Is it a good idea to have a coffee before an exam?

Is it a good idea to have a coffee before an exam?

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  1. Yes; coffee has been connected to increased mental function, memory action and alertness. But really, it depends on the length of the exam, how much coffee you drink, and what your metabolism is like. Fat little babies take 100 hours to metabolise caffeine to half it’s original amount in the body, whereas skinny cigarette smokers can burn through the same amount in just 3 hours. Just make sure you don’t have sugar, or you’ll have a sugar crash halfway through the exam. But at the end of the day, being in good shape, sleeping and eating well are going to put you in the best position for an exam; coffees just a delicious add on.

  2. How do you study? The answer will impact how you should take your exam.
    If you studied for a particular exam while drinking a grande Starbucks Pike Place; then do the same right before the exam—or if your professor allows, drink the coffee while taking the exam.
    Typically you want to mimic the mental condition (and physical surroundings) you put yourself in while you study. So if you drink tea when you study, drink tea for your exam (or Red Bull, or Dr. Pepper, or Espresso, or…Budweiser).
    Along with beverages, clothes might impact your performance. If you study in jeans and a t-shirt; take your exam in jeans and a t-shirt. If you study in sweats, wear sweats.
    As relates to physical surroundings. If the exam is at a wooden desk, study at a wood desk (or in that classroom during off periods if possible). If the exam is on a computer, then do your studying at a computer.
    You get the gist.
    Same holds true for business presentations and public speaking.

  3. Caffeine in Coffee will take around 40 mins to take effect on your body. So make sure to have coffee 1 hour before your test. It’s a good idea to pay a visit to the washroom to pee just before your exam because coffee is a diuretic and it will cause frequent urge to urinate.
    Caffeine will keep you ‘alert’ throughout the exam. Don’t expect any energy boost but the main thing coffee can do is to improve your reflexes and maintains a positive vibe throughout the exam.
    Good luck

  4. Hey, there, dear inquirer! I guess you’re sceptic about drinking coffee before exams, right? Well, I’m here to say that drinking coffee before exams, prelims, or even quizzes can be a good idea.
    Since coffee has caffeine, a stimulant, it can help a person stay alert and focused.
    Generally, getting better grades doesn’t seem to correlate with coffee consumption. However, much research demonstrates that studying can help students retain critical information.
    But, there are limitations to this answer. This is because drinking coffee before an exam could possibly be less effective for people who are not regular coffee drinkers.
    What’s the reason? According to a general theory, mimicking your mental state– and physical surroundings– will reduce anxiety and encourage greater ease. So if people who always drink coffee consume it before their exams, they will have a sense of stability and can function without too much pressure.
    Nonetheless, everybody can try drinking coffee before an exam– just don’t overdo it!
    Good luck on your exams!

  5. There are many different view points in the responses to this question. If you are taking a longer exam (i.e. 2+ hours), you may experience a crash in the middle of the exam, and you may also need to use the restroom in the middle of a section—both of those factors would certainly not help your score. Just something to keep in mind. Best wishes!

  6. Study hard, write down the material, then type it to read often. Have 2 espressos before the exam, but after you morning..y know.

  7. The important part is how did you study for that exam.But for the result of you haven’t got any allergic problems or extreme symptoms like hyperactivity there isn’t any problem to have. Opposite of your worries it clear your mind and you can concrete easily.

  8. If you’re used to drinking coffee, yes. Otherwise you get a bad headache. If you’re not used to drinking coffee, no. Otherwise you get the jitters.

  9. Coffee give you a 3 hour boost, and will actually overall make you concentrate better. Normally you want to drink it about 30 minutes beforehand, so that you will feel the need to use the toilet just before the exam, rather than 1 hour in.

  10. Generally speaking: Not a problem with doing that..
    But it depends from person to person! For some people, it may create dullness etc..
    Just take care that you eat light before the exam.. And chill.. dont think much..
    Best Wishes 🙂

    Victor Allen’s

  11. Pulse a tablespoon of ground coffee beans and a few unpeeled apples in a food processor with the addition of a little cold water.
    Strain the mixture you have obtained with a fine cheesecloth and drink it.
    Coffee prepared in this way can open your mind more.
    Coffee fruit and coffee beans are “whole food”.
    Without the coffee fruit, just the coffee bean is “missing food”.
    When you combine the coffee bean with the apple, the missing pieces are completed.
    This is my personal comment.
    I cannot prove that my claim is one hundred percent true.
    The coffee bean consists of two lobes.
    Our organs consisting of two lobes:
    Right and left brain lobes , two ears, two eyes , two nostrils, lungs, kidneys, large and small intestines, two arms, two legs two testicular .
    The brain and intestines are in layers.
    Body functions begin in the brain and end in the intestines.
    Our gut is our second brain.
    Coffee can strengthen the whole body.


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