Is it a good or bad idea to drink water as the only beverage for a month?

Is it a good or bad idea to drink water as the only beverage for a month?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “coffee because sarcasm needs to stay hydrated

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  1. It’s a perfectly good idea as long as you’re getting the protein, vitamins, carbs, and minerals that you need from your solid food in enough variety. In reality though, it’s rare that we have a day in which we consume an absolutely perfect diet and sometimes our beverages can make up for some of the things we might lack in that diet. For example:
    Milk could give you some nice calcium if you didn’t happen to chance upon any bones to gnaw on.
    Orange Juice would be great for your vitamin C if you didn’t have any fruits to eat.
    Milk will give you both calcium and protein and some of the aspects of its protein complement the protein fragments in grains and beans and such things if you’re an ovo-lacto-vegetarian!
    And Coca Cola would be…. hmmm… well, it could taste good as a treat sometimes. (Emphasis on SOMEtimes!)
    MJM, who likes to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for tomorrow I may be trolley food on my bicycle…

  2. Let’s take his from a simple scientific view. The human body is between 70–80% water and as you just live your life burning calories or sweating whatever….you deplete water from it. Now just as a pond or lake if no new water comes in there becomes a drought and bad things happen as he body is specifically designed to operate best on water! So given this observation what do you think would be the correct answer? If your having difficulty seeing the clear answer…..I’ll try once again to help. Most automobiles in USA are designed to operate on gasoline. So do you think putting a tankful of diesel in them once in awhile would actually not be bad or always running on what they were designed for is probably the best idea? Your welcome…😃😃

  3. It’s not necessarily a bad idea it’s actually a very good idea more people need to get used to drinking water people are so used to drinking sodas fruit beverages and juices and things like that and in reality they’re really not good for you you need to stick with something with the electrolytes in it and also water is a good part of keeping you hydrated staying hydrated is key to health it helps your body to basically function it’s how a lot of medications you may take actually become beneficial to your body and work or even vitamins and minerals it helps in so many areas it’s even beneficial to your memory it’s also beneficial to keeping a continual comfortable body temperature one sign of dehydration is actually getting the chills are being cold all the time and it’s not very comfortable so in my opinion only drinking water as your beverage for the month is an absolutely healthy choice there’s nothing wrong with it. Stay healthy and strong

  4. Is it a good or bad idea to drink water as the only beverage for a month?
    It is neither a good idea or a bad idea to limit yourself to water.
    Although drinks do contribute to the diet the majority are probably just giving you a sugar and/or caffeine rush.
    There will be no significant dietary benefit to most drinks except milk based or smoothie type drinks created for nutrition.
    For most of the history of mankind, for most people, the drink they drank from being weaned to being interred was water.
    It probably wasn’t until agriculture turned up and some bright spark discovered the joys of fermentation of grains and fruit that people drank much of anything else.

    Yes there are other things people have drunk over the centuries; coconut milk, animal blood, fruit juices but the single outstanding drink is, of course, water.

  5. A damn good idea. There are absolutely no allergies, reactions, or health issues from drinking water. There are a lot of health issues from not drinking enough water.


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