What are some good commercial espresso machines for a coffee shop or restaurant?

What are some good commercial espresso machines for a coffee shop or restaurant?

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  1. When we talk about espresso method of coffee preparation it means the temperature of the water is around 90 C, the preasure is 9 bar, and the brewing time is around 30 sec. So for the espresso machine engineers the task is to provide as stable temperature as possible. So PID controller, double boiler system and saturated group make LaMarzocco the best. As to preasure it is a question of artisan’s skills now. Then LaMarzocco Strada EP is the best. If we think about coffee quality, we think about tiny details which help us to avoid making coffee worse. Definitely the espresso machine is just one link in a chain.

  2. Having purchased over 20 for outlets in Australia, I would put La Marzocco Espresso Machines Faema http://www.vittoriacoffee.com/products-faema-emblema3.html and Wega http://www.wega.net.au/ at the top of the list. These brands offer a range of commercial espresso machines from budget to high end, mostly based on the number of groups.
    A small cafe or average sized restaurant (5-20 klo of coffee beans per week) would find a 2-group espresso machine sufficient for need.

  3. Coffee is no longer just a drink. Whether you are running a café, opening a new restaurant, or want to add espresso to your hotel menu, you need an industrial espresso machine that will keep up with the orders and whip up the best quality as fast as possible.
    As coffee grew in popularity, so did the types of commercial coffee machines. As a result, there are dozens of machines to choose from. Here are some of our best picks.
    Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric Espresso Machine
    It is a best-in-class espresso machine that meets the demands of high-quality specialty coffee shops. The machine has a fancy stainless-steel body, making it durable and super attractive. In addition, the model offers better efficiency and is certainly a perfect addition to cafes and restaurants with medium to high traffic.
    La Pavoni PUB Group Volumetric Espresso Machine
    The PUB units from the La Pavoni machine are equipped with the latest technology, like pre-infusion of the coffee grounds. It allows for balanced, consistent shots of coffee and thermal stability for constant temperatures. It has a digital control pad, microprocessor control, and four programmable dosing settings with manual override.
    De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine
    It is Created for passionate espresso drinkers; the De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine is elegantly designed to handcraft espresso to your customers’ liking. The machine has some innovative features, including an active temperature control that offers optimal coffee extraction and milk texturing and a smart sensor grinding technology that offers precision grinding. A hot water spout that provides hot water for tea or hot chocolate without the residual coffee taste transferring from the brewing unit.

  4. if using for cafe then Oscar/Musica/Appia 1g/Appia 2G are best. Left ones are for lower consumption and right ones are foe higher side. The above models are semi automatic ones and you need a skilled barista to serve the best coffee to custo…

  5. You can find many espresso coffee machine in market. I recommend the tecnora coffee machine.You will actually experience this after you use it. Because I use the same maker.

  6. La Marzocco Strada MP 2 group (3 group), differencial boilers for each group. Plus two grinders (La Marzocco Vulcano or Mazzer), for two different coffee blends, as well as a small grinder for decaf/filter.
    On the other hand, for a place so huge, it’s possible that you’ll need at least two baristas and two waiters/waitress in a shift, at least for the busy hours.

  7. I’d like to address the premise of your question. There is no machine that makes an espresso. that is superior to all others The reason is that almost any professional espresso machine is adjustable for water temperature and water pressure, which is what it contributes to the espresso. Everything else that goes into a great espresso (water source, bean/roast, grinder, water volume, timing, etc) is independent of the machine.

    Once a machine is properly adjusted for optimum temperature and pressure (9 bars), there’s not much else it can do.

    It doesn’t mean all machines are equal. They clearly are not. Of first importance in a commercial use is capacity. How many espresso can it make in an hour? Features, such as can it accept tall cups? Does it how one or two steam spouts? What is the ease of maintenance? How well does it maintain temperature and pressure with varying atmospheric conditions? How much programming is available for automatic service?

    I have a 21-year old Cimbali M-32 Dosatron. Still going strong, but it has needed a mother board and other sundry parts over the years.

    There is such a thing as a perfect espresso, but many commercial espresso machines can do the job. Alas, many of these great machines are put in service to produce horrible espresso. Not their fault.

    Victor Allen’s

  8. There is no “Best” machine, it all depends on what you like and prefer – I think that this days it’s best to stick with a Nespresso machine it’s very easy to make a decent coffee using these machines.
    But it’s all depends on your expected uses and your budget.

  9. Hands down the best home espresso machine is the Rancilio Silvia and the accompanying Rancilio Rocky grinder. Now if you don’t want to do your own grinding, tamping, etc you will want to go with a super-automatic.(just push the button and catch it in a cup), go with DeLonghi Magnifica or Saeco Talea Giro.

    No matter which way you go, make sure you use fresh, high-quality beans – roasted within the last 2 weeks and only grind when you are ready to pull shots. The beans make a big difference.

  10. There is no one ‘best’ machine, but by far the most popular machines in awesome cafes are various La Marzoccos (the cream being the Strada, all with similar internals… The Linea PB becoming a go-to for affordable performance), Synessos, Slayers, Kees van der Westens and Nuova Simonelli T3s/Victoria Arduino Black Eagles (same internals, as NS owns VA).
    See here for more info and pictures ! Machine spotting: Kick-ass espresso machines of superstar cafes

  11. The best coffee machine is you . All the other are just the tools for your hands.
    No to try answer to you , what you want from that machine? What is your budget ? . I am an owner of a Alex Duetto mk2 and the stability of the machine is great. If always gives me good shots but i still have to sink some of the at the start when i am in work to dial in into a new blend.
    The best shot i ever had in my life came from a Rancilio Silvia (a little modified for stability) but that tottaly had to do with the coffee i had at my hands to roast.

    Eight O’Clock

  12. Well, we really need an excellent machine so that we can make a good coffee so that it causes a unique sensation in the taster, one of them is the DeLonghi express, totally recommended

  13. The answer to this question really depends on your expected uses and your budget.

    Is the machine for home or commercial use?
    Will you be making only espresso or also drinks with milk?
    What is your budget?

    There really are far too many machines on the market to say which one is “the best”. That said, here are some fine choices to get you started.
    First of all, a decent espresso machine generally can’t be had for under $500. As Jeremy mentioned, the Rancilio Silvia machine is an excellent entry-level espresso machine for the home user, though it can take a fair amount of practice to pull good shots. It makes use of a single boiler mechanism, so if you want to steam milk you have to heat the boiler up to steam temperatures, and cool it down for pulling espresso shots.
    A better machine for home, office or small commercial use is the QuickMill Andreja Premium. Though it has a single boiler that keeps water at steam temperatures, it uses a heat exchanger to provide water for the espresso grouphead. This allows you to pull shots and immediately start steaming milk without any delay or “temperature surfing” as the Silvia requires.
    Beyond that, you’re talking about doubler boiler machines, which tend to be reserved for high-end consumer and commercial use. In my opinion, the best “home” double boiler machine on the market is the La Marzocco GS/3.
    As has been mentioned, the espresso machine is only part of the equation. You will want to pair it with an excellent burr grinder and freshly roasted beans to get the best cup of coffee possible.


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