Is Kopi Luwak coffee worth the price?

Is Kopi Luwak coffee worth the price?

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  1. Yes, Luwak is expensive as the operation cost of Luwak is expensive too.
    Most Luwak is caged (it is almost like Cows or Sheeps,… Please be open minded).
    I could assure you that wild Luwak is far more expensive as the luwak production might be gone in the forest and they most likely to only chew/eat coffee beans as extra/it is like snack (2%-5%).
    It is totally wrong if you said: the coffee is not special (what ever on the hand).
    The coffee is most likely specialty if you bought an Arabica Luwak.
    The coffee must be red, ripped, good taste and it is a specialty too. Please do come to their farm/cage.
    Let’s say you have Luwak coffee from Sumatra then it is (I am sure enough) that it is a Gayo Coffee, Linthong Coffee Mandhelling Coffee.
    If you have Luwak Arabica from Bandung or near that area it is most likely Java Arabica, Preanger or Garut Arabica. It should be specialty.
    There is also Robusta Luwak but I think the taste is not as good as Arabica.
    Most (I can say that all) of Arabica Farmer in Indonesia is only having Specialty Coffee tree
    that is why the coffee of Arabica in Indonesia is most likely for foreigner is a specialty.
    By the way, the cost of running arabica coffee farm is also bery expensive (labor cost, organic fertilizer, delivery/transportation from hilly mountain to pool/drying area are quite costly).
    The other reasons: Best taste ever for coffee (different to hacienda – more like tea).
    The taste must be: full body smooth coffee taste, very good for stomach, strong chocolate note, light sweet and probably no acid note.
    I tried many Sumatra Luwak and Java Luwak and they are similar.
    If you have a Luwak and the taste is different to what I describe then you should be very curios about what is it.
    I read some cupping result with bad impression/bad cupping results for Luwak, I dint know what they just had. At least, it should be choco sweet, strong or mild caramel note and less acid.
    Another thing:
    You push Luwak to eat only coffee then they will die within next week.
    Luwak farmer should give milk, egg and meat (especially snake meat) for their Luwak, Luwak likes fruits too. Luwak has to get many foods (not only cooffee), so it is expensive.
    They can beat snake easily but they are very very very fragile under caging (you really have to understand them more better than to horses, it seems to be that way). Farmers usually very close to their Luwak as they treat Luwak very good.
    I do really appreciate the Luwak farmer as the campaign is very very bad and they are getting better and the request is actually even more now.
    I dont have Luwak. I respect the farmers and its coffee production.
    I love coffee and I love Luwak Coffee. I found Luwak Coffee is probably the best coffee ever.

  2. It used to be. The theory is that in the wild, the civet cat knows how to find the best tasting, highest quality coffee beans and would only eat those. Then through the natural process of digestion, the beans would ferment and result in great tasting coffee. So originally, people would find the beans after they’ve gone through this process out in the wild and then process them, resulting in extremely high quality coffee.
    Nowadays, the cats are kept in small confined cages and fed whatever beans are at hand. These are often not necessarily the highest quality ones, so the resulting coffee isn’t as good. If somehow you can make sure the beans fed to the cats are only high quality, you’ll get great coffee, but it is hard to check on this nowadays, especially with anything that might be exported.
    (If you get grossed out by how it’s made, then it’s definitely not for you no matter what, but then again, much of the way modern foods are processed is a bit gross.)

  3. I can never imagine myself tasting Luwak coffee not even for a blank check :P.
    First of all I hate the concept oif keeping animal or anyone for that matter in confined area and to top it not eating anything but those berries….it’s inhumane according to me.

  4. Nope.
    First is it even worth ANY price, and the answer is no.

    Only poor-average beans are exposed to the civets. (Why would you let animals at your carefully cultivated, high quality and high priced coffee trees??)
    It’s frequently sold roasted, which usually means stale (as it’s usually not roast dated). And when roasted it’s done unprofessionally because the roasters don’t care, the value is in the luwak process.
    It’s frequently sold ground which is always stale.

    Second, it’s definitely not worth the massively inflated price. I personally take the very fact that a place as selling it as a strong indication that they rely on gimmicks and not fundamental quality.
    Finally I’ve never heard of a proven justification for why coffee that a civet excretes would be any good and can think of a few reasons why not (e.g. you’d always have to fully wash the bean which takes a lot of colour and brightness out of the flavour profile… no way you can do natural process on a coffee that a civet has just excreted, because… gross).

  5. I almost agree with Felipe’s answer.
    I’ve tried it just once, and the taste was so unique and impressive. It is very hard to define ‘worth the price’ on coffee, but if you’re a coffee lover, it’d be worth trying tasting it.

  6. The high price is only because of the extensive time and effort involved with producing kopi luwak (only the wild kopi luwak). There is a lot of manual labor involved in finding the beans on the forest floor that is pooped out by the luwak cat since it is rare.
    The coffee beans are roasted at very high temperatures that kill all the bacteria in the beans, so I’d definitely try it. But kopi luwak is no longer the most expensive coffee, it is elephant poop coffee:


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