Is French roast stronger than Arabica?

Is French roast stronger than Arabica?

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  1. Arabica is a variety of coffee; French roast is the degree to which the beans are roasted, which usually governs how “strong tasting” & robust the flavor is; French Roasted beans are dark brown in color, and stronger in flavor than most other varieties of roast.

  2. The two terms you ask about are not exclusive.
    They do not refer to the same thing.
    “French Roast” refers to the roasting process.
    “Arabica” refers to the type of bean (as opposed to “Robusto”, which is the other major type of coffee bean).
    Most French Roast coffee is Arabica beans.
    Most Arabica beans are roasted in many of the higher end roasts.
    Most Automatic drip coffees are Robusto beans.
    There are basically two types of beans: Arabica (better) and Robusto (more bitter/acidy).
    There are MANY different roasts.

  3. French roast is a dark roast coffee. It is not quite as dark as Italian roast. But, it is darker than Vienna roast or City roast.
    The strength of coffee has nothing to do with how dark it is roasted.
    The strength of coffee is a function of how many coffee grounds you use for the amount of hot water you use.
    So, if you use 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 16 ounces of water, you coffee will be stronger than if you had used 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds.
    Arabica is a type of coffee bean that comes from the Coffea arabica plant. It is the best tasting and most popular coffee bean.


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