Is Jaipur maac institute good for advfx?

Is Jaipur maac institute good for advfx?

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  1. A big noooooo……. Save some time and a lot of money by not going for any of these institute.
    I was a student of maac, everything is bad about them, but there is one thing they are highly focused and dedicated to….. MONEY.
    They will just sell you there overpriced courses…. For ex. There 3D course fees is 1 lakh, but I found udemy’s rs400 course way better than that “lakho ka course”.
    If you are looking for a degree just get a non-colligiate degree from any field…. And do some online courses and just improve your skills, you will be at way better place then maac’s 10k/— Penny job.
    So, in the end if you are thinking that i am just q angry exceptional case, not everyone will be cheated like i did. But……. Brother I thought the some, and here I am losted lakhs of rupees build my career on my own and standing here to guide you guys to be only successful not be cheated.
    Thanks, please upvote so more potential paying pockets become potential talent.


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