Is it possible to order an Iced Coffee without ice?

Is it possible to order an Iced Coffee without ice?

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  1. A tall hipster dude with a Hello Kitty T-shirt walked into my store.
    “Greetings, fellow earth citizen.”
    Umm…, “Hello?”
    “Shall I burden you with my extraterrestrial order?”
    “A venti,” he winked at me, “Venti ice coffee with no ice and a large cup of ice on the side.”
    This player… mother f—-We had a moment. Screw it, the ice coffee will just get dumped anyway. Maybe it’s time for both of us to launch into outer space. I poured him his ice coffee, all the way to the top, and then scooped an entire venti cup with ice.
    “Listen, player,” I whipped out the laminated flash cards and showed him the ice coffee page.

    Is it possible to order an Iced Coffee without ice?

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    “You see that ice “fill to 1/4′’? Well, you’re okay with me, but you try to pull this on some other store and you’ll probably get licked two ways from Wednesday. All I’m saying is whatever you’re taking, bring me some, and I’ll make these no ice, ice in separate cup drinks all day long.”
    “Oh,” his grin reminded me of a fox, “so you want to be a star citizen?”
    “Well, this is Starbucks.”
    So the only true part of this story is the customer ordering a venti ice coffee with a venti cup of ice on the side. Haha, it was such a smart Starbucks hack because he got two or maybe even three cups of ice coffee for the price of one. My shift supervisor, Commando Katie, said something to this customer and she never came back again. I don’t remember what she said, so I went with this made-up hipster dude instead.
    Unlike some commenters, I think this is a great question. A lot of partners might look at you funny if you order an ice coffee without ice simply because the drink is almost half filled with ice.
    But most partners will realize that ice coffee will typically get thrown out and make it for you. If they refuse, remind them of the Starbucks promise:
    Starbucks Promise — Your drink should be perfect, every time. If not, let us know and we’ll make it right.
    This is from the 2016 beverage manual. I was surprised to find it online for everyone to see, but I guess Starbucks doesn’t mind.
    The only thing, if you do order ice coffee without ice, don’t also ask for a venti cup of ice on the side. That starts the eyeballs rolling. I suppose if you push for it you could really get the ice cup too. But the baristas at your store will most likely judge you and talk behind your back. That’s like the teenagers asking for two venti Strawberries and Creme Frappuccinos in four tall cups, all with whipped cream, hahaha. Or a shot of espresso in a tall cup filled all the way with water, haha.

  2. Right now I feel like I’m on speed. Mind you I’ve never taken speed. Hell I’ve never even drank a Red Bull or energy drink. But right this moment I’m amped up. Why? Because I went to McDonald’s and got an iced coffee without the ice.
    I drink their iced coffee every day. Been doing it for years, sometimes three times a day. They know me at the McDonald’s I go to even. So the other day they hand me my iced coffee. It seemed warm and I was looking at wondering where the ice is? Then some guy who was waiting asked me if that was the one without the ice?
    I said yes. He said that was his order. I asked him, “you drink black iced coffee with no cream nor sugar (how I drink it) and no ice”? He said yes and showed me his mug in his hand full of ice. He told me what I already basically knew; most of the iced coffee is ice so he just gets it without the ice and puts his own.
    McDonald’s iced coffee is fairly cheap. I’m not wealthy but I’m but not El Cheapo neither. But sometimes it seems like 4 good sips and it’s done. So I tried it his way. I brought in an insulated cup and ordered it without ice. I’ve been doing this for 3 days now. (I wouldn’t ask for a separate cup with ice and besides it still wouldn’t last as long as the ice would melt).
    Tonight or rather 5 hours or more ago, this one was strong! It must have been a fresh batch that hadn’t been diluted yet with the ice in the container they keep it in. I didn’t even finish it. I feel like I drank 20 cups of coffee. So now this is how I’ll do it. I’ll save a few dollars a day and I’ll get to enjoy the iced coffee for a much longer period of time.

  3. Absolutely.
    But don’t complain about it not being cold enough. Although the iced coffee is kept refrigerated it won’t be as cold when served with ice.

  4. Not impossible. But is more easy if you just use a spoon or other object and take off the ice (if they use like big ones).
    Or just wait until it melt.
    Even if u order it without ice it can be iced (if they wait until it is not hot anymore than take the ice out.
    Or just make yourself reglar coffee and put it in the frige.
    Just saying if you are thinking of using a glass cup put ice before bc otherwise the glass will brake due to the temperature shock.

  5. Sure, you can order whatever you want. You may just be subjected to paying more. As long as you’re aware and okay with that. Sure, there might be some places you frequent enough and might get some ‘special treatment.’ It happens. I would just say you should go in with the intention and mentality of paying the extra fee (for double or triple the volume for iced coffees) and just be grateful if the barista charges you for much less. Just don’t make a scene if you get charged what you should be for a trenta iced coffee with no ice. We know you’re trying to hack the system and tend to dislike you more when you do that and make a scene on how we charge you.
    It’s just an industry where, let’s be honest, you’re not going to be charged the most consistently. Similar to frequenting a bar, you might get a couple free drinks from your bartender. And it does come from the bartender that you see enough or has some ties to you. But you go in with the intention of paying, full-price, for your drinks. Not surprised if you are charged full price for everything you ordered.

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  6. Yes.. As soon as we open the store what Baristas do is, make few batches of iced coffee & they either chill it with a sink fully covered with ice or just refrigerate it! The shelf life is around 8 hours.
    Only when we serve it we add few ice to it 🙂

  7. Yes, in fact, it’s not too uncommon. The iced coffee is made separately and sits in its own pitcher in a refrigerator, so ice isn’t that necessary.


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