Is it okay to establish a small Harry Potter-inspired cafe?

Is it okay to establish a small Harry Potter-inspired cafe?

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  1. It is perfectly fine; as long as you don’t even use any Harry Potter-related copyrighted properties. Using someone elses creation as an inspiration is fine, painting HP-symbols like the deathly hallows, or Harry’s signature scar & glasses is copyright infriction.
    It all depends on what kind of props you want to use to create a HP atmosphere 🙂

  2. If you’re starting a business of any kind, you will need to have consulted a lawyer regardless. You shouldn’t use any names or logos from the series, and it would be questionable to use names of foods or drinks without permission. If you receive permission, that’s another story completely.
    Your lawyer would be able to investigate what is allowed and what wouldn’t be allowed much better.
    Here are some links for you to look through:
    Possible names for Wizarding World of Harry Potter rides, restaurants, and more – Attractions Magazine – Even “Butterbeer” is trademarked.
    United States Patent and Trademark Office Search Results
    Trademark and Copyright Law – Harry Potter Lawsuits and Where to Find Them
    Harry Potter | Fair Duty

  3. Well, “inspired” is a very subjective word, and it depends how blatant you are about it. Tell me what you mean in a comment by “inspired”, then I’ll be able to help you further.

  4. I am not a copyright lawyer, I’m just pitching a couple of ideas. First off, I think it would be okay and fun to do, and second I think it would be rather limiting.
    Do your “Harry Potter” museum thing, of displaying stuff from the licensed Harry Potter store and unlicensed (not for sale) fan art. I’m not sure how you would go beyond that.
    2. J.K.Rowling skillfully mined the stores and tropes of magic from Gilgamesh to Anne McCafferty, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Lord Dunsany. I suggest you do the same. Do not limit yourself to one, but be open to influences of other magics/cafes/taverns in other universes. (I advise against the use of actual shrunken heads.) Strudels are magical, even outside of 1920’s NYC, and whipped-cream topped cream sodas do not have to be called “butterbreer” to be a diabetes-inducing potion. High quality original fantasy art could be displayed and sold, and perhaps there could be a section for children’s art. You could sponsor “game nights” and “wizard school night” for fund-raisers. Make everything generic and then make it your own.
    For your inspiration, education (pay attention to details on the wall) and amusement, the latest HISHE episode of Villains Pub. Here is also a link to Harry Potter tropes (warning: tvtropes can ruin your life).
    Good luck!

  5. Sure, just make sure you find some loopholes around the silly copyrights. Like I dont think that a british, magic, fantasy or such are not exclusive to Harry Potter. Unicorns, Giants, wizards, witches, magic and such are all present in British folklore


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