What age should you stop drinking coffee?

What age should you stop drinking coffee?

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  1. I would say that anyone over the age of 150 years should seriously consider if drinking coffee has been lessening their life expectancy. Particularly if they combine it with eating at McDonalds followed by a 25 km run.
    For the rest of us there are more important things to worry about than coffee or no coffee.

  2. Ditching Coffee is problematic on many levels.
    It is not an issue of age…but relative to all health issues. One’s heart/arteries condition, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes concerns, kidney & liver function, genetic history are all relevant.
    Do U have conditions, that render caffeine as a problematic component of a healthy diet. How much coffee, do U partake daily?
    Such matters compound with age….Nobody on Earth is getting any younger!

  3. I stopped drinking coffee when I was nine years old.
    The coach of my little league team set up a two-day camp in a state park twenty miles from home. It was just the three coaches and the players. We thought we were big deals.
    We arrived on Friday afternoon, practiced for a couple of hours, and enjoyed a weenie roast around a camp fire that night. So far, so great.
    We all slept in a big cabin full of cots, and it had a single restroom. I doubt that the coaches were comfortable, but us players never gave it a thought.
    On Saturday morning, everyone got up early for breakfast. The food was your typical eggs, bacon, and toast, and it was heartily gobbled down.
    When it came to choosing a drink, the only two choices were well water contaminated by iron, or coffee made with water contaminated by iron. (What were those coaches thinking?)
    I and everyone else decided to show our maturity by ordering coffee. Big mistake!
    That was the nastiest crap I had ever tasted. I took one sip and spit it on the floor.
    I have never asked for a cup of coffee since then, and that was in 1963.
    To be honest, I have had one cup of coffee since then, but it wasn’t by choice. I was in Saudi Arabia at a meeting hosted by Saudi Aramco. They started by handing out small cups of coffee and dates. I knew that refusing their hospitality would be considered an insult, so I drank it. I never shook my cup to request a refill. At least the date was good.


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