Is staining concrete with coffee grounds a good idea?

Is staining concrete with coffee grounds a good idea?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to remove coffee stains from concrete

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  1. 8 years ago I went to the garden store and got liquid iron and stained my floor and it’s still there.I didn’t prep the floor as I was going to put an area rug over most of it.I used a runner on the part of the floor the rug didn’t cover.
    But some prep like filling in holes and sanding glues off would help.
    It cost me $8.00 to stain 600 s.f.with 3 coats.

  2. No, it is a very bad idea to use as a a staining agent for concrete surfaces.
    No matter how you strain the ground coffee grains (separating the water from the grains), you will still have a powder-like residue after the separation process is completed.
    This powder-like coffee residue will occupy space when mixed in concrete, and when the concrete reached its curing period, the space occupied by it will become a “concrete honey comb” under the surface of the concrete.
    The presence of honey comb in concrete is known to reduce the strength of concrete and will cause the concrete to spall (to break into smaller pieces) especially during the expansion and contraction of concrete when temperature changes drastically.
    In addition, coffee residue has zero strength to resist tension or compression stresses.

  3. Your question is too vague. You should at least specify:
    What would be the purpose of “staining” concrete? Give it a hue?
    Where would that concrete be employed? Structural? Decorative?
    There are about half a dozen portland cements used to manufacture concrete, all with varying proportion of tricalcium silicate vs. bicalcium, some of them, called pozzolanic, that neutralize the excess calcium hidrates that forms in the curing process.
    Without at least this basic information is impossible to evaluate your proposal.

  4. It’s funny you should ask this. A friend of mine told me just yesterday they stained some mortar and brick with coffee. It looked fantastic! However, after it rained, it washed away.
    This is probably not the best idea for a permanent solution.


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