What are some good places to study in Pasadena, CA?

What are some good places to study in Pasadena, CA?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “best coffee shops in pasadena

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  1. Coffee shops good for studying:
    Copa Vida
    Jameson and Brown (can be hard hard to find seating sometimes, but definitely a nice study spot if you can)
    Art + Science
    Urth Caffe (easier during non-meal hours)
    Other places
    Caltech (it’s a small campus, but there are many areas with lots of tables. The area near Chandler Cafe is the most popular, but Broad Cafe and Beckman Auditorium also have some nice spots)
    Pasadena Public Library (really pretty inside, and lots of available desks)
    Norton Simon museum (I’ve always thought studying in the garden here would be very peaceful. There’s free admission for students!)

  2. Pasadena Public Library—the main central one. First of all, it’s a lovely building and there are plenty of desks to study at. But if it’s a nice day go out to Espress Yourself, the cafe in the courtyard. Richard and his staff make the best espresso drinks. Try the americano, ask for room, and top it off with cream (Richard provides not just half and half, but heavy cream diluted with a bit of half and half. It is divine. The outside area at Espress Yourself also gets WiFi, and the shaded tables are pleasant.

  3. Zephyr
    Zona Rosa
    Peets on Lake and California
    Small quiet gardens dotted around Caltech (publicly accessible)
    Huntingdon Gardens if already a member (10:30a – 4:30p)
    If you are a Caltech person , get astrophysics access on your swipe – lots of nice spots in and around the astrophysics building.


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