Is it unhealthy to drink alcohol right after drinking coffee?

Is it unhealthy to drink alcohol right after drinking coffee?

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  1. After having a full meal, a strong cup of coffee – espresso or Turkish brewed – followed by a pousse-café, such as the French apple brandy Calvados, is the civilized way to go. Some Italians like to finalize their meals with a “caffè corretto”, which is espresso coffee spiked with a shot of grappa.
    I hope the questioner didn’t have in mind drinking several shots of hard liquor . It is always unhealthy, and a bad idea, with or without the coffee.

  2. Yes it is, if done repeatedly!
    1) Different ingredients and substances irritate the stomach lining.
    2)Both are diuretics so dehydration is possible.
    3) Both interfere with sleep.
    4)Vomit is a possibility after getting drunk and drowning in one’s own vomit is also a possibility if one passes out drunk, lying on the back.

  3. Yes. Can be lethal, but you see so many people do it. And the there’s Irish coffee. And tasty kaluha. Must be okay right?
    Well alcohol is a depressant.
    And coffee the opposite. Your body is playing tug of war. And tuv of war doesn’t usually end in a tie so …
    Your body is the loser?

  4. What? Put the alcohol IN the coffee and quit messing around.
    Coffee and alcohol are often combined for flavor and function. Some see the caffeine kick as a method to stay energized, while others view a coffee cocktail as a way to avoid drowsiness while they drink. Whatever your philosophy, one thing is for sure: you’ll probably prefer the flavor of these to the taste of most energy drink cocktails. 8 Easy Coffee Cocktails with a Kick

    Victor Allen’s

  5. More so than the unhealthiness of drinking either in the first place? No.
    There is no unhealthy synergy between coffee and alcohol. You do not absorb one faster because of the other. And you do not detox faster from one because of the other.


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