Is Peet’s coffee better than Starbucks’?

Is Peet’s coffee better than Starbucks’?

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  1. Short answer: YES.
    Longer answer: Almost ALL coffee other than Starbucks tastes better than Starbucks, and usually costs less.

  2. Peets is better, in fact it used to be much better than it is now! When I discovered Peets, back in the 70s, they didn’t serve coffee, they only sold roasted beans. But they had a big coffeepot there and if you bought a pound they’d serve you a cup. That coffee was the strongest coffee I’ve ever had! You could use it to remove paint! If I drank 8 oz. of that stuff, I felt like I might never sleep again!
    (And coffee experts know the difference between GOOD coffee and CRAPPY coffee is that you can make good coffee stronger and it doesn’t get brackish. So I guessed they were just showing off. 8^) ).
    Coffee-lovers know that when you roast coffee really dark, French Roast or darker, it loses its varietal character. It gets what’s called ‘roast character’, meaning you can no longer tell what kind of coffee it was. This is why ‘French Roast’ is always just ‘French roast’, not ‘Kenya French Roast’ or ‘Guatemala French Roast’. (It’s also why French Roast is usually made from the cheapest beans the roaster could find! Likewise espresso, which is always very dark-roasted in the US, for some reason. Have you ever seen Sumatra Espresso or Burundi Espresso? No! It’s always just ‘espresso’.)
    But though Peets roasted very dark, you could still taste the character of the coffee! It wasn’t -called- French Roast, it was called Kenya or Ethiopia or whatever. I’ve never seen another coffee company that did that!
    I was learning to roast my own coffee at this time, taught by a friend from Ethiopia. He told me nobody in Ethiopia buys pre-roasted coffee! I roasted my coffee dark like Peets but it never tasted nearly as good. I don’t know how they did it.
    But after that, Peets bowed to market pressure. They started roasting lighter because that’s what their market wanted. They had to compete with Starbucks. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area (where Peets began), wherever you see a Peets, there’s a Starbuck’s across the street or on the same block, sometimes even next door! (Very often when I use my laptop at a Peet’s I find it’s automatically connected to the WiFi of the Starbucks across the street!)
    Strangely (or maybe not) after Peets lightened up its roast, and people began calling Starbucks ‘Charbux’, because people thought THEIR coffee was roasted too dark! Starbucks came out with Pikes Place Roast (lighter) and now has a BLONDE Roast. Peets has also gone lighter, I think. But it’s still better, IMO.

  3. Peet’s Coffee and their Mighty Leaf tea are far superior to anything Starbucks has on offer. Their baristas are better trained and far more knowledgeable

  4. I have never had Peet’s coffee. I have heard it spoken of well.
    I have tasted Starbucks. I do not drink a double whipped frappuwossname with extra tuna. Or cinnamon. I just drink coffee.
    The last time I had Starbucks coffee at an event in Barnes & Noble. I found it totally undrinkable. The barista replaced it for me. It was the same. Harsh, sour, rancid, I’m not an expert on coffee but I do know good coffee. He offered me a refund. I was so disgusted I didn’t want anything to do with anything associated with that coffee.
    No, I don’t think Peet’s coffee could be worse.

  5. I’ve only had Pete’s coffee via online or from the grocery store, but I have I so I greatly prefer it to Starbucks’, even drinks freshly brewed in their shops. It has more character and flavor than anything I’ve had from Starbucks. Major Dickason’s Blend, Big Bang, and Cafe Domingo are favorites.

    Is Peet’s coffee better than Starbucks’?

    Eight O’Clock

  6. Peet’s coffee is generally stronger than Starbucks, and their lattes/espresso drinks are MUCH better on average than Starbucks (and they make much better foam).Peet’s also has excellent mochas and a more relaxing atmosphere. … It is definitely stronger than Starbucks, which may not be for everyone.

  7. Everyone has an opinion, and this is from someone who literally goes to Starbucks every. Single. Day.
    Pete’s is far superior. Their coffee is better. Their bakery item are much better.
    So, I know you are scratching your head… why do I not go there?
    The reasons are thusly:
    The only “Pete’s” we have is in our grocery store, which is pathetic. It’s not a full Pete’s. It’s a niche that serves Pete’s coffee and has a limited selected of bakery items. It’s not private like a coffee shop, it’s out in the open and much louder. The average age of the people sitting there is 105, and they never leave and they act like they own the darn location.
    The nearest regular location is about 16 miles away. It’s a lot to do that every morning. It’s also not as spacious as Starbucks tbh. It seems to be designed more for buy and get out. You can stay, but please don’t stay long. Not many tabl…

  8. If you mean Peet’s Coffee, I think many people would say that it is better than Starbuck’s. Starbuck’s coffee has a terrible, burnt taste. It’s a coffee that I cannot stand to drink.
    Peet’s taste like good coffee, no funny flavor, no burnt taste. Most people would enjoy it. It’s high quality coffee.

  9. I’ve bought Peet’s and brewed my own. When I’m in town I’ll get a Starbuck’s at one of their stores. I like them both. I like McDonalds too!

  10. I think so, yes. They still use traditional machines, big ass batch brewers and their coffee, while roasted dark, is richer with more complexity. My understanding is that Pete’s taught Starbucks how to do a full city roast in the first place, a reason why San Francisco was one of the last markets Starbucks entered.

  11. I find it to be markedly better, but it is not my favorite. Groundwork and Commissary Coffee (the Los Angeles cafe, not the military) is better. I don’t even go to Starbucks anymore, except to pee or poop

    Victor Allen’s

  12. First off, what’s coffe?
    If you are asking about “coffee” there are no absolutes, just what suits your palate. I would certainly explore the offerings at Pete’s if I were you. They tend to roast a bit more to my taste.

  13. Hi Vikas,
    Please keep in mind this answer is simply my opinion. Having said that, the short answer is No. They are essentially in the same category of super market, commodity grade coffee.
    I hope that helps.

  14. My understanding is that since the brand was sold that it is no better than Starbucks. Try Ohori’s Coffee, although Ms. Ohori is no longer involved in the running of the business it is my understanding that they still adhere to Peet’s esthetic in coffee roasting. As I said in an earlier post, if you do not like your coffee dark, don’t bother trying Ohori’s coffee.


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