Is nitrogen safe to drink?

Is nitrogen safe to drink?

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  1. Nitrogen could only be drunk while it is liquid. It is, therefore, supercooled, and would be very dangerous indeed to ingest. It would freeze any part of your internal structure with which it makes contact, and would expand hugely into gas inside your stomach, causing potential rupture and other mechanical damage. Damage and death are both likely.
    Nitrogen is inert and is not at all poisonous, but it is not safe to drink.
    Some bars have sold cocktails containing a small amount of liquid nitrogen to make them smoke impressively. Do not drink until ALL that smoke has gone. The nitrogen needs to evaporate. As far as I’m concerned, bars should not sell these. People who are already drunk may not be capable of utilising sufficient judgement to avoid the danger.

  2. I “drank” liquid nitrogen once, in 1977 in Chemistry Lab at MIT. I had seen it done on TV, years before. I say “drank”, because if any liquid had entered my esophagus, it would have instantly flashed into gas, preventing any more from entering. I figured actual contact time was one-tenth of a second.

  3. NO.
    People have died from drinking Nitro cocktails – the ones that have liquid Nitrogen put in them to make them ‘interesting and exciting’.
    A recent case
    Liquid nitrogen cocktail: Lancaster’s Oscar’s Wine Bar fined £100k – BBC News
    What Are the Dangers of Drinking Liquid Nitrogen? (

  4. Liquid nitrogen is so cold that if you have skin contact it freezes your skin and flesh in a flash, resulting in very serious injuries that can require treatment up to and including amputation of the affected body part.
    But you won’t ever drink more than a small sip even by accident. It would freeze your mouth parts and throat so that you couldn’t swallow more than the first few drops.


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