Is opening a cafe a good option without taking franchise?

Is opening a cafe a good option without taking franchise?

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  1. Yes, opening a cafe without taking any franchise is also a good option. These days cafes have become extremely popular.
    Youngsters and kids love to go there to spend some quality time and have fun with their lovers or friends.
    So, the popularity of cafes know no limits. If you don’t believe, just go to some famous spots like Satya Niketan, GTB Nagar, G.K., Cannaught Place, etc in Delhi.
    You will find innumerable options for cafes.
    The footfall in these cafes is quite good, no matter if they are a franchise of any famous brand or not.
    So, opening a cafe can be extremely good for you in terms of economical gains.
    Just, remember to keep the management well because competition is high in the food and restaurant industry.

  2. It depends on which city you’re planning to open the cafe. In a city like SFO or Melbourne where people know their coffee, you’re better off opening one on your own. In a city like New Delhi or Pune, where the herd mentality applies, everyone who’s not a Starbucks as of today is seeing a red line on their margins.
    Of course, with a franchise comes lesser freedom to take your own course. You’re as good as a manager of a store but with shares in the profit.

  3. Hello,
    If you are thinking to open a cafe without taking franchise, I think This is not Best way to grow rapidly in food business industry, because it will take a long time to establish your self.
    Some Important factor like
    1. Advertising
    2. Marketing
    3. Brand Promotion
    4. Cost
    5. Time
    If you are taking franchise this is all done by Franchiser not by you.

  4. I think opening a cafe without taking a franchise is a great idea.
    With a brand, there are lots of limitations including:
    1) Can’t innovate/experiment with the coffee, flavour, food, etc.
    2) The ambience is standard and nothing is exciting about it
    3) You can’t add a mini-library, the music has to be standard.

    Overall, the cafe would be nice, standard and will get customers because of the brand.
    But there will be no recall value of your particular store and in case competition rises, there won’t be a lot that you will be able to do to get back your customers.
    Most of my favourite cafes are without a brand and they typically have a strong recall value and very loyal customers.


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