Is drinking orange juice with coffee together for say breakfast a good idea?

Is drinking orange juice with coffee together for say breakfast a good idea?

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  1. Actually It is a very good combination. Having a coffee and a /natural/drink containing vit.C., like the orange juice, helps both vit.C and the caffeine to perform better in your body. And definitely will wake you up in the morning. Just dont do it as a first think in the morning – it is too harsh for the stomach. Ill get my breakfast and in an hour will get my beautiful espresso and a cup with fresh orange juice. Pure pleasure and good for you.

  2. Coffee has a lot of aluminum, and citric acid makes aluminum more bioavailable, so drinking coffee and orange juice would increase your uptake of aluminum, a harmful substance.

  3. I certainly wouldn’t put them in the same cup but drinking them immediately after each other is perfectly fine. Some people say this can give an upset stomach due to the acidity of both drinks but I do this often and have never had an issue. There is evidence to suggest that the combination of caffeine and vitamin C boost production of norepinephrine, enhancing mood and energy. Some people have …

  4. It is not exactly a bad idea, but I think I have a better idea.
    Take a blender and add
    Natural, pesticide free coffee(As much you prefer)
    Fresh Organic Oranges
    Organic Dates
    Coconut Milk
    Unsalted, unsweetened, pure organic peanut butter
    A pinch of fresh organic turmeric
    Fresh Mint
    Some organic Almonds
    Some organic Walnuts
    Blend them and enjoy..

  5. It tastes okay, add some sugar and you got yourself a new taste. Half and half orange juice and coffee. Just try what worse can it be half cip of coffee wnd half cup of OJ wasted if you don’t like it. But honestly I am drinking it now and it’s actually good.

    Is drinking orange juice with coffee together for say breakfast a good idea?

  6. I often have a small glass of oj and a cup of coffee at breakfast, not mixed in to some vile concoction that at best would only start your day with the most extreme sense of revulsion you may ever have experienced, but in separate vessels there’s not an issue I can think of.

    Victor Allen’s

  7. I used to do that, but then i realized that i cant enjoy my coffee anymore, so i stop.
    I would say choose one for your breakfast, else it will the same as having a concoction of the two.

  8. I’m not a coffee person, so I’ve never tired that idea. But I’m guessing it’s not a good idea, because coffee is, supposed to be hot. Orange Juice is cold.

  9. Yes. It’s quite common in many countries.
    Its also a good idea to learn how to use commas. Like around say, in that question.

  10. If you like milk in your coffee, then the combination of tastes would probably be pretty nasty. Drinking dairy too soon after orange juice or vice verse doesn’t taste very good.

  11. Actually, i would it as an interesting taste, not a taste need to be accuqired but appreciated rather how two things can go together.
    That being said, please dont add OJ to your latte /cappucinno / any coffee with milk, but only black coffee. the OJ will react with milk and cause unpleasent looking cuppa.
    So my opinion on the OJ /coffee combo? Yes, the bitterness of coffe and sweetness of OJ plus the last best of sour bring out freshness in your mouth.
    I dont think threre’s a combo with coffee quite like that….unless you could drink mint coffee? i am gonna look that up now.

  12. Why should you drink Juice and Coffee together? Definitely, not a good idea or not a good practice
    Drink Juice or eat fruits before any meal. Drink Coffee or Tea Half an hour to one hour following a meal – This is the best practice
    Rather than coffee, try to have Black Tea or Green Tea and you will feel the change in your metabolism within a month or two

  13. There’s no reason caffeine and Vitamin C would cause an adverse reaction.
    That being said, orange juice and coffee is a fairly nasty sounding concoction. I’d sooner squeeze some lemon in a Coke for a combination Vitamin C and caffeine.

  14. Both are acidic, which might bother some people’s stomachs. Coffee alone is hard on my stomach so I just add milk and that neutralizes it.
    But if it doesn’t bother you, there is no reason not to drink them together.
    The caffeine won’t affect the Vit C.

    Eight O’Clock

  15. Whether eating or drinking things together is a good idea or not is merely a matter of personal taste. If you don’t like them together, don’t eat them together.

  16. I understand your question.
    You are asking whether it is okay for you to drink coffee and orange juice at the same time on the breakfast table because you are afraid maybe the coffee might destroy the goodness of the Vitamin C you get from the orange.
    I am thinking about this too because I want to know whether drinking coffee immediately after the juice would waste away the goodness I have derived from the juice.
    I found this on the internet though.


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