Is it rude to do homework at a restaurant?

Is it rude to do homework at a restaurant?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “coffee shops to do homework

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  1. When I was a working mother AND taking courses, I would often go to a restaurant to do homework. Why?
    As a mother and wife – trying to sit down at the kitchen table and do homework was nearly impossible (even if I was home alone). You know that spider web that you missed when you vacuumed or that spot on the ceiling that should get washed ——yep, you got it. Every little thing that is usually overlooked begins to taunt you.
    BTW: I worked as a server for many years before getting married.
    My rules for doing homework at a restaurant are:
    NEVER GO AT THE BUSY TIME – that’s typically between 9 – 11 am or noon – 2 pm or 6- 8 pm. Often I would go after 9 pm.
    ALWAYS ask to sit in the most UNWANTED location.
    Let the host/hostess know that you will be there for a while (note: the books in my arms usually were a dead giveaway).
    Let the server know that you will be there for a while – I drink coffee when I study, so they always kept my coffee cup full.
    Let the server know that if she needs the table to please let you know and you will leave.
    When I sat and studied – I would tip the waitress $5 per hour that I was there (this was in 1989). They always kept my coffee cup full, never acted like I was a problem and eventually when I passed a milestone in my training and studying they would celebrate it by bringing me a piece of pie “on the house”.
    I always studied for 2 or 3 hours at a time – two or 3 days a week. Was it expensive this way? Yes, but I got a LOT done (I completed 8 months worth of studies in 4.5 months). A library would not have worked for me – I needed some background noise and a constant coffee supply.

  2. If it’s a busy restaurant and you’re taking up a table and not ordering much of anything, yes.
    But, if it isn’t that busy and there are lots of empty tables it’s not a really big deal.
    When I was still in college, I used to go to the James Coney Island on the corner of Shepherd and Richmond in Houston to Study. I always did it during off peak hours and I made sure to leave a nice tip. JCI pays people to bus tables and the ladies working there used to come around every so often and ask if I wanted a refill or some food. I usually would order a full meal and then, after a few hours, get a plate of chili cheese fries.
    One of my favorite memories from college.

  3. Depends on the type of restaurant. In a fine dining place, yes. At a coffee shop or diner, it’s fine as long as you don’t hog space for hours when it’s crowded.

  4. I see two possible problems:
    Rude to the restaurant: You are tying up a table which they may need for another patron, or the waitperson may hope to get a tip from you before their shift ends.
    Rude to a companion: You are ignoring a person sitting with you.

  5. If the restaurant is empty and no one is waiting for a table, and the owner doesn’t mind, I guess it would be ok, but if it is a busy restaurant and you are there, not eating, just doing homework, I would say it is rude, and the owner would probably kick you out…….


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