What are good coffee shops in Orange County?

What are good coffee shops in Orange County?

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  1. There are several great coffee shops in Orange County. I work remotely so sometimes coffee shops are a must to get some work done before a meeting far from home. Here
    1) Specialty Coffee Shop in Irvine, CA | Coffeebar BYUL
    I love this place…Jae, the owner, goes out of his way to make sure all of his guests have a laugh. This place has a great atmosphere and loads of different coffee and teas to satisfy the snobbiest of coffee nerds. Right when you walk in, you can tell this place does it a little differently.
    2) { INK and BEAN } – Downtown Anaheim
    Hipster central for all those into design, folk music, and quality coffee. This is a great place for a weekend work sesh. If you want that same hipster vibe, but food oriented Gypsy Den is right down the street. They have a take-a-book trailer parked right outside, which is my place for some relaxed Sunday reading.
    3) JC Beans Coffee House – Dana Point
    Going to the beach? If you’re down in Dana Point grab some coffee along the way. JC Beans is right of Pacific Coast Highway in the lovely Dana Point. They have some quality bear claws and some bomb coffee as well.

  2. There actually some great coffee shops in OC. IMHO, as good, if not better than L.A. (As a “mobile-lawyer” and coffee snob, I drive all over So-Cal, and practically live in coffee shops)
    I like the places mentioned in the other answers, Kean (GREAT coffee, overly loud, and no wifi) and Lost Bean (good vibe and wifi, but coffee is avg, So I usually stick to tea, or a glass of wine)
    Here are my other faves to check out:
    If you’re looking for a place to like hang out, I’d reccomend,
    1. Kaffa Coffee ( Yelp ) in Orange is awesome, wifi, and normally has a quiet chill vibe. But they have really good food too, so can get crowded at lunch time, since Children’s Hospital OC is acrss the street.
    2. Gypsy Den ( Yelp ) in Santa Ana also has great food, but coffee is so-so.
    3. Chapman Coffee House ( Yelp ) is a cool spot, but it’s college place, since it’s right next to Chapman Uni.
    If you just want to pop in for great coffee, check out,
    4. Cafecito Organico ( Yelp ) in Costa Mesa has fantastic coffee, but not so much of hang out type place.
    5. Portola Coffee Lab ( Yelp ) Also in Costa Mesa, is the Mecca of Coffee snobs in OC. Definitely worth checking out, if you can resist urge to punch hipsters…

  3. My favorite is Portola Coffee in Costa Mesa. They roast their own beans and I feel has the same independent vibe that Intelligentsia has. The food they have is actually pretty good too. They also have power outlets, and free wifi.


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