What are some items on the Starbucks secret menu?

What are some items on the Starbucks secret menu?

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  1. No, Starbucks does not have a secret menu. It’s a catch-all name for any drink that doesn’t have a Starbucks standard recipe. We may or may not know the specific recipe, and please do not go in hoping that someone at the store will know. Just assume we don’t know, and be prepared with the specific recipe in hand (or on your phone) so that we can make that drink.
    Also, be prepared to pay much more than normal for one of these drinks. The generally have multiple modifications which cause them to cost a dollar or more than the base drink.

  2. There isn’t a “secret menu” exactly, but there are drinks that would be recognized at almost every Starbucks across the country that aren’t listed on the paper menus. These drinks are mainly ones that used to be on the menus at one point or are promotional/seasonal beverages, but still get ordered frequently. They include things like a “zebra” mocha (also called tuxedo mocha and black & white mocha), caramel mocha (this is sometimes still on the menu), Redeyes (and etc, as Garrick mentions), cafe misto, and a load of others. ( http://www.starbucks.com/menu/drinks/brewed-coffee/cafe-misto )
    You can actually find a more extensive list of possibilities online: http://www.starbucks.com/menu/drinks/
    The two things I’d say about the idea of “secret” menus at Starbucks are these:

    You can pretty much have anything you can think of.
    If you don’t know/cant think of something, you can have anything your barista can think of.
    Your baristas experiment ENDLESSLY with different drink variations and creations. They sample everything (it’s their job!). So if you want something different, ask. Tell them some drinks you like, some drinks you don’t, and ask what they’d recommend. If you give them some basic parameters, I bet they will come up with something amazing for you – and write it down so you know what it is and can order it again.
    The REAL hack to ordering/finding your perfect drink is to use your resources: your baristas. Go in at a quieter time and ask them to create something for you. Chances are, they’ll get so interested and involved you guys might experiment with a few things. And they’ll very likely be glad to make you something else if you don’t like the experimented drink – but if they don’t offer, don’t hesitate to tell them you disliked it. They should (it’s a rule!) replace it for you for something you do like. Just try not to chug the whole thing down and THEN complain, okay? Because that’s sort of a hard one to swallow, even though they will.
    Have fun!

  3. I’m not one of those people who order a different drink every time I visit Starbucks, so I can’t say I’m familiar with a wide variety of drinks on their so-called “Secret Menu.”

    One thing I have found, however, is that they are very accommodating and willing to make virtually anything you want. Many of their ingredients can be ordered (i.e. purchased) ala carte, making your imagination and the sky is the limit.

    That said, my ‘regular’ drink is nothing fancy, but off their Secret Menu. I like my coffee on the stronger side and order their bold drip coffee with an extra shot of espresso added to it.

    If that is the drink you want, ask them to make you a Red Eye .

    Not enough kick? How about two shots? That’s called a Black Eye .

    Feeling brave and want to go for three? Order a Green Eye (but be prepared to be ‘wired’ all day long and, possibly, minor to serious heart palpitations).

    Beyond that, I think you risk becoming the victim of a self-induced coffee coma. Take your chances, it is up to you.

    The pricing is ala carte. For my Red Eye (drip coffee plus one espresso shot), in my neck of the woods, it’s $2.25 for the coffee ( Venti , the largest, size) plus $.75 for a single extra espresso shot. Add $.75 per shot, thereafter.

    One thing that might not be apparent to non-frequent visitors is that you can get free refills for drip coffee (with your registered Starbucks Card). All you have to do is to purchase a prepaid Starbucks card and register it on their website. There is no registration or annual fee. The free refill offer is just one of the many benefits of the card and none of them are mentioned anywhere on any menu.

    Also, if you are not a big coffee drinker, you can order a size that is smaller than the smallest size you see on the menu (hot drinks only). The unadvertised smaller size is called “short” (oddly enough).

    Additional off-the-menu ideas can be found here. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-daily-meal/starbucks-secret-menu_b_923807.html#s326874&title=Green_Eye

  4. I’ve been a barista for nearly a year, and this is my second time with them. If you ask a barista about the secret menu, then we have to tell you the truth….there isn’t a true secret menu. A true secret menu is when a company has other drinks that they no longer put on the menu board, but still offer if people know about them. Many places of business will do this on purpose to create buzz which will lead to people coming in. Starbucks doesn’t have this. Meaning, no employee is trained on secret menu items and we don’t have recipe cards.
    The secret menu of Starbucks items is really somebody invented a drink and it got on the internet. It may have been an actual barista that invented the drink, but it may not have been. Either way, if you’d like to order it, you can always try, but you’ll have to tell the barista the recipe, not just the name. A name, btw, that they may have heard of, but may never have heard of.
    It also depends on if the store has the ingredients you’re asking for. If the store doesn’t have the ingredients, we don’t have the ability to make it they way you’re asking, but are usually willing to think creatively and we might offer to make one or two substitutions to achieve the flavor or idea you’re shooting for with what we do have available.
    Another important note. If you want a modified drink, we have to ring it up like that, which may mean that you’re paying for the extra ingredients.
    Now I do know about some drinks that were previously offered or that have been invented during slow times when we all aren’t completely exhausted and I’d love to share those with you, just keep all of the above in mind.
    In any of the recipes below, if I don’t mention a certain number of pumps for a specific size, its because the default number of pumps works fine.
    The Cookies and Creme Frappuccino
    There two ways to make this, the cheaper way, and the way that tastes better (in my opinion)
    The Cheaper Way is to order a Double Chocolatey Chip Creme Frappuccino, and substitute the mocha sauce for white mocha sauce.
    The Tastes Better Way is order a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino, add 2 pumps of white mocha (for a Grande), and add Frapp Chips. It just tastes richer than the above version
    The ButterBeer Creme Frappuccino
    Order a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino, and add Toffee Nut Syrup and Caramel drizzle. Then watch Harry Potter movies.
    The Mint Chocolate Chip Frappuccino :
    Order a Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappuccino, and add Frapp Chips and Peppermint syrup (2 pumps for a Grande). It literally looks and tastes like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
    The Grasshopper Frappuccino
    It’s the same as above, but also with mocha sauce. So it’s a Green Tea Matcha Frappuccino, and add Frapp chips, mocha sauce (3 for Grande) and peppermint syrup (2 for Grande).
    The Undertow/The John Wayne
    Order 1, 2 or 3 shots of espresso, with 1, 2 or 3 pumps or either vanilla or caramel syrup and cream (half & half). The undertow is made by putting the cream and sweetener in the cup, then pulling the espresso shots so that they sit on top of the cream. This way, when you take a sip, you get both cold, sweet cream and warm coffee at the same time. It’s like a party. Experiment with other flavors too. I like Hazelnut or mocha with mine. Most stores have at least one employee that knows this one, so it’s sort of an exception to the secret menu as I described above.
    The Zebra Mocha
    This is an old drink that gets featured (as well as renamed) frequently, but the ingredients are always in the store. It’s also been called a Black & White Mocha, the Tuxedo Mocha and the Penguin Mocha. It’s a latte that is a mix of Mocha (chocolate) and White Mocha (white chocolate) sauces, topped with whipped cream. I’d be shocked if the company got rid of either of these sauces, so it’s one of those that any store can always make, even if it’s not on the menu.
    The Bobaless Boba
    So you want a Boba tea, but you’re at starbucks. Then order a Iced Black Tea, no water, with Soymilk instead, then add 1 pump of chai syrup (for a Grande). Sweeten to your preference(I like it without any additional sweetener). You can even add fruit pieces if you want (if your store has them). There’s no Boba, obviously, but it tastes pretty darn close to the tea part.
    That’s all I can think of for now. All the drinks can be made at most Starbucks as of this posting (August 2019), but each store is different with some ingredients, and Starbucks does tend to change stuff up frequently.

  5. I would actually try to ‘debunk’ the idea that there is a “secret menu” and encourage you to learn how to orer the drink you like, the way you like it. There is NO standardization to things like a “Captain Crunch Frappuccino” so every barista is going to interpret this differently. Some may add both toffee nut and hazelnut, and others will add just one or the other. The bottom line is that you’ll get a much more consistent experience if you order the drink as you like it rather than hoping the barista understands you and crossing your fingers that you get something you like. The fact of the matter is that “secret” drinks simply are not standardized.

    There is a lot of conversation about regular coffee above – if you’re a drip coffee drinker, you may want to seek out Starbucks stores with a Clover coffee brewer. Only a limited number of stores have the Clover brewer, (about 300 out of 12k stores in the US) and those that do have extra whole bean coffee offerings special to their stores.

    Good luck!

  6. I think that it is a secret that they don’t have a secret menu. Just order something you think you would like and they will make it for you.

  7. None. Nothing. Zero.
    Starbucks does not have a “secret menu”. There are items that might not be featured on the actual menu boards due to limited space/promotions, but if it’s not on the menu , it’s not an actual Starbucks drink.
    You can take a look at any “Starbucks secret menu” site you want, but all those drinks are just things made up by customers or baristas. Some of them get ordered so often that most baristas will know what you mean (Captain Crunch Frappucino, for example), but even then, it’s not guaranteed. If you want to try something from the site, you need to order with the recipe itself, not by name.


  8. As a Starbucks barista, I can tell you there is NO secret menu. NONE! There are people on Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc that promote drinks that are not on our menu. But, if you have the recipe we will try to make it for you as long as it doesn’t go against corporate policy. Doesn’t mean we will be happy about it, but we will try and accommodate your obsession with social media.

  9. Somewhat on topic, I think a lot of people don’t know that there are only two espresso shots in venti hot lattes (same as grande). You aren’t getting an extra caffeine boost by ordering a larger drink, just more milk and syrup. There is, however, a 3rd shot in an iced venti.

  10. The closest thing to a secret menu would be to talk to a tenured partner (what they call their employees) and see if they can make you a discontinued drink or a modification of one.
    For example the Starbucks Double Shot on Ice, no longer a beverage on the menu is a drink partners are still perfectly capable of making. The beverage requires the use of an iced tea shaker so not every store is either willing or will believe that you are supposed to shake coffee in it. However if you can find someone willing to make them for you they can be a great pick-me-up in the summertime.

    What are some items on the Starbucks secret menu?

    There are a lot of old drinks that you simply cannot order anymore (Chantico being one – terrible – example that comes to mind) Another would be anything involving a discontinued syrup. (Valencia or Irish Cream being a few flavors no longer in existence)
    There truly is no “secret menu” just a lot of drinks that couldn’t make the menu or failed to make the cut. I will however echo some of the other statements I’ve read. Experiment with making your own drink. It’s half the fun of going to Starbucks and very few Baristas are going to be upset with you for wanting to have a beverage crafted exactly to your liking.
    As for the nicknames for beverages that are being thrown around in this thread. I challenge you to survey the next few Barista’s who you speak to, and see which ones know what you’re talking about. While some of these drinks may be self-explanatory the reality is that very few of them will have any clue what you’re talking about and even fewer how to make them. Ordering in the proper terminology will garner you a much more consistent, and enjoyable experience.

  11. My favorite “secret” item is a “short” coffee. It’s not on the menu, but you can get a smaller cup than “tall” and it costs a little less.
    Amending my answer: The really hard thing to order is coffee “for here.” In the Boston area, even when you say “Could I have my coffee for here” and the barista nods, you still get it in a to-go cup about 50% of the time. Why is this so hard?


  12. I mean yeah, but not really.
    You can look online here:
    Starbucks Secret Menu
    And be taken to site with a lot of several different drinks that aren’t found on the core menu
    But there really isn’t a secret menu, because at the same time those drinks are either seasonal drinks that can’t be made like the picture or just a weird different combination of their syrups.
    You would need to give the barista taking your order the ingredients so they know what to put in.

  13. Ask for a pour over, for a better cup of regular coffee. They also have French presses, which will brew multiple cups of coffee.
    Also, if you’re not getting your drink to go, you can get your drink in a ceramic mug.

  14. Yes. All the beverages are prepared using many variable steps and add-ins. The most popular combinations make it to the regular menu. Some baristas are really creative and the results of their experiments very cool! The most popular ones can easily be found by googling Starbucks secret menu items. My personal favorite is the Strawberry Fields Frappuccino, which in Starbucks words is a strawberries and Creme Frappuccino with matcha (green tea powder) added.


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  16. If you are asking if we have a button that says “secret menu” on our registers, then no, we don’t. Starbucks lets you customize as much as you want, and the so called “secret menu” is just popular customization combinations that have been nicknamed. If you want to order a drink from it, you should be prepared to give the recipe since we might not know that a cotton candy frap is a vanilla bean frap with raspberry for example

  17. Hehe, all these answers saying there is no “secret” menu. Riiiiiight! That’s exactly what we are suppose to tell you, or else.
    I live in South Korea so the Starbucks mafia can’t reach me. The Sul Bing Houses are in charge over here.

    What are some items on the Starbucks secret menu?

    The secret menu is an oral tradition past down from partner to partner much like how great epics were past, continually evolving, until some A-hole wrote down the story and cemented how the epic had to be told from then on.
    If you work at Starbucks and you don’t know the secret menu, then that means your tradition at the store had been lost.
    Maybe your manager went on a firing spree. Maybe you hired a bunch of no shows in the row. Maybe the vets hated your guts and kept their knowledge to themselves. Either way, the Starbucks special drinks are still being passed to the new generation, with or without your knowledge.
    Right now a war of drinks is being waged on who can make the best Caramel Apple Spice Frappuccino. Ever heard of it?
    It’s this hot drink transformed into a blended ice drink.

    What are some items on the Starbucks secret menu?

    The vets kept pouring apple juice with blended ice and cinnamon dolce syrup. What fools.
    I poured the apple juice, then I poured cream base into the blender, this was before we used ice cups and milk. Afterwards I pumped the cinnamon dolce syrup, threw the ice in, blend, whipped cream and caramel on top.
    Voila! The best caramel apple spice Frappuccino ever created.
    But I wasn’t done either.
    I poured the apple juice in the ice tea shakers, pumped cinnamon dolce syrup, threw in ice, shake till the ground underneath my feet trembled and you haven’t lived till you tried the fresh apple foam created from the shaking.
    Voila! The best iced caramel apple spice drink ever created.
    Alas, I only shared my tradition of the “secret” menu to my Michigan baristas. The drive-thru partners didn’t care, too much focus on speed killed their Siren spirit.
    There is a grave where secret menus go to die. It’s called the drive-thru.

  18. We aren’t required to know the Secret Menu recipes as these are not official Starbucks drinks. The best thing you can do, is to have one or two Secret Menu frappuccinos that you would like to try, and when you get to the counter have the recipe ready to read out to us. We will then tell you if we can make it; some of the drinks you see on the Secret Menu we do not have the items to make.

  19. No. We do not! The so called “secret menu” is a menu of drinks created entirely by Starbucks fans. we are not trained to create or memorize any of the secret menu drinks.
    So if you ever see anything that’s on the secret menu that you want, write down the recipe for when you want to order it because we will likely not know how to make it.

  20. I think they are basically just items that are not on their menu or customer specific orders. I personally consider ‘The Pink Drink’ (my personal special Starbucks order).

  21. I do not know if Starbucks has a secret menu. If it does, the items are probably similar to the standard ones – based on truly inferior coffee.

  22. The biggest secret is that it’s a secret to Starbucks baristas. The drinks usually consist of items available to make the drink, but there are no extra drinks we’ve hidden from the public.
    The drinks usually involve more work than a typical Starbucks drink, and is often an annoyance at a busy store and during peak times. We will always accommodate you, however. If you know the ingredients and any specifics required beyond that.
    Tik Tok drinks have overtaken the “secret menu” in complexity, and on occasion include an ingredient we don’t even carry.
    Sometimes a barista may know the drink because it’s been ordered frequently.
    Anyway… please be patient. Maybe tip a little extra.

  23. Here are a few of my favorites:
    Dirty Chai – Chai with a shot of espresso. Asking for extra dirty gives you an extra shot
    Zebra Mocha – Blended white chocolate and chocolate mocha. Also referred to as a Penguin, Marble, or Black and White. Adding a shot of Rasperry Syrup makes it a Red Tuxedo.
    Captain Crunch Crunch Berry Frappucino – Shot of Hazelnut syrup blended into a Strawberries and Cream Frappucino.
    You can get a full list here:

  24. Yes and no.
    Officially, no. There is no barista trained on any menu other than what’s referred to as our “core menu”.
    However, you can find all kinds of drinks online and stuff. If you know what’s in it, we’ll make it. But never walk up and say “I want a butterball frap”. Ask for the ingredients.

  25. In all honesty, there really isn’t a concrete “secret menu” one can print out, look up, or reference.
    The notion of a secret menu existing stems from the fact that Starbucks only has limited space per season to display and promote drinks on the menus you see hanging above the baristas heads. However, there is much more you can order if you know it exists — and that’s the “secret” part of the whole ordeal.
    A lot of so-called secret menu drinks are just hybrids of pre-existing drinks, too. Variations, one could say, of established recipes. I believe there’s an estimated 87,000 unique drinks one can make with the various sauces and syrups that Starbucks provides. So really, have at it! Mix and match to your heart’s delight! 🙂

  26. There are actually many places where you can find the “secret menu” for Starbucks online. As an employee we eventually start to learn some of the more common recipes that are on there, but your best bet is to find the recipe online and inform the barista what goes in the drink. If you tell me that you want some ridiculously named drink and assume I’m going to know it you’re going to be disappointed. However if you ask me for a “Twix” Frappuccino and then proceed to tell me what goes in it then you’re in luck and I’ll be able to make it for you to the best of my ability.

    Victor Allen’s

  27. As a former Starbucks Barista, I never knew about any “secret menu.” Rather, we just made whatever our customers asked us to make whether it was on the menu or not. Some of them were pretty simple (like the girl who asked for 3 shots of espresso in one cup and foam in another) while others were more complex combinations of espresso, filter coffe, and flavors.
    So if there is a drink you like, ask your barista. Even if they don’t know how to make it, they will be able to try and make it to your specifications. And if it isn’t exactly right, just let them know! Since everyone likes their coffee a certain way, we appreciate hearing exactly how you want it. I even had one customer who would specify how much he wanted his dry cappuccino to weigh. Its very helpful in making sure you get the exact drink you want.

    Eight O’Clock

  28. Starbucks gives you the option to order things that are not on the menu. Some people come up with new recipes for drinks and they call that a secret menu.

  29. Blonde roast, batch brewed coffee. It’s the lightest roasted coffee (doesn’t taste burnt), and it is consistent. Some stores have “Starbucks Reserve” coffee brewed on Clover machines. Some of those coffees can be good, but are mostly roasted too dark, and not consistent from store to store.

  30. Doesn’t exist. However, if you bring a cut up avocado and ask your barista to blend it with your vanilla frap they’d happily do that. Meaning you can create your own beverages. Just don’t promote it.

  31. Blended Strawberry Lemonade. New baristas might not know how to make it. Likewise the Starbucks Doubleshot (the real version of the canned drink). It used to be on the menu but it’s an unofficial fan favorite now.

  32. There is no “secret menu”. Said menu is just concoctions of stuff that people who work there have cobbled together while working, or drinks that no longer exist that someone has tried to duplicate with current ingredients. Usually they are combinations of various milks and syrups that will end up costing you a ton from add on charges. We used to try different combinations of ingredients and sometimes came up with a few winners, but often they were just cloyingly sweet messes. Stay with the menu. The “fruity pebbles” frap is just a bunch of sugar that costs 8 bucks.


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