My K-Cup coffee pods say they contain chemicals known to cause cancer. Is this common for coffee or should I throw these out?

My K-Cup coffee pods say they contain chemicals known to cause cancer. Is this common for coffee or should I throw these out?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “do all coffee makers have prop 65 warning

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  1. You probably live in California, which is subject to this ridiculous Proposal 65 law, that requires anything that contains even a smidge of something suspected of causing cancer to be labeled, without regard for dosage or anything else. Coffee contains acrylamide because it is roasted. Doesn’t mean it is carcinogenic. People have determined safe dosages for it and coffee that contains too much can not be sold anyway.
    Enjoy your coffee.

  2. This is likely in reference to the plastic packaging/k-cup that is holding the coffee, not the coffee itself. Plastics, when heated, can leak chemicals or other hazards that can sometimes be carcinogens (cancer causing elements). My reccomendation would be to ditch k-cups altogether and use a different method of brewing that is better for both your body and the environment.

  3. Caffeine is known to cause cancer, just like alcohol and many other things. Don’t exaggerate and enjoy your coffee. And beer.

  4. Your coffee is your friend.
    To give you some good insight as to WHY there is a ridiculous cancer warning sticker on your coffee I will tell you about the grand state of California.
    California has the maybe-good-intentioned nonsense Prop 65 that forces companies to put cancer warnings and birth defect warnings on any products that meet certain criteria. Acrylamide being present in a product requires a Prop 65 warning for cancer because in a lab environment mega doses of acrylamide have been shown to cause cancer. Fun news, if you take toast and put it in your toaster you’ve just created trace amounts of acrylamide; it is a byproduct of the Maillard reaction (pretty much anytime you turn something brown with heat).
    Prop 65 is fun in that if you’re a citizen and you find some products that have anything above a tiny amount of lead in the product (if it came out of the ground, it has lead in it, like a greens drink, or vegan proteins etc) and the product doesn’t have a THIS WILL GIVE YOU CANCER warning on it then you get to sue that company, win easily, and split that money with the attorneys and your non-profit that you represent that you get paid handsomely from. Maybe Prop 65 was good intentioned, but really it has just turned in to a great way for California to leach as much money out of the country as possible.
    Any products that get shipped in to California need to have this warning on their products or get sued. So someone that is selling home made organic vegan quinoa protein in Florida and ships some to a customer that lives in California can get sued for a ridiculous amount of money unless they put a CANCER or BIRTH DEFECTS warning on their vegan protein powder.
    So some manufacturers just put the warning stickers on all the products they make since Prop 65 is constantly adding to what requires a cancer warning and you never know if a distributor might start shipping to California and get you sued. There is NO WINNING against Prop 65; you just lose if you have lead in your product, and since we live post industrial revolution there is trace amounts of lead in everything.
    So McDonalds and Starbucks just lost a big Prop 65 case in California because their coffee cups don’t have cancer warnings on them because there are trace amounts of Acrylamide in coffee. It doesn’t matter that we’ve safely been drinking insanely high quantities of coffee for long enough to matter and that the roasting processes have gotten better and cleaner as we go; in California ALL COFFEE gets a cancer warning. And if you don’t live in California but the coffee you bought has a cancer warning on it know that your coffee manufacturer is probably scared enough of Prop 65 to just throw the warning on everything they make to play it safe in case some of their product winds up in California and some money hungry “NPO” / Hungry law firm extort some easy money from them.
    There is no such things as Acrylamide free coffee that has been roasted. If it’s gone through the Maillard reaction and is now dark brown, there are trace amounts of Acrylamide which is perfectly fine; we handle trace amounts of pretty much everything quite well and in a lot of cases trace amounts of something lethal makes us stronger 😀
    Speaking of coffee, time to go brew another pot. Bring on the #1 source of broad spectrum antioxidants by volume in the human diet! Cheers


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