Is lungo a short word for an espresso double shot?

Is lungo a short word for an espresso double shot?

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  1. No. The short word for a double shot is doppio, which is the Italian word for double.
    A lungo gets a longer extraction time, lungo is the Italian word for long. The barista just waits longer to shut off the machine so there is more (about double the amount) water running through the coffee and more liquid ends up in the cup. It’s a slightly more bitter but less intense brew than an espresso.
    On the other end there’s the ristretto (reduced), where less water runs through the machine. It has an even more intense taste.
    All three of them (normal espresso, lungo, ristretto) use the same amount of coffee, though for ristretto you might want to adjust how fine you grind it.
    If you want more liquid but the same taste as a normal espresso a doppio is what you want. Larger portafilter, double the amount of ground coffee, same extraction time, two cups next to each other.

  2. A lungo is the Italian version of an Americano. So a lungo is an espresso with a longer extraction time; which results in more water, but also more bitter tones and more cafeïne extracted from the coffee.
    An americano was originated in WW2, when the American soldiers preferred to poor an extra amount of water in an espresso. Resulting in a smooth taste like an espresso, however less strong and less cafeïne.
    Filter coffee has the longest extraction, resulting in the most cafeïne in one cup of coffee.
    An espresso, and even a double espresso (two espresso in one cup) has only a short time extraction with water, so less cafeïne from the coffee comes in the cup.

  3. In Italy Lungo, (Long in english) is just a coffee where more water is flushed in the coffee , resulting in a lightly less dark and bitter and almost the double of size of a normal espresso
    it is the opposite of Ristretto o corto (smaller, short), where the water is less as the size of the beverage.
    Another Espresso kind is Doppio (double), where two espressos are served in the same cup. Caffeine bomb.


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