What are some alternates to caffeine that don’t increase anxiety?

What are some alternates to caffeine that don’t increase anxiety?

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  1. I’m going to take
    Lexa Michaelides [ https://www.quora.com/profile/Lexa-Michaelides ]
    ‘ placebo effect to a whole new level.
    Start by doing some high intensity interval stuff (like high knees or something —

    ) …for a few minutes to get your blood pumping. Then dab a little bit of peppermint oil on your wrist (reason why I picked peppermint: “In terms of subjective mood peppermint increased alertness..” source:
    Modulation of cognitive performance and mood by aromas of peppermint and ylang-ylang. [ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18041606 ]
    ). Use essential oil like this one:

    Now yo…

  2. Web MD is a good site with answers that include a protein snack, water, physical and mental exercise, or just getting up and stretching, walking around s bit.
    (5 hour energy drink has B vitamins and various amino acids, but also as much caffeine as a of coffee.)

  3. Exercise.
    Any ingested substance that makes you more alert is going to increase anxiety, if you are prone to destructive anxiety. (I don’t notice it much, and I carefully control my coffee intake.)
    So go get yourself a hula hoop and work out. Nine songs, every morning, and you’ll be as alert as you need to be, especially when it’s 30 degrees F.

  4. Aim to drink one liter of water (two if you’re ambitious), get a moderate workout, and try to push off your breakfast until at least an hour after.
    Much like Lexa, I’ve found warm liquids have a fantastic placebo effect. Chaga coffee imho tastes fantastic but doesn’t give you that huge immediate pop of energy caffeinated coffee does.
    The enormous plus side to a day without caffeine is less anxiety. That may also mean less energy, or perceived energy, but it allows me to be more realistic about how productive I can and perhaps should be.
    Hope this helps. Article below re water:

  5. I probably saw this on one of those “Believe It Or Not!” fact sheets at a doctor’s office at some point, but I read somewhere that eating an apple first thing in the morning does more for your overall energy level than drinking a cup of coffee. I’m tempted to agree with that based on my extensive personal history with apples, coffee, and anxiety. Preliminary Googling says that this seems to check out.
    Of course, exercise helps . Cold comfort if you’re already tired and looking for a pick me up — “oh you’ll be fine, just go run or something.” So I’m inclined to go for the apple.

  6. Bromantane. It is an atypical psychostimulant and anxiolytic from Russia. You can purchase it from many online nootropic shops and plenty of other places on the internet. Do some research into it. Look up Modafinil and Kratom too, these are some other good alternatives to caffeine.

  7. A2A
    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really drink caffeine. I get really badly addicted to it even if I only have a tiny amount for a few days. I got addicted to Tim Hortons iced capps this summer, which are basically milkshakes with a dash of coffee. I get awful withdrawal headaches that don’t go away with sleep, drugs, or even if I have caffeine after the headache has started.
    I find that having a hot drink causes a placebo effect for me. Drinking decaf coffee wakes me up in the morning just like regular coffee.
    Ice cold water helps me, so I keep a water bottle beside me with lots of ice in it.
    Cold and crunchy apples sometimes work for me.
    Basically placebo stuff or cold stuff 😛

    Victor Allen’s

  8. Sleep!
    Sleep is the best replacement for caffeine if you want to stay awake. Those of us when use caffeine to stay awake wouldn’t need stimulants to stay awake if we go the sleep we needed when we needed it.
    The real problem is that some of us can’t or don’t get the sleep we need when we need it. Some choose to forego sleep so we can enjoy other activities (Netflix and binge). Some have to work when our bodies know we should be sleeping. Some have babies who are determined not to let us sleep more than ten minutes in a row. Some have insomnia for a variety of reasons.

  9. Treat your body better?
    Exercise, getting enough rest, good hydration and a good diet go a long way toward helping your body to function properly. I don’t drink caffeine at all, and all of these things help me not to feel tired throughout the day.


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