Top 7 Best Espresso Beans Review 2022

Espresso is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world, and for good reason. It’s strong, flavorful and has a very high caffeine content. If you want to be up all day without feeling like you’re drinking battery acid, espresso might just be your best bet.

Espresso comes from dark roasted beans that are ground into a fine powder called “espresso grind.” This powder is then put inside an espresso machine which heats water to the perfect temperature (between 195-205 degrees) before forcing it under pressure through the grounds.

The result? An intensely flavored drink with about double the concentration of coffee as other types of brewed coffees like drip or French press. Espressos can also come in a variety of flavors when you add in something like cocoa powder or flavored syrups.

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Coffee Bros
White Knight
Light Roast
Kicking Horse
Lavazza Super
Liquid Gold
(Light Roast)
Ethiopian Coffee,
Yirgacheffe Region
Stone Street
Coffee Tanzania

1. Top 7 Best Espresso Beans Review 2022:

1. Coffee Bros Espresso:


  • 100% Arabica beans.
  • Caffeine: High.
  • Perfect as a latte, black or with cream.
  • You’ll be able to make a great latte at home. 
  • Coffee beans are roasted to perfection.
  • Satisfying flavor with every sip.

Coffee Bros Espresso Roast is a rich and bold espresso coffee that gives you the perfect start to your morning. Once roasted, the beans are ground just before brewing so it retains its freshness and flavor.

You’ll taste fruity and sweet notes of blueberry, grapefruit, and lemon with a touch of subtle sweetness. The 100% Arabica means this roast will never go bitter or harsh on you — we don’t want anything getting between our customers and their coffee experience! This amazing roasting technique that we use helps create such an aromatic cup as well as maximum caffeine content.

Want the perfect cup of quality coffee? Espresso Roast and Quality Arabica Coffee beans deliver a thrill for those who crave a smooth, pleasing taste. The espresso roast has been carefully prepared to highlight all the natural sugars and sweet flavors, making it perfect as a latte!

Coffee Bros Espresso is crafted for the true coffee connoisseurs who value excellent flavors in their coffee. Driven with natural sugars, this espresso promises to bring your taste buds wild. Pair it with your favorite latte and enjoy all of its rich flavor!

+ Good for those who like fruity flavors.
+ More affordable than other brands.
+ This is ideal for people who are just starting.
+ Caffeine content is high.

– It’s not strong.

2. White Knight Light Roast:


  • Freshly roasted in small batches.
  • Contains no GMOs or preservatives.
  • Kosher certified.
  • Created for the environmentally conscious coffee lover. 

You want to provide your coffee with the same care you offer your precious breakfast pastry. Enjoy this light, flavorful roast anytime you’re in need of a refreshment that not only tastes good but does good for the environment.

It’s no surprise that White Knight is fair trade certified organic since it always strives to leave nothing left but a clean conscience. And with its wholesome blend of taste and ethics, how could you refuse tasting the deliciousness?

White Knight Organic is a light roast made with sustainable and fair trade beans for the dark ages. The flavor is bold and has hints of bing cherries and cocoa with a clean finish. If you’re looking to enjoy some bold, flavorful coffee from your favorite diner while being environmentally aware, this is it.

This coffee will have you coming back again and again if not just for that bold taste or its environmental sustainability then because all our coffees are kosher certified as well!

+ The beans are sustainably sourced which is great if you care about your environment.
+ The flavor of the coffee is bold and delicious.
+ It is kosher certified.
+ The beans are very fresh.

– A bit pricey.

3. Kicking Horse Coffee:


  • Medium roast, single source.
  • 100% Arabica beans.
  • Can be used for French press and drip machine.
  • Available in dark and light roasts.
  • Also available as an iced coffee.

Kicking Horse Coffee’s medium roast, whole bean blend is a mere 130-170mg of caffeine per cup. It may be best for those deep thinkers that need to put in a solid amount of work before they start their day.

With 100% Arabica beans from Africa and Central & Southern America, this coffee delivers rich flavour notes from tart red currant to sugar cane and chocolate without tasting too burnt or acidic. Brew methods include the French Press, drip machine, pour over and espresso as well as cold brew.

Kicking Horse Coffee is the perfect dark, rich iced coffee with just the right amount of acidity. With an aromatic blend that’s medium-bodied and complex, it will work well for any occasion you might find yourself in.

Whether you’re planning to spend some time outside on a late summer morning with friends before school starts again or you want something to warm up your taste buds with at dinner after work one chilly evening, Kicking horse coffee is always there for you.

+ Smooth and balanced flavor profile. 
+ French press and drip machine compatible.
+ Perfect for iced coffee.

– The beans are a bit pricey.

4. Lavazza Super Crema:


  • Medium roast.
  • Created for the nut-free kitchen.
  • Smooth and creamy taste profile.
  • Can be used in espresso, dripped coffee or cooked recipes.
  • Also available as a decaf.

Lavazza is a world-renowned Italian coffee brand for a good reason. You can’t go wrong with a bag of this medium roast, whole bean coffee from the Crema Super flavor line.

A light and creamy taste with notes of hazelnuts and brown sugar, this blend will give your espresso machine just what it needs to create some perfect espressos! In addition to being made in an allergen-free facility, it’s also kosher as well as nonhabit forming! That’s one less thing to worry about.

Bring a bit of Italy into your home with the rich flavor and aroma of this medium espresso roast coffee. This blend, produced in a nut-free facility, is perfect for those who enjoy creamy smoothing flavors of hazelnut and brown sugar. Use Lavazza Super Crema to create any Italian classic from cappuccino to tiramisu cake.

Try it in your espresso machine, dripped into an ice cold coffee drink, or roasted to use in any recipe.

+ A nut-free blend makes it safe for those with allergies.
+ The beans are fresh and medium roasted.
+ The coffee has a creamy and smooth taste.
+ The beans are very fresh.

– A bit pricey.

5. Liquid Gold (Light Roast):


  • A medium roast, single source. 
  • Certified organic and fair trade.
  • Smooth and balanced flavor profile.
  • An effective pick me up to start your day.

Imagine your morning. You wake up, drink your coffee, and you’re ready for the day ahead of you. That impactful moment starts with good beans that speak just as powerful words as you do.

Grown in high altitude Peruvian regions, our organic light roast will inspire greatness every step of the way. Whether it be your busy mornings or your everyday to-do list, this is one cup worth being proud of.

This incredibly fresh, rich coffee can give you a natural high if consumed daily. This Roast has been designed to balance all the components of our tantalizing brew, from its aromatic body to it’s velvety smoothness and brisk kick. We want to remind you that this isn’t your average morning pick-me-up.

To maximize the health benefits we use only premium arabica beans harvested at their peak time — 12 hours post roasting — and sourced ethically and fairly from Peru through Rainforest Alliance Certified farms!

Add a little life to your mornings with our Organic Light Roast beans from Peru! They’re rightfully considered one of the best espresso beans in the world. ♪♫ Guaranteed pure and organic from seed to sip, healthy as can be so you can take on any day with upmost power.

+ The beans are fresh and well roasted.
+ Healthy way of getting energy.
+ Non-habit forming.

– The beans are a bit finely ground.

6. Ethiopian Coffee, Yirgacheffe Region:


  • Light roast.
  • A coffee with bright and bold flavors of tropical fruits such as grapefruit and limes, with undertones of lemon and bergamot.
  • Well balanced, smooth and sweet cup.

One of the world’s best coffees, Yirgacheffe is grown in East Africa where Red Seeded Robusta coffee beans are native to the land. With complex blueberry and blackberry notes with fruity undertones, this medium bodied delicacy is earthy with lemon, dark chocolate and finishes pleasantly acidic. Freshly roasted to ensure its delicious flavor from farm to cup- enjoy a better beverage!

All beans are fresh chosen from over three dozen different countries around the world. 

Take Freshly chosen whole coffee beans and put them to rest for 12 hours before roasting them on vintage 1960s stove top models so that we can monitor their process more closely.

Indulge in the bright, bold flavor of Volcanica Coffee’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic coffee beans. Packaged and roasted to order, this exceptional blend is expertly crafted from 100% Arabica Coffee grown on a sustainable coop located in Ethiopia’s lush mountain region.

Grown and packed at high elevations (upwards of 5500 feet), these naturally-grown beans produce a medium/light roast coffee with remarkable taste phenomenon! 

+ The beans are fresh and well roasted. 
+ The coffee is refreshing and easy to drink.

– The beans are ground too coarsely.

7. Stone Street Coffee Tanzania Peaberry:


  • Medium roast.
  • Balances deep cocoa flavors with subtle fruity notes of blueberry or peach on your palate.
  • Made from the best coffee beans in Africa by STONE STREET COFFEE.
  • Freshly ground for you, and packaged in a single penitent foil bag to keep them fresh for weeks after purchase.

Crafted from the best coffee beans in Africa, Stone Street Coffee’s Tanzania Peaberry provides a signature bright acidity and up-front sweetness. A solid dark roast, this medium roasted coffee has a concentrated complex flavor that balances deep cocoa flavors with subtle fruity notes of blueberry or peach on your palate.

To ensure you don’t hit the wall before touchdown, Stone Street packages these freshly ground beans in an individual penitent foil bag to keep them fresh for weeks after purchase. We know how important it is that only the freshest batch gets delivered to Brooklyn!

Stone Street Coffee Tanzania Peaberry – 100% Adjana Roasted whole beans. Bring a taste of the African continent to your kitchen with sweet and acidic peaberry coffee from Tanzania!

Do you want the perfect espresso? A cup that lets you unwind from work or just any day in busy Manhattan? Our premium dark roasted beans will live up to all your desires in a coffee bean bundle about as big as a grain of rice… Perfect for travel! 

+ It’s ground finely and tastes good.
+The beans are fresh and well roasted.
+ Impressive packaging.
+ Cheaper price.

– Coffee was dry and dusty.

What is Espresso? How to make strong espresso:

Top 7 Best Espresso Beans Review 2021

Espresso  is a thick, concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.

Espresso machines heat the water to the point where steam rises from it and builds momentum until it can force itself through the densely packed grounds. Because thick foam settles on top of the drink as it cools, espresso is usually served in a demitasse cup.

The resulting beverage is called espresso or, because it’s so thick and dark, simply “espresso.” Though many people think that strong coffee mixed with hot water to make Americanos constitute espressos, only brewed espresso qualifies as such.

There are two types of espresso, one is an instant coffee and other one is pure real coffee.

To make the perfect Espresso you have to place finely ground beans into a machine that contains water.  Coffee brewed by espresso has an intense aroma, full-bodied flavor with natural oils suspended in it because of which it gives a heady feeling.

Many people drink espresso because it contains higher caffeine levels per ounce than most other coffee drinks.  Espresso has a wonderful taste and its strong flavor comes from the oils of the beans which are released when you brew.

The differences between Espresso and Americano:

– Espresso is super concentrated so you need very little of it to feel its effects.

– Espresso has a more intense flavor than drip coffee thanks to the brewing process.  It’s also made almost entirely of “coffee solids” instead of water, so you’ll get more caffeine per ounce.

– Americano is watered down espresso that contains 2 ounces of espresso and 6 ounces of water.

What is the principle of making espresso?

Top 7 Best Espresso Beans Review 2021

What’s the secret to making a great espresso? It starts with mastering four important steps: Mixing, roasting, grinding and Brewing Espresso. I love this product because it allows us be creative by allowing for almost any customizations – bitter vs sweet flavors; come see how we can make your morning perfect!

Mixing Espresso:

The quality of espresso coffee depends a lot on how thoroughly it is mixed before the extraction. Our little manual machine lets you be in control through this mixing process, giving you complete control over the taste and consistency that results from your caffeinated masterpiece.

Roasting Espresso:

Coffee beans are green when they grow in nature, but they are brown when they are roasted.  Roasting turns the chemical compounds in the beans into new molecules, which in turn gives coffee its aroma and flavor. Our espresso machine allows us to be in control of this process, allowing you to get the most out of your coffee’s potential for taste.

Grinding Espresso:

While all of our products, from our coffee-making machines to the beans we use, are designed to help you make a great cup of espresso, grinding is where it all starts.  Grinding your own beans allows us to be in control of exactly how coarse or fine they are as well as controlling the uniformity that results from this process.

 It also guarantees that you’ll have fresh beans every single time.

Brewing Espresso:

The quality of the water used to brew your espresso is just as important as the rest of the process.  Our machine allows us to be in control of most aspects of this step, allowing for almost any type of customizations – from temperature to pressure.

The only thing left is to experiment! This amazing product also allows us to create incredible coffee with additives – be creative! From latte’s to americanos, you’ll find your perfect cup right here at  – More than just information, it is our mission for you to have the most pleasant experience when drinking the best coffee in the world.  We are here to help you!

Espresso machine is “espresso” only if it has a pump – meaning that hot water is pushed through the coffee grounds with some pressure (generally around 9 bars, close to 130 psi). It uses special espresso grinds of coffee beans that are denser than the average drip coffee.

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How is espresso better than drip coffee?
Espresso has higher caffeine per ounce thanks to the super concentrated nature of the process, and it also contains more “coffee solids” instead of water, making it stronger in flavor as well.

What temperature should my water be to make espresso?
Around 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal range, but these numbers can vary slightly depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your coffee.

How long does an espresso last? Does it expire?
An espresso will stay fresh for up to two weeks if you store it in an airtight container at room temperature. If you keep it refrigerated, it can last up to a month or longer.

What is the difference between espresso and “regular” coffee?
From a chemical standpoint, there isn’t really much of a difference at all! Espresso is just a specific way of preparing coffee.  This process, however, increases the caffeine per ounce and gives us more coffee solids or “taste” per cup.

What is the difference between espresso shots and cups of regular drip coffee?
Espresso has 7 times more concentration than regular drip coffee, meaning it has about 70 mg of caffeine per ounce instead of just 10.  This also means that espresso will have more flavor notes and be less watered down because the smaller amount of water is packed with coffee solids.


Espresso is simply a stronger version of regular coffee, but it can be made into more than just the classic “shot” that people are used to. It comes in all different flavors and forms, allowing us to play with our recipes – from lattes to americanos! If you want to try something new, come and visit us at, where we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect cup of espresso!

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