Is instant coffee less acidic than brewed coffee?

Is instant coffee less acidic than brewed coffee?

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  1. Instant coffee usually has less acid than traditionally brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee made from ground coffee also has low acidity. Low acid coffees like Golden Ratio are also available for those avoiding acidity.30 Jul 2021

  2. In a general way yes, because most of the instant coffee are made from dark roast coffee and the acidity is low than medium roast coffee usually use in some specialty coffee shop.
    second thing it might be yes or no depend on the instant coffee is make from arabica or robusta or blend of both(depend on how much ratio they blend) usually arabica coffee have higher acidity than robusta coffee.

  3. Hi,
    Same as with brewed coffee instant coffee’s acidity depends on the type of the bean and the roasting method. The two main types of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are the most popular and make up 60% of the world’s coffee production. It is also considered to be superior to Robusta beans because of its flavor and low acidity. Arabica beans are more pleasant because they contain almost double the amount of sugar compared to Robusta beans and half the caffeine level. This doesn’t mean you can’t find great and low acidity Robusta instant coffees as well.
    Our Colombian Arabica instant coffee had these reviews in regards to its acidity:
    “Sweet-toned in structure with brisk acidity; smooth mouthfeel. The finish is crisply sweet and resonant, with lingering notes of caramel and apricot.”
    “No soapy aroma, and a nice balance of butterscotch sweetness with a subtle citrus/orange acidity…”
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    You can also check out our full guide on how to make your instant coffee less acidic here .

  4. Often, Instant coffee is a large grind coffee so that when hot water is poured over the coffee, the brew is actually less acidic. However, this can be the same as with a large grind of brew coffee. And the acidity is the same between both instant and brewed coffee.


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