Should we allow children to drink coffee?

Should we allow children to drink coffee?

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  1. That depends on YOU.
    I know people who were never barred from drinking coffee, and I know people who weren’t allowed to drink it until they were older.
    Much depends on how much you can tolerate any misbehavior that happens with your particular child. If they become too wild for your tolerance, then don’t let them have it. If you have a high tolerance for hyperactivity, go ahead. If your child doesn’t get appreciably hyperactive with coffee, then let them have it.

  2. I wouldn’t suggest letting your children drink coffee unless you think that they are old enough to drink one. Even so….coffee brings bad effect on your early age child once the child drink one. Take it from my experience as a child drinking coffee during heavy schedule of school. In my country Indonesia, it’s actually unusual to see a child drinking a cup of coffee at early age such as under 7 or anything. Well, my case story brought a lot of people I knew shocked enough that they keep asking if such thing is allowed. So here’s my case:
    Since I was born, my parents never allowed me to drink coffee no matter the age but ever since I entered junior high school for the first time…I broke their rule by drinking coffee. Now here’s the question my mom asked, “Dear, what’s your reason of drinking coffee? (Nik, mengapa kok nonik minum kopi?)”. “Because I got a whole test coming up and a lot of material studies that needs to be memorized. You think that I can handle studying till late night without getting sleepy? No! That’s why I drank coffee. Don’t worry, dad already made sure that the dosage of caffeine in my coffee is tiny for me (Karena ada jadwal ulanganku padat dan banyak materi belajar yang harus dihapal. Mama kira aku bisa belajar hingga telat malam tanpa mengantuk? Ndak! Makanya itu aku minum kopi. Jangan khawatir, papa sudah memastikan dosis caffeine di kopiku kecil bagiku,” I answered her that. My mom couldn’t talk back afterward and just said, “I’m just afraid that you will get addicted because you drank coffee, dear. Don’t drink too much coffee, okay? (Mama hanya takut kalau nonik kecanduan gara-gara minum kopi. Jangan terlalu banyak minum kopi ya, nik?)”. I told her that I can handle my coffee well and I already proved myself that for many years already.
    I first drank a cup of coffee when I was 14 because my junior high school shows no mercy to the students (The Petra Christian Junior High School got a high standard of education and I got in such school because of hard work not because I’m genius as my IQ is above average while the others have gifted IQ). To keep up with the tight busy schedule of my education, I had to drink a cup of coffee made by my dad because I got insomnia at the wrong time and always ended up sleeping at the most important times. But even so…I would prefer not to drink coffee unless I had to. In every tight exam schedule when I must study until late night or no napping for the day, I drank a cup of one flat teaspoon caffeine for my coffee with just 2 teaspoon of sugar. I kept doing the same thing until now but was it addictive? It could be if the dosage is too high but then again, it depends on the person. Once, I try to prepare my own cup of coffee from caffeine powder and accidentally set a pile of one teaspoon caffeine powder. What happened next is me getting a stomach filled with air and it hurt a lot. I didn’t get addicted but the coffee I made myself often give me a bit head ache (Feels like getting punched on the left side of my head every time I sip my own prepared cup of coffee. The dosage must be too much if I get that effect so I take it as a note for the dosage check next time).
    Instead, my dad (I called him daddy since I was born) who drank coffee since he got his first job couldn’t stop drinking coffee every day. He often made one cup of coffee every day just to stay awake (He still do that just for staying up late, browsing the internet nowadays or wake up till morning). The coffee made him addicted to a cup of coffee every day which seems to make his cough worse added with his smoking habit and I hate the smell of smoke from his burning cigarette that I often told him “Daddy, no smoking in the house! The smell is unbearable (Pa, jangan merokok didalam rumah! Baunya tidak enak sama sekali)”.
    Still….despite all of these cases, I still wouldn’t give an advice to let children drink coffee. Just make sure the dosage is right, keep an eye on the effect (If he or she got addiction with it then it’s time to stop drinking coffee until the addiction is gone) or if you think that he or she can manage their own coffee like me (That’s why I never get addicted despite drinking one cup of coffee every day during exam weeks. Sometimes, exams could last till more than two weeks. It’s because I try to control my own habit of drinking coffee for the exam that I never get addicted)

  3. No. It will stunt their growth, and it just pushes up the price of coffee for the rest of us.
    My parents let me start drinking café au lait (50/50 coffee and hot milk) when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I continued to drink coffee for breakfast throughout my school years and into high school, by which time I was drinking coffee with a little cream. I am now 72 years old, and still drink coffee.
    I am only 6′ 1″ tall, and would have been much closer to 7 feet tall if I had never started drinking coffee. So, let this be a warning to you.

  4. Kids under 14 years of age should not be drinking coffee. The reason adults drink coffee is because they are tired from working long shifts, studying, taking classes, going to meetings, going to seminars, completing assignments, taking care of their families, ect. Kids already have that natural energy because they are kids. Have you seen some of these kids jumping off the walls and running around like maniacs? What do they need coffee for?
    Also coffee has a lot of negative side effects. It can cause insomnia, exacerbate anxiety, cause digestive issues, and the user can go into withdrawal if they miss a dose, to name a few. A child does not have the mental capacity and maturity to weigh the risks and benefits of consuming a drug/substance. For this reason I don’t believe kids younger than 14 should be having coffee. I myself did not drink coffee until I was 20. I actually drank alcohol before I ever drank coffee. And coffee was a pain to quit too. I had to quit because I had every negative side effect in the book except migraines. Now what if the kid is dealing with negative side effects? Can you imagine a kid in withdrawal? A kid may not be able to understand that the discomfort is temporary and will eventually subside.
    Now kids do consume caffeine anyway. It exists in iced tea, soda, and chocolate. So parents have to be careful about their kids’ consumption of these products. But coffee also has a higher caffeine content than these products. I know a lot of teens these days take coffee. I think it’s a bad idea but times are changing. So let’s keep coffee for adults and mature teens only.

  5. I’d let my kids drink decaf–preferably as a drink that was mostly milk with some decaf added. I’d never give them caffeinated coffee–I want them to be able to sleep when they need it.

  6. I started about the age of 1 with left over cold coffee sitting on the table. By 5 i was drinking it hot, black, and often. I am 6′1″ it did not stunt my growth.

  7. I am not sure about all the scientific research or biological/chemical effects of coffee on people but I drank coffee since I was around 7 years old.
    I am still fine, still living. Can’t say my health is best or my body is perfect. I’m a little skinny with digestion issues. Can’t gain weight but it’s fine.
    I absolutely believe that it’s okay for kids to have coffee as long as you limit the amount of caffeine they take. I suggest about 3 cups a week would be fine. With more than that, kids may have problem sleeping, anxious or hyper by their bedtime since caffeine could have stronger/longer effect on their bodies.
    I also think coffee reduce the amount of fat in one’s body. So, if your kids are growing too fat for their age (it’s not healthy actually) you can try feeding them coffee and keep their body slimmer 😛 (or simply make them do sports and exercises)

  8. Each person reacts differently to the caffeine in coffee. It is sometimes prescribed for children with ADHD, or for relief of migraines, but in some children it can cause diarrhea, and it others, expect them to bounce off the walls.

    Victor Allen’s

  9. They can. Should they? Probably not. I remember drinking coffee as a child but very very seldom. Usually just a sip of cold coffee from my mom’s mug. My mom did give us iced tea in the summer. But coffee does have a lot more caffeine than tea or soda. Kids should especially not drink any caffeine if they are young enough to need a nap every day they shouldn’t drink it before nap time. And kids should avoid it before bed. But so should adults, for that matter.
    Also, some parents add a lot of sugar to their coffee which is not healthy for kids (or the parents really but it’s their choice)
    Anyway, probably best to not allow kids to drink coffee. Although in my case, it kinda had the opposite effect. I like coffee but do not drink it daily, I am not dependent on it as many adults are. There are health benefits to it but also drawbacks, so I choose to only drink it on occasion.
    Good luck.

  10. It’s a bad idea. Your children will be addicted to caffeine and when they don’t get caffeine will have withdrawal symptoms. Let them make up their own minds when they’re old enough to know whether the my want to go down that road.

  11. there are varying opinions on that. my son was treated with coffee for his ADHD, but caffeine is a drug & like all other drugs there are good & bad points with it. that’s something you should decide between you & your doctor. my credentials are as a mom of 7 grown children & I would never recommend ANY drug to you or anyone else. Only your doctor is qualified to do that.

  12. When we were kids my Dad used to tell us, “Kids can’t drink coffee. It makes you grow crooked.” 🙂
    I’m not sure the it is bad for kids but coffee is bitter and most kids really can’t stand the bitterness. If they do drink it at all they usually put lots of sugar in it and the sugar I know is bad for them!


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