Is it okay to drink ice-cold water right after drinking hot coffee?

Is it okay to drink ice-cold water right after drinking hot coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how long after drinking coffee can i take my temperature

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  1. Yes, because everything you swallow reaches body temperature within seconds, and the temperature of beverages does not affect health.
    It is OK to drink any beverage at any temperature any time of day, any amount of time before, after, or along with any other food or beverage. Yes, it really is that simple.

  2. In nature, everything is same. Most of the materials expand when they are heated up and contract when they are cooled down. The phenomena you have explained is similar to fatigue in materials and it eventually results in failure. Though, it might not show any immediate effect, eventually there will be effect on the teeth. The enamel wears off and makes the teeth weak. So, I think you should give sometime before drinking ice-cold water after you have hot coffee. Play the safe game 🙂 Stay healthy.
    PS: Am not a dentist, just an engineer.

  3. I know, I really love my sweat lodge and cold water plunge. I have been doing it for decades and hope to never lose the desire to do so. I feel more refreshed and alive after a good sweat and my medical checkups show better blood pressures and AiCs are much better aligned, I think clearer and my general perspective on life is much brighter. Maybe the cold/hot shock is what is realigning the body? After all many ancient societies claim that sweat lodges or saunas are very healthy and even spiritual.
    This may be a way of enjoying the same effect on a micro level for you and it could give you the same benefits plus the enjoyments and boons from your coffee’s caffeine. I know I have been forced to sip ice water between sipps of the acidic brew they pass off for coffee at some restaurants and enjoyed the sensation but I always thought it was mostly from relief from the vitriolic burns.

    Victor Allen’s

  4. In terms of ordinary views of health and medicine, it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with it.
    At the same time, for those seeking optimal health, the desire to do this is an indicator of an imbalance, and that imbalance, plus the hot coffee and cold water, could, over time, lead to a greater imbalance. It is easiest to understand this if we look at it from the perspective of oriental medicine. Hot coffee and caffeine shock the body in one way. (And if the coffee has real sugar, more shock, and if artificial sweetener, a whole other pair of imbalances.) The ice-cold water produces an opposite shock.
    The desire to shock the body – that is, whatever is driving this behavior – indicates that something is out of whack. Drinking hot then cold is, for your body, like whacking an air conditioner because it is rattling. It may stop the noise for now, but it won’t fix the loose part.
    Those who care about this subtle level can do one of three things:
    Slowly moderate the habit. Switch to decaf (or even half regular/half decaf) plus cool, but not cold water. See what the body needs. Find some healthy dietary, herbal, or exercise item that is more balancing.
    Go cold turkey. Switch to warm green tea and room temperature water. See what comes up, physically and emotionally.
    Tell an acupuncturist or other specialist in Chinese medical diagnosis about the habit.
    As this is a subtle issue, it is best to address it after any more serious imbalances or illnesses are resolved.

  5. Very bad idea. Physics dictates that heat will cause matter to expand and cold to contract. Eventually teeth can fracture under the repeated strain.

  6. I don’t think it would be a problem. Water at room temperature hydrates your body better, is better for digestion and your less likely to get a migraine. If your sick and your sinuses are blocked, cold water will thicken the mucus. There are pros and cons so it really is up to the person’s preference!

  7. I’ve done it thousands of times with no adverse effects.
    To my knowledge, hot liquids (within a certain tolerance as to not burn the insides of your mouth) or cold liquids do not have any medical consequences, due to temperature.
    If you were to mix the two, which is essentially what happens when they hit your stomach, you’ll have a warm liquid. It’s no different from drinking lukewarm coffee.

  8. I’ve done it and never had an issue. On Sunday mornings a friend and I always have breakfast at a local little Mexican restaurant before running the bus for our church’s bus ministry. I always drink coffee with my meal, but the always provide with it a cup of ice water. The water I usually won’t touch unless they’re a little slow on the refills of my java, but it’s been done to no consequence. As a matter of fact, many restaurants I’ve gone to will provide a glass of iced water when you order coffee. I doubt if it were a known health risk restaurants would discontinue that practice. I have read an article that mentioned iced water wasn’t good while eating, but that’s another subject. As far as coffee goes, however, I’ve never had any problems.


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