Is it unhealthy to add sugar to your coffee?

Is it unhealthy to add sugar to your coffee?

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  1. Not not at all if you only add 2 tsp of sugar to your coffee once or twice a week. If you are dumping a bag of sugar in your coffee then it is a different story.
    1 tsp sugar is only 15 calories so just count them as part of your daily carb calories then you will be fine. You can also just use stevia if you would like to avoid sugar. Artificial sweeteners are very safe to use and very good for people who are sensitive to insulin and sugars. Hopefully this helps and for additional info on overall health and nutrition:
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  2. Sugar is sugar. It will spike your blood sugar and without fiber it will cause your blood sugar to crash. Sugar feeds a bacteria in your body called Candida albicans which can cause brain fog, inflammation, weight gain and many other issues. Sugar is best consumed in a fruit or source such as raw honey but still needs to be in moderation at all times. Sugar can feed cancer.
    Fruit is a better option because…

  3. No not at all. I don’t think so that adding sugar to your coffee will make it unhealthy. Sugar increases the taste of coffee a lot more and make it a lot more delicious to eat. I prefer to drink coffee with milk and sugar. I think it will make the best taste for you. But if you are a a Diabetes patient then you might have the different scenario.

  4. Is it unhealthy to add sugar to your coffee? If you do this ritual every single day would it be unhealthy?
    If you are a diabetic with poor blood sugar control, probably.
    If you are adding a tablespoon or more to every cup, probably.
    If you add one teaspoon per cup and limit your intake to two cups per day and you don’t have diabetes, probably not.
    Context matters.

  5. Adding sugar to anything is always an unhealthy option. We are all human though and sometime we crave something sweet.
    I managed to cut sugar out of my coffee by adding a little honey.

  6. In moderation yes, but I prefer to add real honey or real Natural Maple syrup. Would be much more healthier than manufactured fake sugar. But either one you use, you should not use more than you need.

  7. As Willie Murphy states in his answer , no it is not inherently unhealthy.
    If you put huge amounts of sugar in your coffee, then yes, it will be unhealthy.
    (bonus stoty: when I worked as a barista, we had one regular, who proudly told me that she had cut down on the sugar in her latte: from 16 spoon fulls til a mere 11….)

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