Is it true that apples are more powerful than caffeine at keeping you awake?

Is it true that apples are more powerful than caffeine at keeping you awake?

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  1. I have never heard this claim and know of no reason why it would be true.
    Eating anything just before going to bed can make it harder to go to sleep (the body gets busy digesting), but I don’t know of anything in apples that would make it particularly so and certainly not have more of an effect than caffeine.
    If anything, the potassium and vitamin B6 in an apple might help you to sleep, though I’ve not seen any such studies on apples themselves.

  2. If I hit you hard enough with an apple, it would keep you awake.
    All jokes aside, there are many things about apples that can help keep you awake when you eat them.
    First of all, getting your digestive system going and eating anything (even stuff that isn’t so good for you) can keep you a little more awake for a brief period of time. But apples have glucose (sugar), which will give you energy in the short term. I can’t imagine the amount of glucose in an apple will keep you up for long, but this is what makes them work.
    However, apples are not the only foods that can do this, because they’re not the only foods with glucose. You could eat a banana, an orange, or grapes, and probably get the same effect as eating an apple.
    Fruit and sugar as a method to stay awake is certainly healthier than the caffeine in coffee, though it’s probably not as effective. There are many negative consequences to using caffeine including:
    Addiction and dependency
    Worsened anxiety (my personal reason for avoiding it)
    Increased blood pressure
    More frequent need for a bathroom break (caffeine is a diuretic)
    If it’s the only thing that keeps you from passing out at work, I suppose it’s not going to kill you right away to keep drinking coffee, but eating fruit is certainly a better alternative, if you can make it work. Just keep in mind that caffeine can lead to withdrawal symptoms if you decide to cut yourself off from it, which might lead to some serious fatigue no matter what you do, just until your body adjusts to life without it.
    I did research on this just because I wanted to make that joke.. hopefully the answer is worth the terrible opening.

  3. Apples contain no caffeine but instead have about 13 grams of natural sugar. These sugars provoke a similar response to caffeine because vitamins from the apple are released slowly throughout the body, making you feel more awake .
    So despite the high sugar levels, eating an apple is a much healthier alternative to drinking coffee . The sugars are also one of the main reasons apples have similar effects to caffeine . Vitamins from apples , specifically the skin, are released slowly throughout the body, making you feel more awake.
    As you know, our normal day starts with tea or coffee. Even when we are tired or feel sleepy, we drink tea or coffee. Today, both of them are treated as refreshments as they help to keep us awake. Have you wondered how exactly caffeine that is found in coffee keeps us awake? How caffeine does affects the body?
    In this video, you will come to know how drinking caffeine affects our body and keeps us awake.

  4. Apples make you full and take time to digest and I don’t think of any component in Apple which will keep you awake. It can be used to make you feel full

  5. That I do not know. However, Apple contains water, whereas caffeine is a stimulate and dehydrates the body. Having an apple helps to keep your body healthy and fight bugs. Whereas caffeine is addictive, the more you have, the more you want so your body gets dehydrated which means your brain is not functioning the best that it can.
    As for keeping you awake, I feel better from eating an apple each day yet I never drink anything containing caffeine because I know about the side effects it has on my body.
    Yes, caffeine does keep you awake yet it’s the side effects that I am aware of and concerned about so I stay away from caffeine altogether.


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