Is Espresso Stronger Than Cold Brew: Key Differences?

Ever wonder what the difference is between espresso and cold brew coffee? It can be a difficult decision to make, but there are certain things that you should know before making your choice.

The first thing we want everyone in possession of knowledge about these beverages understand- they’re both very different from each other!

ColdBrew has less caffeine than expresso; this means it’s typically weaker as well with maybe just slightly more sugar or something like honey could help balance out any possible lack thereof when compared against others who enjoy their drinks at least double strength (which I’m guessing most people do).

1. What is Espresso and Cold Brew coffee?


By definition, espresso is a type of coffee beverage that’s prepared by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. The result? A shot of pure concentrated “espresso” (say it like the Italian word for “express”) that packs quite a punch in more ways than one!

Cold Brew:

Cold brew coffee is just as it sounds- a lower temperature than regular drip coffee and steeped for 12+ hours, which produces a low acid beverage that’s packed with caffeine. The resulting consistency is similar to espresso or an iced latte. Bottom line? You’ve got choices: filter through milk, cream, or water (we like to use coconut milk), or drink it straight.

2. Is espresso stronger than cold brew ?

– Do you want a stronger cup of coffee? If so, then you’ll most likely want to vote for espresso! A shot of espresso is typically double the strength compared to cold brew. Cold Brew is generally lower in caffeine than an iced latte or most store-bought bottled coffees. At 8 ounces though, it’s still a pretty decent dose!

– If you’re looking for a drink that will knock your socks off, then espresso is the way to go. In fact, even one shot of espresso can have as much as 90-100 mg of caffeine vs. 80-135 for cold brew coffee depending on how it’s made.

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– Many people say they don’t like espresso because of the taste- that roasty, bitter bite that many complain about. Handcrafted espresso drinks can be more difficult to prepare and some people just prefer something a bit sweeter without as much bitterness.

3. What are the ingredients in espresso vs cold brew?


Top 7 Best Espresso Beans Review 2021

– Arabica coffee beans (most common), but robusta beans also exist.

– A bit of lecithin, sugar, and vanilla extract for sweetness and flavor

– Water

Cold Brew:

The coffee Peet's Coffee & Tea

– Arabica coffee beans (most common), but robusta beans also exist.

– Filtered water for steeping and diluting the drink. Sometimes organic sugar is added as well, and some recipes call for adding cream or milk to balance out flavors and give it a more creamy consistency.

4. The difference between the two types of coffee ?

– The biggest difference between the two types of coffee is that cold brew tends to be less acidic than traditional drip coffee. If you’re sensitive to acids, this may be your preferred choice!

– Cold Brew is also much lower in caffeine than espresso or drip coffee. It may have as little as 25 mg per cup compared to 95 for drip coffee and 80-135 for espresso depending on how it’s made.

– Cold Brew is generally stronger than drip coffee, but it’s easy to dilute down to taste since you can add water or ice when serving.

– The method for making cold brew differs greatly from traditional Italian expresso which involves hot steam pressure to extract the oils, fats, and essence.

– Cold brew is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for 12+ hours before being filtered several times through a fine mesh filter. This process extracts the caffeine while leaving many flavorful oils intact to produce a smooth beverage with lower acidity.

– The end result of cold brew is like drinking tea or wine- it possesses its own unique set of flavors that are different from other types of coffee.

– Have you tried cold brew coffee? This drink has much less caffeine than drip or espresso, but the same amount of flavor! It’s also easy to alter the strength by adding more/less ice or water when you prepare the drink. What’s your favorite way to drink cold brew?

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– Think you’ll give it a shot now that you know the difference between espresso vs cold brew? We love it with coconut milk for an added boost of health, but some people prefer adding simple sugar or creamer.

If you’re looking for another caffeine boost, feel free to add in some matcha for an antioxidant boost- or even some turmeric for a body immune booster.

5. Which is better, and why?

– We think both are great choices if made with fresh beans and filtered water! Cold brew tends to be less acidic, however, so it may be a better choice for some.

– Both espresso and cold brew look beautiful in the glass when they’re properly prepared. There’s a reason that people love to post about either of these on Instagram and other social media- they’re beautiful and delicious!

– If you’re looking for a drink that packs a punch of caffeine, then espresso is the way to go. And if you want low acidity and more caffeine (less water extraction), then cold brew may be your best bet.

– At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what coffee you prefer because each drink has its own unique flavor profile.

– Everyone is different, so drink what you love! If espresso makes your heart go pitter patter then by all means, keep drinking it every day. Or if cold brew just sounds delicious to you, then that’s your perfect pick! We say the best way to get your caffeine fix is with either one, so go for it no matter what!

6. How to make each type of coffee at home ?

Americano coffee

– The best way to make espresso is to use an automatic machine. This will allow you to grind the beans, dose them, and pressurize hot water all at once for a delicious shot on demand.

If you don’t have access to an automatic machine, you can try using a stove-top pressure cooker by first steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for about 12 hours. After that, don’t forget to filter the mixture through a fine mesh filter before brewing it again with hot steam pressure.

– There are several ways to make cold brew at home if you have the right ingredients! You’ll need coarsely ground coffee beans, filtered or spring water, and a large cup or bowl.

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First, mix the coffee beans with room temperature water before keeping it in cold storage overnight. The next day, you can use a fine mesh strainer to filter out any leftover solids before serving over ice for an iced beverage!


Is there a difference between espresso and coffee?
– Yes! Coffee is made by soaking ground beans in hot water, then filtering out the solids. Meanwhile, espresso is made by pressurizing finely ground coffee with super-hot steam pressure to extract oils.

Is cold brew better for you than drip?
– Cold brew tends to be less acidic than hot drip coffee. It also tends to have a lower caffeine content, but it’s comparable in the amount of antioxidants since both are brewed with room temperature water.

Is cold brew more caffeinated than other types of coffee?
– The general consensus is that cold brew has about 67% less caffeine than hot drip or espresso because it’s brewed with room temperature water. However, the caffeine is extracted more slowly so it may still provide you with a caffeinated kick!

What is an espresso machine?
– An espresso machine has a steaming wand that pressurizes hot water at a high temperature to extract oils from finely ground coffee beans. Some machines also grind the beans, dose them, and pressurize all in one (similar to how automatic coffee makers work).


Everybody is unique, and it doesn’t matter what coffee you like most as long as you’re drinking it black (without added sugars or cream).

– Cold brew is naturally more acidic than drip coffee because the water extraction process takes longer. However, just drink whatever you love! And if neither of them sound appealing to you then try a cup of regular hot drip brewed coffee- it’s great on its own!

– Whichever style of coffee you enjoy most, just remember that the more caffeine it has the less water will be extracted during brewing. So if you want a stronger coffee with more caffeine then try cold brew or espresso, but if you’d rather have a weaker blend then stick with drip coffee.

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