Should you drink your coffee before or after breakfast?

Should you drink your coffee before or after breakfast?

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  1. I honk it’s a personal preference. To me there is no life before coffee. I have never had any ill effects from having my coffee first. I only have two cups when I get up and I thoroughly enjoy them. I’m usually up a couple of hours before eating. After all, reading Quora comes first with my coffee!

  2. When the stomach is empty, coffee and black tea etc. tend to produce irritation for some people. Hence, if one wants, one is advised to have tea with milk (with or without sugar as per one’s choice). During breakfast, that is after eating some breakfast, one can take tea or coffee – with or without milk and sugar etc. as per their choice, without fear of gastric irritation (unless the breakfast is too spicy!).

  3. We should not drink tea or coffee after or before having food. At least 30min break should be there after or before meals. Coffee after meals can cut down the iron absorption up to 80%. most of the minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium will not get absorbed with tea or coffee after food. so try to avoid coffee or tea before and after food.

  4. Generally speaking, drinking before breakfast will mean you get the energy buzz quicker but it’ll also go away sooner. Drinking after breakfast means it will have to digest with your food, which means it gets into your system more slowly and over a longer period of time.
    So it all depends on which of those scenarios you prefer.

  5. My husband and I always have our coffee first. We drink it as we watch the local news on tv. Then, maybe an hour later, we will prepare something to eat for breakfast. In the past we would have had another cup of coffee with our meal but now we have cut down on our caffeine intake so we just drink a bottle of water or maybe some juice.

  6. I drink coffee first before I start eating my breakfast. I need to drink and then start eating whatever I’m making, like pancakes.

  7. You should drink coffee before, during, and after breakfast.
    If you add milk or sugar to your coffee, Hell needs a very bad special place for you.

  8. HI, here are the 2 main reasons to avoid bed coffee!
    Drinking coffee on an empty stomach could damage your stomach lining and cause indigestion and heartburn.
    It can even increase anxiety and hinder your ability to focus.
    Instead, try drinking coffee in the mid-morning or early-afternoon for the best results


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  10. Breakfast tastes weird after brushing my teeth with toothpaste. To avoid that weird taste, I have my coffee before breakfast and then enjoy the breakfast.
    Please ‘want’ to drink coffee, not ‘should’.
    If you ‘should’ and you must know, then it depends on your individual situation and your question is very wide in scope with so many variables. If you give specific details about your ‘lifestyle’, ‘breakfast’ and ‘nutritional requirements’ then others could advise on the timing of drinking coffee.

  11. Oh for goodness sake get a life
    Drink your coffee whenever you want to. Before, after, during or instead of breakfast.
    Or skip it entirely.
    Obviously you cant’t be American, the Land of the Free, or you would not be looking for someone else to set rules for your life.
    But in this case you’re in luck. There are no rules.

  12. Usually it’s good to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to give you an energy boost. Whether you take coffee during or after breakfast is your personal preference. Try taking single origin coffee freshly ground and brewed by your favorite method, drip, stovetop espresso or French press.

  13. Before.
    If you’re drinking a good craft coffee, you want this before your meal. You should have a nice glass of water, and your coffee before brushing your teeth, to make sure you palette is in tip top shape. Take your time, enjoy the flavors, and then have your breakfast with some more water for digestion.

    Victor Allen’s

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    Should you drink your coffee before or after breakfast?

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  15. Not before nor after. During the consumption of the meal is much better. A few bites of food and a couple of sips of coffee is best. At least it is the way I like it and most of the people I observe in coffee houses and at home.

  16. It is all very individual. The acidity or caffeine in coffee on an empty stomach can cause gastric discomfort in some, while if you use milk or cream, lactose can also cause gas or stomach issues. I start every day with a black coffee, typically do not eat breakfast for another 1-1/2 to 2 hours later, without issue. Any effects are unlikely to be permanent, so if you would like to have coffee before breaking your fast, try it (probably best not to do before an interview or work presentation, though). If it does not work for you, wait until during or after breakfast.

  17. I frequently have had coffee before, during, and after breakfast. I suggest you try it yourself and see. I prefer coffee after a glass of water first thing to get my day going.

  18. Depend upon one’s need. if the said person do regular work out and is in need of instant energy it is good to have coffee before breakfast so that lost energy in the process of work out is to be filled to make you feel fresh again. the otherside you know it.



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