Is it a good time to buy coffee day shares?

Is it a good time to buy coffee day shares?

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  1. It’s debt is enormous…
    Clearly shows bad management.. And when you buy shares of a company you are actually buying their business.
    At the moment I wouldn’t buy the script. Even at this price.
    There are other good blue chip companies which have fallen 20 to 30 %.
    I’d rather invest there

  2. Hi there…
    The CCD case is classic case of demolition of an empire. Before investing into CCD stock you must look upon their gigantic debt burden. Do you really feel that this will just go away.. Absolutely No.
    My personal suggestion is that kindly wait for some positive indications like Change in management structure, Generating new cash flow, Selling out Investments to reduce debt burden or something like that… And it will happen over a time.
    Till then you wait and at the right time, have your call…

  3. Private equity firms want a big sip of Café Coffee Day
    ROC grants Coffee Day further extension for AGM
    Nearly 500 CCD outlets shut down across India since April: Report
    Cafe Coffee Day’s Q1 profit at Rs 1,509 crore, revenue slips 2 per cent
    some of these news are positive news, and some are really shocking. The good thing to come in CCD way is now that there is a PE investment coming in, this should take care of the restaurant chain’s troubles.
    The stock has been constantly hitting upper circuit for last few days, and if the news is true, the stock may quickly go back to 80–100 Rs levels.

  4. CCD’s price has come below 100………. and is likely to come down even further … and as Anil Basein has aptly said, its debt is very high (~6000 crores) ………. the only thing going for it now is the brand …….. unless some progress in its talks with Coke (for stake sale) is visible, the share is likely to remain in the depressed levels for quite sometime (12+ months?) …….. investment even at the depressed level is a punt ………
    if you love coffee shares, Tata Cofee is a better bet with prices at sub-80!


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