What are some alternatives to coffee and energy drinks?

What are some alternatives to coffee and energy drinks?

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  1. I take my isotonix Activated B Complex supplement right after I get up from bed. I take this one with the rest of my supplements (all of them isotonix). Then I have breakfast plus coffee ( as I am a heavy coffee drinker).
    There’s also AWAKE Energy Shot that I take during the day, especially if I am still sleepy. It has 2 flavors, orange and grape. It comes in 2 fl.oz (60 ml) serving. It has 0 calories, Vitamin B3, B6, and B12. ( Ooops, I took a picture using my cellphone where I am writing now—-just look at it sideways, sorry, wasn’t able to adjust as I am doing a parttime gig today, lol).
    The packet has the other supplements I take daily, and more. I happen to carry a packet or 2 in my bag every time I head out somewhere.
    Of course, I work on getting at least 8.5 hours of sleep every night, or else, I will always remain sleepy anywhere the next day.
    By the way, you can take as much isotonix activated B Complex ( at least 3 shots every time) supplement, as it gets consumed by our bodies easily, even as soon as we get up from bed.

    What are some alternatives to coffee and energy drinks?

    Oh, i’m not a medical doctor, ok? But thank you for asking. I just know these info’s mainly because I have been taking them for at least 4 years now ( except for the Awake product, which came out 2 years ago, more or less). They work very well with me, and I get them from my own online franchise store. Feel free to ask if you think I can help.

  2. I would suggest you consider tea. Tea also contains caffeine but in a form that your body will absorb it gradually. You can drink tea anytime during the day (or night) and thanks to many different types of teas you can adjust and find the ones you like best and suit best your taste. While I see Coffee and Energy drink…

  3. A2A
    I normally don’t associate with people who hate coffee… not my kind of people at all.
    People with mugs like this:

    What are some alternatives to coffee and energy drinks?

    And people who place amazon orders for things like this (COFFEE!!):

    What are some alternatives to coffee and energy drinks?

    And people who wear shirts like this:

    What are some alternatives to coffee and energy drinks?

    Are more my kind of people.
    But since you asked…
    There’s actually nothing wrong with drinking a single energy drink daily… you don’t want to go above that, but plenty of people drink one a day, every day, and none have dropped dead yet.
    Some alternates are:
    Soda (Most soda has caffeine
    B vitamins (a large component of energy drinks, actually)
    Asian Ginseng
    You say that you are averse to coffee and “Hot beverages”, but coffee cometh in many forms… Some coffee related options:
    iced coffee
    iced cappuccino
    chocolate covered coffee beans
    Iced teas are also available.

  4. Yerba mate tea is high in caffeine. They sell it in cold flavored 16 Oz cans at stores like whole foods / sprouts. It’s pretty good

  5. The very best natural energy source we have is anger . I don’t need coffee or energy drinks while I’m driving . That’s the only way I can get my blood pressure up is getting behind someone doing 30mph in a 55mph zone and hitting the brakes at every curve or hill . When you want energy and strength just get mad and believe me you can move mountains . I just need life to live and thanks for asking

  6. Yogi tea is such an amazing alternative to tea or coffee. Its incredibly beneficial for your health yet its great in taste. Here’s how you can make yogi tea and its health benefits. Hope it will help you:’)

  7. Make a jug of peppermint, ginger or green tea, throw a half lemon and a tablespoon of honey in it, leave to cool then refrigerate for mornings.


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