Is it okay to drink black coffee each day?

Is it okay to drink black coffee each day?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “is drinking black coffee bad for you

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  1. Absolutely.
    Too much (like anything) is probably bad, but a reasonable amount is good. Some claims about coffee (that I’m not citing sources for here, sorry):
    It fights off disease like type 2 diabetes, some cancers, liver disease, etc
    It makes you smarter
    Burns fat (this one should be obvious)
    Makes workouts more effective (lots of science around caffeine and performance)
    Lots of antioxidants
    Some amount of pain relief
    There is some risk of dependence – especially for the stimulation side you can start to take more and more to get the level of “buzz” you want, but if you cycle periodically (once or twice a year take 12+ days off), you can totally reset your body’s sensitivity.

  2. I sure hope so! If not, then I’m in trouble :-). Do you have some concern about it? If so, maybe you could add some details to your question.

  3. Yes,it is good.

    Is it okay to drink black coffee each day?

    It would provide you various healthy benefits like:
    Improve your focus.
    Makes you smarter.
    Source of anti oxidants.
    Helps you workout harder.
    It is a lowest calorie drink.
    Reduce headache.
    Reduce inflammation.
    Preserves your Bones.
    Lowers down the risk of kidney stone.
    Improves blood circulation.
    Reduce the risk of oral cancer.
    Reduce the level of stress.

  4. Yes, you can drink black coffee each day. It would provide you various healthy benefits.

    Is it okay to drink black coffee each day?

    Some of the major advantages of black coffee are:
    Reduce the work out pain.
    It helps in reducing the kidney stones.
    Treats asthma and headache.
    Boost the memory power.
    Reduce the risk of heart diseases.
    Protect from type 2 diabetes.
    Helps in reducing the stress level.
    Curbs cancer risk.
    Reduce the risk of Liver diseases.
    Decrease Parkinson’s risk.

  5. I read and learned first hand coffee is very addictive, dehydrating (lose electrolites) raises cortisol, which is high in the AM anyway, and can thereby lower your bodiesgrowth hormone levels (lose muscle, etc) When the “buzz” wears off, yu feel crappy, and if you drink more “Joe” the cycle repeats.Makes for a good laxative if you make it very strong in the AM but is it worth it? Metamucil is better, lowers cholesterol too. :O)) Long but true.

  6. A black coffee, just one? Unless you’ve a rare medical condition, it’s not going to hurt you. At worst, drinking it at 8PM might keep you awake longer than you’d planned. And if that proves to be the case, change to espesso… it has less caffeine than lighter roasts.
    You can stop feeling guilty about drinking coffee now — it’s healthy

  7. Yes, it is completely okay to drink a cup of black coffee each day because black coffee benefits us in many healthy ways. It prevents, diseases, increases our lifespan and benefits in dental health.


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