What are good hours for a cafe to be open?

What are good hours for a cafe to be open?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “coffee shops open after 5pm

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  1. When people are awake, or near meal times, so ranging from, 5 am, close shop at 9 pm??? Or 6 pm, or 3pm, just after the lunch rush, are you selling, food to go, with your cup of coffee???
    You can call it “12 hour, coffee shop, that’ll be 5am, too 5pm???

  2. That totally depends on you…. If that cafe opens to serving Breakfast in the morning then around 7–8 am in the morning this is great sound business for this cafe

  3. A cafe in which neighborhood of which city in which country and having which target customers?
    Is the cafe in an area with lots of offices? Then you will have to open at 7,30 am for serving breakfasts, work through the lunch break, but you may as well close at 3 or 4 pm, and you will likely want to close on Sundays and maybe even Saturdays.
    Is it in an area with shops? Then consider opening at around 9, stay open through the lunch break, and close at around 7, when the shops close too. Likely the slowest day will be Monday, so that’s when you will be having a day off.
    Is it in an historic center with lots of palaces and museums nearby? On most days you can open at 11,30, when there are less tourists, but you will have to work until the evening. The busiest days are going to be Saturday and Sunday, but you may consider staying open 7 days a week.
    It is in a nightlife area? No reason to open before 5, but you will be working late into the night. Again, Friday, Saturday, and probably Sunday will be busier than the other days.
    It is near a beach area? You may even consider staying open 24/7 in summer an d taking a very long winter break.


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