attraction to the Hotel Del, is said to be haunted, I believe there is also a haunted house tour, around Halloween, there are mystery dinner theatres, escape rooms, comedy shows, indoor kids trampoline, other fun things to do. Dave and busters, arcarde restaurant/bar for kids of all ages up to 99!! Random weekly Car Shows during the summer months.. Camping at fiesta Island, and the speed boat races in September.. There are casino’s, Viejas, Sycuan, Barona, Jamul, Valley Center, places to horseback riding, several beaches, La jolla Coves, and tidepools, Bingo, Bubble, and mud runs, walks, and runs for numerous charities, parades, Lakeside rodeo, Belmont Park, Boomers, the Aquarium, Tiger’s, Lion’s and bears Oh My, Laguna Mountains, Sports venues, swapmeets, Santee Drive in theatre, Santee Lakes, Parkway Bowl, arcade, carousel, & billiards, go cart racing, Del Mar horse races, San Diego Fair, random fair’s and carnivals, fishing, poway lakes, jet skiing, and more.. I hope this gives you some good ideas!!

  45. Views from top of Mt Soledad in La Jolla and from Cabrillo Park on Pt Loma, both with 360 degree views, ocean, city and beyond on a clear day.

  46. If you are a beach person try Sunset Cliffs. Great area to walk down to the tide pools, watch the surfers, (Many are pros) and there is usually parking unlike La Jolla Shores or the La Jolla Cove. If you are into the mountains Cuyamaca Lake is always a great place for a hike, biking, boating or just a picnic or BBq. There is also a little family restaurant at the lake. And for a touch of the old west … visit the small town of Ramona. Ramona was known as the Turkey Capital of the State … and still has it’s small western town feeling. It also now is well know for the antique shops on Main St. For some night life the Gas Lamp District in the downtown area is always a great visit.
    You probably already know about some of the main attractions … The San Diego Zoo, The Wild Animal Park, SeaWorld, Balboa Park and all of the famous museums there and off course the Point Loma Light House and Old Town San Diego. These are also well known San Diego treasures and also well worth seeing.
    Hope this helps

  47. -The Little Italy Farmers Market on a Saturday
    -The sunset at the cliffs in Ocean Beach
    -Great hiking at Cowles Mountain, Torrey Pines or Iron Mountain
    -The glider port in La Jolla

  48. Balboa Park for sure it has so much to offer ,it has culture ,art ,history ,beautiful architecture and a couple of cute coffee shops and restaurants like “El prado”.
    Also one of the most asome museum is free admission to all like “ The Timken museum “and the Botanical Garden.Great place for family ,to take lovely pictures and to spend some time walking around.You can even take food and have a picnic day.
    Down fall is the parking but just prepare to walk if need to park a bite far.

  49. There is Point Loma Light House, Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary near Lakeside in San Diego County, Julian old gold mining Town that has Apple Festival,The Julian Museum has artifacts of the Kumeyaay Indians..Balboa Park Museums, Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, Chicano Park murals, Star of India tour, Grunion runsJune, July, August. On the way to Julian, in Ramona there is the Oasis Camel Dairy, in Ramona the old theater is a music venue called the Ramona MainStage, should be kicking off its music season.. Gaslamp District Downtown evenings on weekends. DeAnza Spring in Jacumba, Nude Resort. Mission Trails Regional Park, Old Town has good eats and is San Diegos first settlement, Rich Mexican Heritage , neat buildings and Museum, restaurants , etc.. lotsa stuff to do, grab a reader when you get to town, utilize the Trolley, go to TJ.. Olympic training Center Otay lake…okie dokie

  50. Be sure to go to The Big Kitchen restaurant in the neighborhood called South Park. (Breakfast and lunch) Old style diner that has been visited by many celebrities. Whoopie Goldberg worked there before she was famous. Prepare to relive hippie days. Live music on the weekends.

  51. Hotel Del in Coronado, various Museums in Balboa Park, Julian – in the mountains, Palomar Observatory, the Villages of Del Mar , La Jolla and Carlsbad, take the Ferry to Coronado, hip neighborhoods – North and South Park, the lookout/museum up at the end of Point Loma/Cabrillo, Pacific Beach and Mission Beach,

  52. Beaches, there’s so many here and tourists like to crowd la Jolla and maybe del mar as well but there’s not nice spots in the north part of the county, outside the city(the north county of San Diego is the wealthy part) so Encinitas and Solana beach have some good beaches that should be less full depending on when you go

  53. There are Tide Pools in Point Loma at Cabrillo monument. the pools are in between the beautiful terrain of surf splashing up onto the side of the cliffs.
    Also, I’m not sure if this is popular but one of my favorite places is Mount Soledad, in Pacific Beach.
    Its a view of San Diego from the center. You can see for many miles. Great anytime of day but sunset into the night is fun because the lights are awesome.
    (Grab a map and try naming the freeways and how many you can see)

  54. Solana Beach, Liberty Public Market, Point Loma Seafood, Lake Miramar, Ballast Point Brewery, Stone Brewery, Rancho Bernardo Winery (specially Fridays when the farmers market is on in the morning), Wineries in Temecula, TJ Taco in Escondido (this is a different taco experience, very mexican), Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, Mount Soledad (best view of SDG).

  55. So many good answers
    I can add Chollas Lake ..
    You can feed ducks theres a play ground… kids fish free… walk a nice path around the small lake… have BBQs bikes are allowed on trail….also more hiking trails around…. We also have amazing dog parks!! Nate’s is in Balboa.. it has trees and big for runner.. I have huskys! Also Dog Beach in Ocean Beach… Grape Street Park in South Park… lots of good eats and beer … kinda yuppie and young familys in this area.. very nice to walk here… one more dog park called Dusty Rhoades in point Loma…

  56. Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, Banker’s Hill, W Spruce St, San Diego, CA 92103. Awesome views. Go to Hillcrest after and get a drink. You’ll need one after the swinging and swaying of this little hidden gem. Then go shopping in Hillcrest and enjoy the most LGBT friendly neighborhood in So Cal.
    Model Railroad Depot, Old Town, 2415 San Diego Ave #107, San Diego, CA 92110. Love this place. Just love this place. But, I love trains, and the old guys that dedicate their free time to making these incredible, jaw dropping and awesome model railroads and LOVE to share their knowledge with anyone who happens to drop in. All for the price of, um, well, whatever DONATION you feel like giving.
    Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, 8833 Harmony Grove Rd, Escondido, CA 92029
    Best Fish Taco EVER? Marisco’s German, 3269 Beyer Blvd, San Ysidro (Between the Dairy Mart Rd & State Highway 905). No tables, no chairs, no frills, no credit cards. Oh, yeah, it’s a FOOD TRUCK. If you’re down there, don’t miss it. Really. Not kidding.

  57. Well there clearly was an attractive view that oversees all downtown,geourgouse connection that comes into coranodo area huge high cliffs. Asswell in the event that you look behind you appear straight-out it is veiws of mexico over a hill they made into a park in north park Ca downtown Spanish small city called Logan heights rough neighborhoods in which most people wouldn’t find out about area park with an ideal view the reason not a lot of people understand the view sry if it is perhaps not helpful

  58. Because of the spectacular views: The Cabrillo National Monument & Park, La Jolla Scenic Drive up the side of Mt Soledad, Drive along the Ocean on Highway 101 known as the PCH, any hole in the wall Mexican restaurants and be sure to go to Little Italy, Seaport Village on a Sunday to see the largest cruise ship in the world, La Jolla Cove & Sunset Cliffs are also an area for the views. BTW most of these areas )about the views are free to the public and open Corona areas)

  59. The best views of the city are at night if you can find yourself on top of a hill or moutain you will have pure serinety. Lesser known areas….thats actually a really broad question. It depends on how you identify yourself. Business, professional, hippie etc. There is always the beaches and La Jolla.

  60. The Living coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista(10 min from downtown). Is a great place for young kids. You can see the whole place in about two hours. So if you need to get back for naps or whatever it works. Inexpensive entrance make this a great place to spend part of the day.

  61. 1. Ship wreck, Coronado Island: Sure, the Coronado Hotel is famous for its beauty, “hauntings”, and movies filmed there, but just down the road, at Coronado Shores Beach, or shipwreck beach, is a spectacular sight at low tide. The SS Monte Carlo, a floating casino, sank there in 1937 and can be seen during very low tide. Just follow the folks with metal detectors.
    2. The Big Kitchen: Start your day with breakfast at the locally famous cafe located at Grape and Fern in South Park(NE of downtown San Diego). It has a rich 35 year history of its own. It’s also where (using my bragging rights)Whoopi Goldberg used to work while she lived here. Photos of her can be seen on the walls. But the food is superb and the staff are as friendly and welcoming as they come.
    3. Spruce Street suspension bridge: Just off First street this bridge was constructed to provide passage for the Bankers Hill neighborhood across the deep canyon. It sways on its own as you reach the middle but if you’re afraid of heights(as I am) beg your friends to wait until you’ve reached the other side before they start rocking it even more. It’s hard for some to resist. Beautiful view of the canyon, (which I’d also recommend hiking) if you can manage to look down.
    4. National City Depot/Museum: For anyone interested in trains and railway history/memorabilia this is a must-stop on your visit here.
    5. La Jolla Sea Caves: Enter through The Cave Store, 1325 Cave Street, off of Coast Blvd. Wear non slip(preferably aqua) shoes and be prepared for an awesome experience.
    6. Julian: Located in the mountains I am quite proud of this little gem. The entire town is a designated historical district. If you happen …

  62. San Diego New and Refurbished International Borders, San Ysidro, two in Otay, one just opened shared between U.S. & Mexico entering the Tijuana International Border Airport.

  63. Cabrillo National Monument (U.S. National Park Service) offers amazing 360 degree views of San Diego, from the coastline all the way from Mexico to the South upward North towards Orange County. Lookout point for whales during the migration season. Visit the historic lighthouse and climb the spiral staircase up to the top. At low tide make sure to visit the tide pools, bring your camera for one of a kind photo ops.

  64. This one’s a bit odd but if you go to the library downtown and go all the way to the 9th floor you get a nice view. Also, the bridge that goes across the rail road tracks near 12th and Imperial St. is a great view looking towards the baseball park and especially at around 6:15pm when the sunset is going on; you get a cotton candy hue of colors. Now…. If you are on that same bridge walking towards Embarcadero, walk to the parking lot and go all the way to the top floor ! You can pan the view in every direction!! There you go.

  65. This is not exactly the site to visit, yet if you have never taken a train from SD to LA, you should try because the train goes along the ocean partly with a beautiful view of sun set. Nobody, who lives in SD, seems to recommend taking a train because most of them have a car. I took the question personally as a international student’s view. Be sure to get on the train at the right time when you can see the sun set, and choose the right seat on the ocean side. I wish you would be touched by the beauty overwhelmingly like I was.

  66. My BF recently took me on a date for my birthday to an open air movie theatre called Cinema Under the Stars. I was born and raised in San Diego but never knew about it before. They show old movies (we saw “Young Frankenstein”). The laid back atmosphere and unique decor is awesome. You watch the movie in comfortable recliners, with blankets and pillows available. There’s also a double recliner for a couple, which is awesome, if you can get to it first (or, possibly, reserve it? i didn’t ask). Best date ever. This is a fantastic San Diego gem! Very reasonably priced as well!!
    Website: Cinema Under The Stars, San Diego’s Unique Open Air Movie Theater
    Open Thurs-Sun 6p-11p


  67. Being a San Diego native one of my favorite places to go was Sunset Cliffs. While it’s getting more & more unstable it’s a beautiful view, that was a place I used to go to clear my head. If you are wanting to see San Diego County there are so many places to go, Julian is great & has amazing food, Lakeside & Poway have the rodeo grounds. But I highly recommend going to Balboa Park. You don’t have to go to the museums if you don’t want to, but there are gardens to walk around, fountains, stunning architecture, etc. The things that you can do for free, or cost for gas/trolley tickets/parking. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy it. It is the only place in the world that you can go have breakfast in the mountains, lunch in the desert & be on the beach to watch the sun go down in 1 day! You’ll be tired, but it’ll be a happy tired.

  68. sunset cliffs In La joya El Cajon blvd in El Cajon city plaza Bonita in in National city and Santee trolley station mall take the green trolley all the way to the end or ride the blue line all the way to old town

  69. Start with the ‘Boardwalk’- some neat looking ships, and the real carrier ship Midway ,! Then hop the trolley line: $5 gets you into the system (forever) and (currently) another $5 gets you all day on the system- just get on and get off, all the way from the Mexican border to El Cajon. Stop of at the ‘Gas Lamp’ stop and deal with the ‘snack’ scene- if you like beer (snicker). Then PetCo Park and/or the magnificent County Library- can’t miss it, just get off the Trolley, look North and UP ! WOW. There are usually things going on at the Convention Center (but unless you are a celebrity or know one, ComicCon is usually sold out, sometimes travel agencies have tickets. What passses for ‘Little Italy’ has some nice places to eat and you can watch jet aircraft nearly scrape the local rooves. Of course, you must see the San Diego Zoo (pricy and lots of walking but nothing like it anywhere else) . The village of La Jolla is fun, a nice aquarium is there. Lots of local museums and such. Then there is Julian, an ancient (for California) gold mining town- now just a neat old village with a gold mine tour, a great pie factory, a very nice used book store and other tourist $ magnets.
    There are lots of locally near spots; Mt. Palomar and telescope, Palm Springs and an associated Tram to the top of a mountain, Salton Sea, Tijuana Mexico,
    As a permanent resident (the good Lord willing), San Diego is a wonderful place to visit but us locals would just as soon visitors go home and not stay and clog up our (inadequate) highways.
    Bon Voyage !

  70. Bird rock, sunset cliffs (drive all the way to the South end, get out and walkmore south) go to the desert borrego spring’s. Kobeys swap meet(weekends) everyone has their faves. So ask more people.

  71. The Secret Swings; the Spruce Street Suspensipn Bridge; the SS Monte Carlo Shipwreck; The Meditation Gardens; Sunny Jim Cave; Harper’s Topiary Gardens; The Inn at Sunset Cliffs; Ho Chi Minh Trail; Stein Family Farm; Shelter Island Piet; The Salt Mountains; Swami’s State Beach; Coronado Sand Dunes; Broken Hill and The Past of Pioneer Park in Mission Hills! Have fun!

  72. Balboa Park – the museums there are beautiful as well as the scenery and La Jolla – the area and beach there are one of the best in the county

  73. Del Mar is a hidden gem that most people don’t visit. The beaches are amazing there. Also, Ocean Beach is old school, hippie California at its finest. There are so many mom and pop shops that the food never disappoints.

  74. If you like Art Deco, the Santa Fe Depot (Amtrak and Coaster commuter train station and local trolley stop) may be worth a look
    The new Central Library has some great views from the public rooms on the top floor
    Ride the Coronado ferry for some harbor views. There’s a nice mall on Coronado at the ferry terminal
    The old Police headquarters is now a mall called The Headquarters; there are a few exhibits from the police HQ, including the mug shot wall with height lines and a couple of cells
    It’s a bit far out but the huge telescope at Mt Palomar is a great sight for astronomy buffs
    Cuyamaca College (a community college) has a nice garden of drought-resistant plants
    The Zoo and Safari Park are hardly lesser-known but both have huge botanical collections, if you prefer shrubbery to beasts. The Zoo has botanical tours once a month I think; the Safari Park has huge garden plantings out by the condors.
    There’s a nice bay view walk along the Embarcadero. Start downtown by the Maritime Museum and head south past the Midway. Keep going past the marina full of boats in front of the hotels. Just a little farther takes you to the superyacht marina by the convention center. Take the footbridge over Harbor Drive to see the trolley and rail yard. The other end of the bridge at Petco Park is just a few blocks from the new Library (see above).

  75. Mission Trail Regional Park is a lesser known sightseeing location. You can check online to find the location and activities you can do over there.

  76. I would say the spruce AND quince street suspension/pedestrian bridges hidden in mission hills/banker’s hill area.

    What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting San Diego, CA?

    What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting San Diego, CA?

    There’s even a short trail UNDERNEATH the quince street bridge that you can acess from maple/state street that ends at the top of the hill right next to the south end of the quince street bridge.
    I don’t think the canyon is part of the walk, but BOTH are part of the 7-bridge walk that many walking/hiking groups do on occasion…though this map does quince and spruce in the wrong order/route.

    What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting San Diego, CA?

    But also if you’re just looking for scenic points, while all the tourists flock to areas like point loma. And while it’s pretty easy to find a good view of the SD skyline in the hills just east/north of downtown. If you want a bit different view, you can also find a number of nice view points that will give you a view of both SD and La Jolla only BLOCKS from each other on the SAME HILL just before Mt. Solidad.
    Like the vacant lot/trail head on parkview Terrace, a…

  77. hippie trails at the end of sunset cliffs rd ocean beach, the mushroom caves by del mar, adobe falls, off adobe falls road, there are alot of places around san diego to see try and make friends with a local person whos lived in the area for a long time, most people who have been around know of the best spots..

  78. San Diego tide pools is a magical place. Watching the ebb and flow of the ocean waves and observing the ecosystem of the organisms that survive the wet and dry environment is amazing for all ages. I love it all year round.

  79. Lots of responses already …..
    I would recommend the Torrey PInes Gliderport – amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and San Diego coastal areas and one of the best spots for paragliding and hang gliding.

  80. I think a great way to go about visiting San Diego is finding the secret gems when it comes to places to eat vs. places to visit. There is so much great food here in San Diego. Especially, Mexican food….

  81. Rose and flower gardens in Balboa Park. Christmas time the Carillon concerts in Balboa Park. Silver Strand beach and Hotel Del Coronado. The view from the Presidio. Food in Old town.

  82. 1. Mount Soledad and Mount Helix have impressive views of San Diego. Mount Soledad may be slightly more popular than Mount Helix, yet they are breathtaking.
    2. While looking north from Mount Soledad, one would be able to see the San Diego California Temple. It has some cool architecture, and you may be able to go inside it.
    3. Even though it is in San Diego County, Mount Palomar is a cool observatory that has a great climb up to the observatory.
    4. On the way to Mount Palomar is Bates Nut Farm. I remember they have a small petting zoo that has a cool scenic backdrop.
    5. Also, on the way to Mount Palomar just south of Julian is a breathtaking overlook on CA 79 called Desert View Park. I was there earlier this year, and I was amazed to see the surrounding views of the Anza Borrego Desert State Park.
    6. La Jolla Cove has a cool staircase that leads down into an eerie ocean cave.
    7. When I used to live in Santee from 1987 to 1999, Mission Trails is a neat city park with some cool trails.
    8. Inside Mission Trails is the Old Mission Dam–a cool looking dam that brings history alive in the suburban San Diego area of Santee.
    9. Even though Balboa Park is popular, a hidden gem is at the 1910 Balboa Park Carousel, which is right by the San Diego Zoo. This carousel is one of a handful of carousels that still use brass rings as an interactive element.
    10. If you are looking for an obscure and abandoned small amusement park to view, then the site of Marshal Scotty’s/Frasier’s Frontier in El Cajon off of Ridge Hill Rd. would be just right.

  83. I think I think you have it wrong I’m from San Diego and regarding the question, I’ve seen everything in San Diego but the one thing that stands out is the , the Pacific Ocean is the most beautiful sight in the face of the Earth. Thank you kindly. Mr. G c

  84. Black’s Beach – Nude beach
    Balboa Park – There’s disc golf there that’s pretty cool
    Ocean Beach Pier – It’s the longest Pier on the west coast and there’s a nice cafe on it, plus you can fish there too

  85. Julian is an hour drive from downtown San Diego. It is a turn of the century 1800’s gold mining town that features historic architecture, mining museums, and ‘pan for your own gold’ sites.
    On the way up, be sure to stop at Dudley’s Bakery in Santa Ysabel. It is a commercial bakery that has been serving drive by customers since 1963. Their specialty breads are known throughout Southern CA. Be sure to pick up a loaf of their date/nut bread. Their COVID 13 hours are posted online.

  86. For lesser parts of San Diego probably would be ghetto areas, alley ways all over the place. But otherwise the nightlife is wonderful beautiful lights but do watch out for the homeless. They are nice but some are kind of crazy

  87. San Diego has a reputation of having the best Mexican food(outside of Mexico) and I’ll agree to that, I was actually raised in Tijuana so i know a thing or 2 about Authentic food.
    What I recommend for a real Mexican food experience is to skip any taco shops or restaurants and go to one of the many supermarkets that cater to Hispanic population. You will find the closest to a home cooked meal at Vallarta super markets or Northgate Gonzalez markets
    If you are an Ice Cream lover these local places have been around for a while and have unusual flavors.
    Neiderfrank’s on A avenue in National City,
    Mariposa Ice cream on Adams ave. in Normal Heights,
    Oasis Ice cream parlor on Coronado Avenue in Imperial Beach,
    Cow A Bunga on Seacoast in Imperial Beach.
    For Coffee try the local roasters. My favorites are Ryan Bro.’s on main street and Cafe Moto on National Avenue , nothing tastes better than a cup of freshly roasted and ground coffee.
    I personally have never been to the Living coast Discovery Center in south bay, but I hear it is a great place to visit, I think South bay is often overlooked the beaches in the south bay area, Imperial beach are not as crowded most of the time.
    If you are into cycling so many bike paths even just for recreational rides i like the Bayshore bike way and the Silverstrand bikeway to coronado.
    Take the ferry from downtown to Coronado Island and back .. avoid all the driving and traffic.
    The Chula Vista Elite Athletic Training Center formerly the Olympic Training Center, is great place to visit and take a tour if you are into sports. the facility is impressive.
    Farmer’s market, I believe there are farmer’s markets through out the county every day of the week, but the ones i enjoy the most are on Wednesdays 4–8 pm in Ocean Beach and Saturdays form 8 am -2 pm in little Italy
    anything else i think you can just google what to do in San Diego and so many things come up it’s hard to say you can find many thing that are overlooked.
    Oh.. a thing i like to do is grab a free copy of The San Diego Reader, or look at their site under the events category . I use it when I’m looking for something to do but have not made any plans, They list live music venues museums and special events.

  88. Visiting San Diego, CA is not really like visiting Rome, Italy or anywhere in Egypt. If- within your question- we changed “sights” to “things to do”, I suppose I could come up with a few. Seaport Village in downtown and The boardwalk in Coronado are fun ways to spend a few hours. Mission Trails in Mission Valley is a good place to go for a safe yet fun hike with mountainous landscape. Mr. A’s restaurant is not cheap, but it is located near the top of a high-rise building and the views overlook mountains, the ocean and downtown buildings- and commercial planes are eye-level as they zoom past.

  89. Swamis
    it’s pretty known if you’ve been to SD or know people there but if you’re a newbie, it’ll be a surprise spotting check out.

  90. It may not count as “lesser known”, but see the Cabrillo National and Park at Point Loma. Walk out to the lighthouse museum, the Naval defensive exhibit, the tide pools and take a walk down to the city side hiking trail if you have the time. From the main park site you will see beautiful sights of downtown San Diego and the harbor.
    Cabrillo National Monument – Wikipedia

  91. For the aviation buff visiting San Diego:
    USS Midway
    San Diego Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park
    SDASM Annex at Gillespie Field – its a very miniature version of the National Air & Space Museum’s Silver Springs restoration facility
    Flying Leatherneck Museum at MCAS Miramar
    Silver Wing Park on Wheeler Hill down south end of the metro area where John Montgomery made “first controlled winged flights” in August 1883
    Ft Rosecrans – not because it is an aviation landmark but because of the excellent view of NAS North Island (though there isn’t a lot of flying out of there these days)
    Casa Machado at Montgomery Field or Gillespie Field Cafe if you like to watch airplanes takeoff and land while you eat.

    Eight O’Clock

  92. San Diego has a vast array of hidden history, mines,pirate coves, amazing beaches (with cliffs and caves) to help you further.
    What are some interest? I can say more on that topic.

  93. Hike (advanced) El Capitan Mtn (Lakeside – East County),
    Fish El Cap Reservoir (Lakeside – East County),
    Hike (beginner-intermediate) Sunrise Hwy, Pacific Crest Trail, Beautiful views day trip – cold nights bring layers, Hi-desert (Anza-Borrego Desert State Park – East County),
    Skydive San Diego (South Bay – Otay Lakes Chula Vista Eastlake),
    Sailplane Soaring (Warner Springs, NE County E of Palomar Observatory),
    Sky’s The Limit Ballooning – La Jolla to Carlsbad (N County),
    Hang gliding Lessons – Torrey Pines Glider Port – (La Jolla UCSD).

  94. There is also a haunted house downtown that I’ve been wanting to visit. Also, the Living Coast Nature Center in Chula Vista, the TJ Preserve, but they have changed their name. It’s down in Imperial Beach.

  95. Growing up in San Diego, here are some of my favorite haunts.
    . La Jolla Cove- A hidden little beach with awesome scenery and snorkeling.
    .Torrey Pines State Reserve and Beach. -Great hiking, beaches and views.
    . Mission Trails Park- Great trails and vistas
    . Gas Lamp Quarter- For nightlife, it’s hard to beat. Many excellent restaurants and nightclubs.
    . Keep your eyes open for the Seirs Brothers Band. They are an excellent local dance band that often plays the area.

  96. Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens in Fallbrook-the little community and unknown Gem of San Diego’s North County!
    Botanical Gardens & Nursery :: Home

  97. San Diego residents are familiar with with the “-berto’s” taco shop. There’s a Roberto’s or a variant such as Alberto’s, Humberto’s, Roliberto’s, Jilberto’s, in every neighborhood of San Diego. These places serve up Mexican food 24/7 and the Carne Asada Burrito is probably the most popular item on the menu. Great after closing time or for a meal the size of your forearm.

  98. Coronado Bridge, Chicano Park, definitely go eat at Las Cuatro Milpas. These are known places but I had to. There’s also Humberto’s taco shop, really good carne asada fries. There’s also a house in La Jolla that has a cool illusion. It’s called Fallen Star.

  99. Tourists like Belmont Park in Mission Beach. A favorite place that’s historical and built on a Ley Line is Old Town where San Diego started and the well known haunted Waley House still sits. Other places of intrest are Coronado, Sea World, the San Diego Wild Animal Park and if you got your real I.D. or passport it may not exactly be San Diego but before the political issues Tiajuauna was a main destination for residents of SD as well as tourists and out-of-towners.


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