Is distilled water or purified water better for coffee makers?

Is distilled water or purified water better for coffee makers?

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  2. Both are fine. It’s really a matter of preference.
    Distilled water does have an advantage in that most of the calcium and magnesium, which cause those white deposits that can plug up the coffee maker, have been removed in the distillation process

  3. Purified water is best for coffee makers from a coffee taste perspective. Ideal TDS value of water for this purpose is between 75 – 250.
    Distilled water has a near zero TDS value. It is completely devoid of minerals & bicarbonates, which make it great for use in a car battery but the lack of minerals & bicarbonates causes it to impart a flat taste to coffee.
    In addition, distilled water can also speed up corrosion of internals in some coffee makers, compared to simple filtered water.
    Due to these reasons, almost all coffee maker manufacturers recommend using filtered water for their coff…

  4. Distilled water is probably best for the operation of the machine because it doesn’t contain minerals or other contaminants which can damage the equipment, but most people find that purified water that retains natural minerals has a better taste. It really comes down to individual preferences at that point.

  5. No, but it is better for the coffee that is made in the maker. It tastes slightly different and than tap water. Not much but a little better.

  6. As the other answers indicate .. both are ok for normal operation.
    To caution you though.
    Distilled water contains no minerals so it is actually highly corrosive and can eventually corrode most metals and even concrete. Distilled water without minerals also has very little conductivity so as a comment stated electric water level probes may not work.
    Purified water will contain some minerals that 1) make make the coffee taste better, 2) may cause scale and 3) that scale can actually inhibit corrosion of the heating element. As for scale buildup.. it it gets too thick the heating element can fail admittedly but an occasional (monthly) flush with dilute vinegar will remove it so no biggie!

  7. Q: “Is distilled water or purified water better for coffee makers?”
    Q: “Is distilled water or purified water better for coffee makers?”
    There is no definition of “purified” for water. All it means is that something was done to the water between source and you. Could be anything.
    Distilled is more definitive, but still not every distillation process achieves equal results.
    If your ‘purified water’ is also ‘potable’ then I would choose that one. If it tastes good enough to drink as water, it is good enough to make your coffee. Distilled may be great for the coffee maker but it may not make the best coffee.


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