Is there any way to tell just by looking at a pregnant woman whether she will have a boy or a girl?

Is there any way to tell just by looking at a pregnant woman whether she will have a boy or a girl?

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  1. I gained a lot with my daughter (50lbs) and craved sweets and spices. I carried very, very low and wide. People said I looked like I was due to have the baby (every, freakin day for 3 months). I broke out a lot… and didn’t look all that great. I had a lot of emotions as well. The baby was very energetic and light feeling in my belly. She ended up being skinny and long.
    I gained mayyyybe 20lbs with my son and craved milk, meat and crunchy veggies. I also had a severe aversion to coffee (which I love normally). I carried high, and very round. I had no acne, and looked fantastic. I felt fantastic emotionally too. The baby felt heavy and well balanced. He never moved much in my belly. He was short and fat at birth. He’s still stocky now LOL.
    My sister in law has 5 girls. She said every pregnancy has been exactly the same. No changes.

  2. The short answer is no. There are plenty of anecdotes about everything from the shape of the pregnant belly to the cravings mom is having, but there isn’t any good evidence that these things really indicate baby’s sex.
    The only factor that was suggested to me by an OB/GYN as possibly linked is the “direction” in which mom’s skin changes (In terms of acne) during the pregnancy. This doctor had casually observed that moms who were expecting boys tended to have “worse” skin during th…

  3. Here is my answer copied and pasted from an identical question I just answered 15 seconds ago: There are none. I know many people say there are but there aren’t. These ideas develop when something happens completely by chance then a baby is born and people think there is a connection between the event and the baby’s sex but there isn’t. Then every time the first thing happens there is a 50/50 chance that the baby will be the same sex people expect and they notice when they are right but their brain rejects the times that the baby is the opposite sex. They think the first event indicates the sex but if you were to record every time the event happens and the baby’s sex you would find that it is actually close to the law of averages and the connection is all in their mind. The only ways to know are by ultrasound or by genetic testing

  4. This is no scientific answer; this is based solely on anecdotes I’ve heard from at least four women who have both boys and girls, as well as 3 women who have observed pregnant women who are carrying either boys or girls.
    All of the women I talked with said that boys are “kind” to your looks while you are pregnant. You have more of a “glow” and even skin. With girls, they said that they had a tendency to have pregnancy skin issues, like discoloration and scaly, dry skin.
    The women I spoke to with both a boy and a girl said that they looked great during the boy pregnancies and like hell during the girl ones. The ones who just had friends that had either a boy/girl pregnancy often said to me, “Thank God you are having a boy — having girls makes you look so rough!”
    I think if someone really studied this there would be correlation — in my limited knowledge, it makes sense that the hormones in your body would be different for a boy or girl and affect the skin. If anyone knows of any studies that have already been done, I’d love to read about them.

  5. No. As noted in the other answers, there are many ‘old wives tales’ that people used before the advent of ultrasounds & genetic testing, and since there are (mostly) only 2 sexes, these methods were correct at least 50% of the time.

  6. Yes, there are a number of ways to predict (to an extent) gender of the baby during pregnancy. Here are a few predicatable myths to determine gender of a baby during pregancy (Reference:
    1. Heart Rate
    2. Shape Of Your Belly
    3. Ring Test
    4. No Pregnancy ‘Glow’
    5. Morning Sickness
    6. You’re Moodier
    7. Sleeping On Your Left Or Right
    8. Hair Loss
    9. Headaches
    10. Your Diet
    For detailed information on the above please refer to: Top 10 Baby Gender Myths During Pregnancy – e-healthbase .

  7. My mother would say “Pointy in the front is a boy, wide in the hips is a girl”. It worked for me, but it’s still just an old wives’ tale.
    Ultrasounds can predict, but what might be interpreted as male genitalia can also be a loop of the cord, and a female’s genitals can be edematous (swollen). Heartbeat is said to be another predictor- over 140 is a girl, under a boy; other than the fact there’s no evidence this works, few OBs are going to sit and count that heartbeat a few times in a row to get a good reading.
    Gotta go with the needle and fetal blood to be 100% sure.

  8. No, short of an ultrasound or determining the sex chromosomes in fetal DNA found in the mother’s blood.
    The usual myth that having a belly pointing forward means a boy and the belly broadening to the side means a girl is just that, a myth. Since the chances of having a boy or a girl is roughly 50 -50 you will always meet people where the “prediction” came true: 50% a priori chance!

  9. When I was pregnant almost everyone I came into contact with thought I was having a boy, even though the gynae confirmed I was having a girl. Sure enough I delivered a baby girl. Many people believe there are certain telltale signs of gender but that is completely untrue. You can’t say by how low the lady is carrying, whether shes extremely nauseous or not, etc.

    Eight O’Clock

  10. I had 3 daughters first and my fourth baby was my precious son. I found out at my 20 week scan he was a boy and I was so excited. I was sure it was going to be another girl because my pregnancy had been so similarly uneventful as all 3 previous ones.
    The only thing that seemed different was towards the end,…

  11. People say that there are but actually there is nothing like that it’s just a coincidence some times when any symptoms matches with any old wife’s tales.
    Simply enjoy pregnancy it’s a beautiful time and your whole world is going to change soon . I truly cannot explain in words ..


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