Use Distilled Water to Make Coffee?

Using distilled water to make your coffee may seem like an ideal choice for someone who wishes to brew the perfect cup of joe. However, many people choose not to do this because they’re not sure if using distilled water is worth the hassle!

Worry no more, because there are many good reasons why you should use distilled water when making coffee: “Distilled Water is Better For Making Coffee.”

1. Why Use Distilled Water for Your Coffee:

-Distilled water is better for brewing coffee because it lacks the chemicals found in most tap and spring waters.

-Distilled water has no organisms, minerals or organic matter in it that could affect the taste of your coffee. Distilled water also tastes cleaner than tap or spring water.

-Distilled water is typically more expensive than tap or spring waters. However, you can use one gallon of distilled water to make approximately six gallons of coffee, so your overall cost will be less! You also don’t have to buy bottled water and lug it home from the store.

2. How Do I Make Coffee Using Dist:

-Start with one gallon of distilled water.

-Measure the correct amount of ground coffee needed to make approximately six gallons of finished iced coffee. One pound is a little more than what you need for a single batch, but you can store the leftover grounds in an airtight container or freezer bag.

-Pour the ground coffee into a filter and place it in the filter basket of your coffee maker.

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-Place the dome lid on top of the coffee maker and run hot water through it for about three minutes to clean out any dust that may have gathered beforehand.

-Pour this hot water into a separate container and discard it after all of this excess dirt is removed.

-Pour in your distilled water into the coffee maker until it reaches the six gallon marker.

-Brew the coffee grounds in the hot water at regular temperature for approximately thirty minutes to an hour.

-Take out your iced coffee concentrate and store it in an airtight container in your refrigerator for two weeks or more.

-Pour the concentrate into a blender and add three parts to one part ice.

-Blend until smooth and pour over ice for an iced coffee treat!

3. Benefits of Using Distilled Water to Make Coffee:

-The coffee you brew with distilled water tastes fresher than any other water.

-It’s great for making speciality coffees like caramel macchiato or vanilla flavored cappuccino because it leaves out the impurities that would otherwise affect its taste.

-Since tap and spring waters contain high amounts of salt, calcium and other minerals, distilled water is best for individuals who are on a strict sodium-free diet.

4. Advantages of using distilled water over tap/filtered water for brewing coffee:

-When you use tap water to brew your coffee, it increases the amount of alliline in your cup. Alliline is a chemical that gives a bitter taste and can even contribute to poor health.

-Using filtered water in place of distilled water doesn’t address the issue of impurities found in tap or spring waters.

-Filtered water doesn’t remove the essential minerals that tap or spring waters contain.

-Distilled water is the only type of drinking water recommended by health care practitioners for patients who are suffering from gastrointestinal problems like indigestion, heartburn and diarrhea because it contains no impurities.

5. Disadvantages of using distilled water for brewing coffee and how to avoid them:

-The main disadvantages of using distilled water to brew your coffee is that it doesn’t contain minerals or other substances that can affect taste. You also have to pay more for distilled water than you would for tap water.

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-To optimize the flavor of your coffee, consider adding a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar (optional). This will not only eliminate any bitter taste, but give you a rich and flavorful cup of iced coffee.

-If distilled water is the only water you have that’s safe to drink, then just use it and don’t worry about these disadvantages.

6. What Else Can You Do with Distilled Water Besides Making Coffee:

-You can use distilled water to make tea, or even mix it with other drinks like orange juice or lemonade for refreshing summertime beverage.

-Distilled water is great for making soup stock and boiled vegetables because it halts the process of nutrient loss caused by boiling regular tap or spring water.

7. The Bottom Line on Using Distilled Water for Making Coffee:

-It’s just one type of water you could use to brew coffee, but it’s not the only option.

-The taste that distilled water imparts on your coffee is richer and more pure than the taste that tap or spring water gives off.

-You have to pay slightly more for distilled water because it comes from the process of distillation, but the taste differences between this and tap water are worth it.

-As long as you use distilled water to brew your coffee, don’t worry about adding a pinch of salt or teaspoon of sugar into your iced coffee cups. You can also add some honey for an even sweeter treat if you like.

-If you only have access to tap water, then use it for making your iced coffee. It’s okay to add salt and sugar if you like.

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-Don’t go overboard with distilled water for drinking because it will strip your body of essential nutrients without adding any back in!


Is distilled water better than spring water or tap water for making coffee?
While all three types of water will work to brew your coffee, distilled water is definitely best by far.
Both spring and tap waters contain high amounts of salt and minerals that affect the taste of your coffee. Distilled water contains no impurities so it tastes pure and rich.

How do you make distilled water taste better for making coffee?
The easiest way to make distilled water taste better is by adding a pinch of salt and teaspoon of sugar (optional) to your cup.
Salt and sugar not only enhance the flavor of your coffee, but also get rid of any bitter or bitter aftertaste distilled water may give you.

What is the difference between filtered water and distilled water?
The main difference between these two types of water is that distilled water comes from the process of distillation while filters utilize a variety of filtering processes to remove impurities from your drinking water.
Filters do not eliminate 100% of the impurities so it’s not as healthy or pure as distilled water.


Distilled water has a purer taste because it’s free from salts and minerals that alter the flavor of your coffee.

It’s costlier than tap or spring water, but it’s worth it if you want a richer cup of iced coffee.

Filters do not eliminate 100% of impurities so do not rely on them as much as you would distilled water.

Distilled water is the best type of water for making coffee and it’s better to use this type than filtered or tap water.

The taste that distilled water imparts on your coffee is richer and more pure than the taste that tap or spring water gives off so it.

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