Is it safe to drink a cup of coffee with vyvanse, a prescribed adhd/add drug? Any thoughts?

Is it safe to drink a cup of coffee with vyvanse, a prescribed adhd/add drug? Any thoughts?

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  1. I have a prescription for Vyvance, and do it every morning with breakfast, which includes coffee. I have never given any consideration to using it with coffee. If you are concerned, ask your doctor.

  2. It may make you feel over stimulated, as coffee (a stimulant) plus ADHD medication (a stimulant) is a lot of stimulation.
    Chances are, the prescribed amount of stimulants you are taking is the right amount for you to function properly, without the ADHD symptoms affecting you.
    Prior to starting medication for ADHD, you might have been dependant on the caffeine in coffee to give you that stimulant boost your brain is lacking.
    Now that you are on the medication, there is no need to drink the coffee.
    Being overstimulated, can cause your ADHD symptoms to return.
    Irritability, moodiness, racing heartbeat, arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), and even a heart attack or stroke if you…

  3. This is a medical question. As such, the only people who are qualified to answer it are trained medical professionals. I recommend you ask either:
    The doctor who prescribed you the medication, OR
    The pharmacist who filled out your prescription.
    Your doctor, of course, should only be prescribing drugs that they have researched enough to be able to answer your question — or at least know where to look to find the official answer.
    Your pharmacist’s whole job is to know about the medications they dispense — that’s why they go to school for so long. And just like your doctor, if they don’t know the answer, they do know where to look to get the official answer.
    Anyone else who isn’t specifically trained in this kind of medicine, including people who are actively engaged in taking vyvanse and drinking coffee, can only offer their own opinion or personal experience.
    Ask the experts: not only are they specifically trained to answer such a question, they are also legally bound to provide you with the correct answer to the best of their ability.

  4. I have ADHD.
    For nearly three years I took presribed methylphenidate for my ADHD. Through this period, I also safely drunk coffee. I didn’t experience any problems.

  5. Is it safe to drink a cup of coffee with Vyvanse?
    That depends.
    Are you taken a carefully chosen dosage of Vyvanse?
    That is, were you started on a low dose, increased the dose slowly over time and all the while using rating scales to track symptoms and side effects?
    Did your treating physicians assess for the full range of symptoms? Because most adults with ADHD have a second condition.
    Have you checked your blood pressure while the Vyvanse is reaching peak release?
    In short, this question is impossible to answer without knowing all the details.
    In general, though, people with ADHD who are taking stimulants are advised to avoid caffeine. It can exacerbate the stimulant’s effect, and often not in a good way.

  6. The only time you should back off and maybe switch to decaf is if the coffee, or whatever caffeinated beverage you’re drinking is causing your blood pressure to rise or creating agitation along with your medicine.
    Otherwise, caffeine is probably the gateway drug of choice for us ADDers


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