Should I be ashamed if I find Starbucks coffee beans way better than any beans from so called 3rd wave coffee shops?

Should I be ashamed if I find Starbucks coffee beans way better than any beans from so called 3rd wave coffee shops?

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  1. Of course not. Everyone’s tastes are different and many people don’t care for coffee at all. Drink they coffee you enjoy and don’t take any crap about it.

  2. I don’t know what you mean by 3rd wave coffee shops, but if you mean a small, independent coffee shop that roasts and grinds its own coffee, then no you should not be ashamed. The owners of these establishments want you to think that their product is superior, and that Starbuck’s cuts corners and is fooling you into thinking you’re getting a premium product when in fact you’re not, but I think Starbuck’s sells delicious beans. When it comes to buying a Starbuck’s product at one of their shops, they definitely DO cut corners, but as far as their beans go I think they’re great, the selection is big, and you can even get fair-trade beans there. I have a bit of a problem putting more money into the wealthy Starbuck’s execs’ pockets, especially now since the price of beans just went up, but the thing is the independent guys charge around the same, and sometimes more, so screw them. I like Starbuck’s beans and I like the Starbuck’s vibe. So sue me.

  3. It’s called subjective preference. Objectively, Q Graders (licensed professionals to grade coffee) have to tell you the quality, faults, among other stuff. Though that’s not the kind of information directed to consumers usually, it’s pretty safe to say that Starbucks beans do not qualify as specialty coffee.
    Nevertheless, your preference is subjective. When my mentor took the Q Grader course many years ago, in her class there was a student (also female) who specifically loved the aroma of medicine. When you find that aroma in coffee, it’s a fault. However, she really likes that aroma, and she had a vial that has similar smell in her pocket all the time.
    You see how that works? Objectively, experts have to be responsible and detail the quality. But that doesn’t mean they have to like a specific kind of coffee. I’m lucky I learned this when I started out because being snobby in coffee limits your learning.
    Another thing is, third wave shops don’t always mean great. Just like you have good restaurants, you also have bad restaurants despite what they claim they are passionate about. Nowadays I don’t go to third wave shops in my city, as I seriously don’t find their beans awesome. This can due to many reasons,
    First, unlike wine, where the decrease of quality (or potential) stops at storage. Either you have a good wine, or vinegar. With coffee, however, you can have the best beans in the world yet be ruined by the brewer. Many more factors and uncertainties come into play.
    Second, I simply prefer the beans from my mentors (and my roaster). They usually seek estate beans direct trade, basically you can track down all information to specific lot in an estate (where as other beans usually go to region and/or specific farm at most). Estates don’t just randomly do trades. While auction exists, estates that really want to stand out wouldn’t do direct trades with people they don’t trust. They don’t want their beans to be ruined halfway. That damages the reputation. So there’s also the building relationship with estate owners part. I don’t know that much about my local roasters, but they don’t provide same quality of beans as my mentors. I honestly don’t go to third wave shops as often anymore (partly because I’ve checked out many of them already, of course). And unless it’s for dating reason, I would probably stick to my own brew and beans from my mentors.
    Although we have many shops venturing outside the realm of espresso drinks around the world, it’s not a quality guarantee. I’ve seen some shops who seem to care more about coffee to be a “Third Wave Shop”, but the staff wouldn’t know much (or menu/information within the store simply don’t do specialty coffee justice). There are also shops who focus more on roasting and blending, and they do an amazing job at it (But I’m not gonna digress here).
    But as you can see, just like people who are starting to learn about coffee shouldn’t just bash commodity beans like they are worthless, as I have explained here ( Ian Yu’s answer to Why is Starbucks considered bad by coffee purists? Why do people hate/sneer at Starbucks? ), I do suggest not to judge the Third Wave Movement too quickly as well. And though third wave doesn’t automatically mean specialty coffee, specialty coffee is honestly not that widespread in my honest opinion.

  4. Not at all. I feel the same way. The third wave coffee is lightly roasted, and that is what makes it diffetent. They are also big on single orgin espresso. I believe it started from this anti-starbucks movement of over roasting… so they went 180 and made coffee under roasted. In my opinion it is worst. I owned a small coffee shop a few years ago and when checking out other small local shops for ideas, I began noticing this sour syrup they called espresso. Jamming over 21 grams of light roasted coffee for a double shot is horrible and would make an Italian cringe. And the Italians invented espresso, not Seattle. Luckily I found a local European coffee shop and roaster for my coffee shop. Dark but never acidic. Very smooth. Not Starbucks, but definitely not 3rd wave. My roaster roasted on the darker spectrum and from multiple regions. Multiple regions is key for business purposes because of consistancy. See If a particular region has a bad season, you can substitute that portion without noticeably changing your product’s taste.
    In the end, it’s what you like that counts. I know taste is subjective, but I just don’t know how anyone can like the extremely sour notes of these light roasted espresso shots. Espresso should never be light roasted…and a double shot should not be greater than 18 grams. Usually it’s between 14-16 grams.

  5. Should I be ashamed if I find Starbucks coffee beans way better than any beans from so called 3rd wave coffee shops?
    Absolutely not!
    People like what they like. If you like Folgers why would you spend double the amount for other brands?
    Coffee snobs can shove their jaguar-fermented-diamond-cut-specialty-roasted beans in their $500-burr grinder all they want. If you like Starbucks, you like Starbucks.
    Coffee snobs poo-pooing on those who don’t like what they like says more about them as a person than about the coffee.


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