What are fun things to do in

What are fun things to do in

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  1. There is an indoor beach volleyball place called Sandbox Sports. They have different schedules including drop-in nights, and also certain days when young kids can use the sand as a play area. The staff seems really nice. I’ve been there for a private party, and for the kid days.
    Seattle Indoor & Outdoor Beach Volleyball

  2. There are so many fun things to do in Georgetown, Seattle . I was there not long ago for a winery tour with Charles Smith Wines. The legend himself showed me around town, and even provided me with his personal guide to Georgetown.
    My top picks:
    Charles Smith Jet City for a glass of wine
    Fonda la Catina for some delicious Mexican food and mezcal
    All City Coffee for a pick me up

  3. Visit the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall on Airport Way S and peruse the vintage shops in converted campers. Lots of parking.
    Hit the Georgetown Record Store/Fantagraphics Shop and find some amazing vinyl and incredible comics and artwork.
    I don’t recall the name, but there’s a new Costume shop that moved into the neighborhood. High-quality items – not the cheap Halloween slutty nurse junk you’ll find at those fly-by-night shops that open briefly around October each year.
    Visit the riverfront park on 8th ave. You might see an otter or a body floating by!
    The Garden Walk happens in July every summer and is one of the best in the city.
    The Georgetown Music Shop has some incredible instruments, and I drool at their collection of vintage amplifiers and guitar pedals.

  4. There is an Art Walk in Georgetown on the second Saturday of each month. Artists in the lofts along Airport Way open to the public, and shops join in as well.


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