Vancouver: what are the best coffee shops for working?

Vancouver: what are the best coffee shops for working?

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  1. Not sure what area of the city you’re hoping to work in so…
    Main Street/Mount Pleasant
    – Coco Et Olive
    (Main & 21st) is great. Free Wifi, not too large, plugs everywhere, really great food and coffee.
    – Matchstick Coffee Roasters (15th and Fraser, but more like Kingsway and Fraser) is new and quite nice. Can be a bit busy on the weekends.
    – Le Marche St. George (28th and St. George) can get really busy on the weekends, and I’m not sure if they have wifi, but it’s a lovely little place.
    Commerical Drive:
    – Prado Cafe
    (Commercial Dr. & 4th) is my go-to, but it is mega busy on the weekends.
    – Benny’s
    (Broaday & Larch) is great. Good food, really quiet, awesome building.
    – Calhoun’s (Broadway and Balaclava) is good too, but huge with high ceilings (= loud). Can also be really hard to find a table, since it’s full of UBC students studying all the time.
    – Harrison Galleries
    (Homer and Smithe) doubles as a cafe, though most passers-by don’t know this. Huge tables on the inside, free wifi, decent food. Also, art.

  2. I’ll skip the usual suspects (Starbucks, Waves, Monks, Blenz, etc.) – If you’re looking for a downtown coffee shop with free wi-fi and reasonably priced food, you should check out Piknik on Howe St. and Helmcken St.
    They have great and cheap coffee (and are next-door to Starbucks if you’re looking for espresso) and a TV usually on CBC news. They have power outlets (which is key) and friendly staff.
    I usually stop in for a quick breakfast before work, or get an omelet for brunch if I’m headed into the office on the weekend.


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