Is it true that coffee beans can be used as air freshener for cars?

Is it true that coffee beans can be used as air freshener for cars?

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  1. Coffee have many benefits & making it an air freshener is one among those. You can simply place a cup full of whole coffee beans in your car or house. The scent won’t be as strong, but as people walk by or open and close doors, you will get sudden, short bursts of coffee scents floating around.

    Is it true that coffee beans can be used as air freshener for cars?

  2. When we consider that most products sold as air fresheners don’t really freshen the air, they are just scents that mask an unpleasant smell, or improve stale air, then it makes sense that the pleasant smell of coffee beans could be preferable to stale air, or no scent.
    Just yesterday we had a customer report that her car smells good (because she just bought some beans from us a few hours earlier, and they were still in her car) and though she didn’t intend it to be an air freshener or enhancer, it had that happy consequence.
    Everyone has their own peference when it comes to what scents they find pleasing. I used to get my car hand-washed and dried regularly when I lived in southern California, and they concluded the job by introducing a specific vanilla scent, a nice finishing touch. I liked it so much (had happy associations with it, new car, fun job, sunny southern California climate) I bought some, and continued to use it in my car occasionally, long after I left California, to evoke good memories.
    If it was lavender, or any other scent, it wouldn’t have the same happy associations.
    People who like coffee naturally have positive, uplifting associations with the smell of roasted coffee beans.
    Only down side: the fresh-roasted smell is short lived. Within a couple weeks, the coffee beans would have decreasing scent, then no detectable scent. Using coffee beans as an air freshener, in order to remain effective, would involve renewing the coffee beans regularly, at least once or twice a month. Fresh-roasted coffee beans smell good. Stale coffee beans don’t.
    Bonus tip : A good use for stale coffee beans is to put them in a glass, or mug, or can, on your desk, to use as a pen & pencil holder.
    I saw this once next to the cash register at a coffee shop (customers need pens to sign things) and the pens were neatly collected, remaining vertical, embedded in a nest of coffee beans in a container. I started doing this on my desk at home.

  3. It’s called potpourri. Freshly roasted coffee beans in the car smell wonderful!
    Any thing that you like to smell can be used. Much of it will actually absorb other odors.
    If you want to make your car smell better and actually have cleaner air, use charcoal. I buy a bag of charcoal briquettes and leave it open in my RV when I’m not camping. It keeps the odors from getting nasty.


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