Is it safe to put preworkout in coffee?

Is it safe to put preworkout in coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how long after taking pre-workout can you safely drink coffee

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  1. Is it safe to put preworkout in coffee?

    It is probably safe to put a pre-workout into your coffee. Just bear in mind that many contain a large dose of caffeine so you may be more than doubling what is already in your mug.
    Also, I’ve only come across one or two pre-workouts that claim to be unflavored. If you enjoy the taste of your regular coffee, com…

  2. Depends if you think consuming large amounts of caffeine is safe. Some pre workouts have 200–300 mg of caffeine, and then you want to add it to coffee with more caffeine? Caffeine sucks, its a drug, it ages you, wrinkles your skin, makes you fat, and reduces muscle mass. All through the increase of cortisol.

  3. It depends on the preworkout. You’d need to check the specific ingredients to see what they’ve included. If you don’t go over their recommended dosage you are probably going to be ok unless you are very sensitive to caffeine.
    A high estimate for a cup of coffee is around 100mg caffeine. Espresso coffee would be less unless it is double shot.
    If I look up the preworkout from a popular gym brand here in Australia, they have 150mg of caffeine per scoop. So one scoop would be the same as a strong cup of coffee.
    According to the Mayo clinic reference up to 400mg is ok for most adults, so for that particular preworkout, you could have 2-3 scoops a day.
    You’d need to check how much caffeine is in your particular supplement as well as any other active ingredients they’ve included.
    How much caffeine is in your cup?
    How Much Caffeine in a Cup of Coffee? A Detailed Guide

  4. Some people do this! Some pre-workouts out there only have caffeine and vitamins, so it’s safe to take in the morning to wake you up. Most energy drinks out now were once a pre workout before! Good Luck!

  5. I personally wouldn’t because of all the chemical additives and if you are just using it to wake up you can probably build a quicker tolerance to preworkout than coffee where you don’t feel anything or you feel even more fatigued than if you had none.


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