Is it better to drink coffee as one gulp or drink it slowly?

Is it better to drink coffee as one gulp or drink it slowly?

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  1. Coffee should be enjoyed. If it’s causing you this much stress, don’t drink it at all.
    If a double espresso is too much for you, drink a single espresso, Americano, or Gibraltar.
    Find what tastes and works best for you, then stick with it. If you want to experiment, trying doing so well in advance of your exams.
    Good luck!

  2. Hi! First, I would say that it depends on your purpose for drinking it.
    Like what you mentioned, you had a double espresso before your exam >> do you want the caffeine to come in strongly and all at once or would you like it to be sustained for a longer time?
    Usually for people who exercise, some prefer a nice quick rush from caffeine, and in this aspect I’d say that you can gulp it down quickly, though I’m not clear on the physiological effects of doing so.
    If you want a sustainable rush from it, try looking into bulletproof coffee >> coffee enhanced with MCT oil or coconut oil. It’s been purported to reduce the effects of that uneasy jolt you get, and to make coffee work more sustainably for your body. I’m not a fan of the taste though, but do try it for yourself!

  3. Well depends, what your, using coffee for???
    A quick hit of caffeine, well the only problem is, it takes 20–30 minutes, too kick your ass, or start buzzing you around, like a bunny???
    But then you’ll feel, the other side of caffeine, sleepiness.

  4. Drinking coffee before an examination is not advisable as it makes us jittery and the anxiety and stress of the examination exacerbates it further.
    Also the coffee beans used by the local coffee shops lose their potency and it does not benefit our body- caffeine is considered to make us more alert. Hence one should drink coffee prepared from freshly roasted coffee beans and not from the vacuum sealed coffee beans available in the market.
    One should drink coffee to enjoy it. Take your time and drink slowly. Coffee causes dehydration, so make sure u drink a cup of water after finishing ur cup of coffee.


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