What are some healthy creamers I can buy to add to my coffee that don’t contain corn syrup?

What are some healthy creamers I can buy to add to my coffee that don’t contain corn syrup?

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  1. What are some healthy creamers I can buy to add to my coffee that don’t contain corn syrup?
    Use the real thing, i.e. cream or as I recommend FAT, it enhances all flavors.
    As for corn syrup, it is no worse than any other refined sugar.

  2. I use powdered milk, I can’t stand the creamers, I want my coffee to taste like coffee. Just looked at ingredients, no corn syrup.

  3. Oat milk, hemp milk – just read the ingredients list to ensure they don’t contain corn syrup . Thank goodness it is rarely found in the UK, but if you don’t like it (which I think is very wise, given its health implications) you must lobby your government to take measures to reduce its production/consumption… In the UK we now have a very limited sugar tax on soft drinks – not enough, but a start.

  4. Yes, there is a very healthy creamer I can recommend. Cream. Fresh whole cream. Accept no substitute.

    What are some healthy creamers I can buy to add to my coffee that don't contain corn syrup?

    If you absolutely must compromise, for some reason, half-and-half or whole milk is an acceptable substitute for fresh whole cream.
    Whole milk and whole cream is healthy and luxurious.
    Unless you A. have a medical condition that prohibits you from consuming dairy, or B. have a strong aversion to dairy, or C. live in a home without refrigeration, or live a country without cows and famers.
    Otherwise there’s no reason not to enjoy it!

    What are some healthy creamers I can buy to add to my coffee that don't contain corn syrup?

    Assuming a medical condition isn’t a factor, let’s look at the pros and cons .
    In your own home, you needn’t compromise and use a fast-food packaged artificial fast-food restaurant-type product, no matter how deluxe it claims to be . Real cream is one of nature’s finest things, and whole milk is pretty good, too.
    The one exception I can think of, for coffee enthusiast in search of novel flavors, is sweetened whipped coconut milk . I was at a coffee shop in Seattle, and the barista was experimenting. He put sweetened creamy coconut milk (I don’t know the brand) into his charger (C02) when then produced an aerated version, fluffy and whipped looking. I had it on an espresso. It was delightful! I normally don’t add anything to coffee, except an occasional espresso con panna (espresso with a touch of whipped cream on top) but this was exceptional, and interesting, tropical-tasting, a fun deviation.
    But that’s what it was. A fun deviation. Assuming you’re not lactose intolerant, or required by your doctor to avoid dairy, nature already makes the most fantastic product that is already perfect.
    A couple of other (mostly) natural substitutes people sometimes use. Almond milk (it works pretty well in a bowl of cereal, but I don’t recommend it for coffee) and it is of course sweetened. And there’s soy milk . Which I can’t even.
    Neither are realistic options, except for medically-impaired vegans who can’t drink black coffee.
    Let’s discuss the word creamer , and the product, creamer . What evil person invented this stuff?
    It was probably developed in the early to mid-20th century, in response to alarmist concerns about cholesterol, or some other food panic. Or because people would drink coffee unless they could add something to it to turn it white — regardless of the taste —- because black coffee was unthinkable. Or, undrinkable, which most coffee in America was, for most of American history. Up until about ten minutes ago.
    Now we have good coffee . People have wised up about the false alarms regarding the health value of dairy products. Most of us in the 21st century no longer believe the nonsense that was being promoted about butter, cream, and natural fats. Milk is good . Cream is good . You know what’s not good? Creamers.
    As a cafe owner, I believe that creamers are the unholiest of unholy things you would ever contaminate coffee with.
    Cafe Confidential item #1 : you know why restaurants and cafes offer pre-packaged artificial creamers instead of cream? Because creamers don’t have to be refrigerated. And because they’re cheap .
    Creamer is an artificial whitener, and with or without corn syrup, there is no such thing as a “good” kind, or a “healthy” kind, It’s not a dairy product. It’s not a food product. At room temperature, even in the summer, creamers have a shelf life of …forever . But most importantly, we offer it because it costs us about a penny per serving.
    If you’re a restaurant owner, what could be better than a condiment that needs no refrigeration, is mass produced, comes in prepackaged servings, and costs nearly nothing?
    If you’re a consumer, there’s no advantage.
    If you’re at home , there’s definitely no advantage, no sensible reason to use an artificial substitute for cream or milk, when real cream is available. Unless your refrigerator is broken, or there are no stores within a 100 miles that sell fresh dairy products, fresh cream is one of life’s small luxuries that no rational person should have to live without.
    Cafe Confidential item #2 if coffee shop or cafe offers non-diary creamer as the default option, just ask them for half-and-half, milk, or cream. They’ll probably give it to you . Any place with refrigeration usually has milk products. If it’s not the default, that doesn’t mean they don’t have it. They might serve it on request. Never accept a “creamer”, just because it’s the only option visible, you’re not required to accept a substitute.
    And if you’re making coffee at home? Have some respect! Let uncle Pete, and aunt Betty, from Florida, keep their creamers. It’s too late to convince them otherwise. The rest of us can do what our wise grandparents and great grandparents did, and enjoy fresh whole cream, and whole milk, without a moment’s hesitation.
    7 Unexpected Benefits of Fresh Cream One Should Definitely Know

  5. Without reading every label of every kind, I don’t know off the top of my head, but I’ve had this sitting in my email for awhile.
    Spice Up Your Coffee: Preservative-Free Homemade Coffee Creamer


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