Should I buy an espresso machine or a drip coffee maker? I want to make different kinds of coffee.

Should I buy an espresso machine or a drip coffee maker? I want to make different kinds of coffee.

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  1. Personally I feel if you are wanting to try many different types of coffee you should just use a French Press.
    French press is a great way to get a great cup or two of coffee.
    Inexpensive and you don’t have to waste coffee making full pots if you are taste testing.
    Brew machines are great and if you are wanting to make bigger full pots that’s ok too.
    Espresso machine is amazing for many varieties of Espresso. So again a great choice.
    I would say until you have tried many coffee and decide which one you would like to keep drinking go French press, fresh, hot and variety are what sell me.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Let’s assume you already have the grinder, thus preventing seventeen coffee geeks from telling you to get one.
    Since you’ve got a coffee grinder, and the second condition of your query is “to make different kinds of coffee”, I’d go with the espresso machine. There are more variables, assuming you have a steaming wand. Drip coffee makers make drip coffee which is not the base in many beverages other than the “cup of drip coffee”. Espresso machines make espresso, which is the base ingredient in numerous drinks. (I’m ignoring attempts at making faux cappuccinos and lattes from drip – the brew is not strong enough to make a decent version of either.)
    For variety – the espresso machine! For personal taste? That’s up to you.

  3. If you can afford it get both. If you are on a budget get a Malita style pour over and an inexpensive battery frother. Understand that espresso is made with the pressure of an espresso machine, but it is essentially a strong concentrated cup of coffee. You can come close by making a strong brew, i.e. more coffee less water. For a frother Google “frother” you will find one from $7 battery operated to $130 heated/electric.

  4. They’re each versatile in their own way. For example:
    With an espresso machine, you can make different types of drinks, like lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos – the last of which substitutes reasonably for drip coffee.
    With a drip machine, you can make… drip coffee. However, it allows you a variety of single origins and roasts that won’t do well in espresso.
    That’s not to say that only “espresso blend” coffee works in an espresso machine, but often the origin characteristics are massively over-emphasized.
    It really depends on what kind of coffee you like.

  5. Drip…and I would suggest a Chemex. An espresso maker makes one thing..espresso.
    As Joe DiVincenti noted, I figure you have a good burr grinder.
    Chemex makers, with the lab grade filters and if you follow the instructions on water temperature and “blooming” the grounds will allow you to taste the differ…


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